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October 30, 2013 Updates

Scola says there is no doubt in his mind that he at least plans to honor the remaining two years of his deal. “I’m going to play next year for sure and I’d love to play more than that,” Scola said. “I feel very strong physically and mentally. I feel well. This is a good stage physically for me in my career.” HoopsWorld

October 25, 2013 Updates
October 23, 2013 Updates

Veteran forward Luis Scola, who joined the Pacers in free agency over the summer, had a different view of Rose’s comments. Scola believes the Pacers should serve notice on the court to erase any doubts on where the unit should be positioned among the league’s elite teams. “I don’t see anything negative about it,” Scola said regarding Rose’s comments. “They asked him and he answered. We always demand honest answers from athletes and that was an honest answer. It doesn’t matter. We will try everything in our power to be the team to beat for everybody, but we got to prove that. Indiana was a great team last year and we want to be an even better team this year. It’s okay what [Rose] says. It’s okay what everybody says because we shouldn’t be looking at quotes from other teams.” HoopsWorld

October 9, 2013 Updates
October 8, 2013 Updates

Bird has never been one to trade draft picks; in the small-market reality in which he lives, they're too valuable. But with the Pacers so close to title contention, Bird deviated from his playbook and sent a first-round pick to Phoenix as part of a deal for Luis Scola. "I've always liked Scola, always been after Scola," Bird said. "I made some calls knowing the price might be steep, but still feel like we got a good deal out of it." CBSSports.com

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September 19, 2013 Updates

However, ask about the offseason moves made by Pacers officials – signing C.J. Watson, Chris Copeland and trading for Luis Scola – and Granger lights up in excitement. “It’s really encouraging,” he said. “They kinda see the potential that this group has and I think we’re really going for it. We really are title contenders now and we have to show it. “I think [Scola’s] probably our biggest free agent pickup. In my mind, he’s a starting power forward in the NBA and I don’t know how we pulled him off and how we got him but we did. I think that’s the brilliance of Donnie [Walsh] and Larry [Bird].” NBA.com

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August 28, 2013 Updates

Frank Vogel on the Pacers’ moves this offseason, including a trade with Phoenix for Luis Scola: “Yeah, it was a big time trade. All of our players were just so excited. They know what it’s like to play against Luis Scola. He’s going to find a way to out-fox you. He’s got all the tricks, all the savvy, all the fakes and [he's] one of the most deceptive players in the game. To bring somebody like that in here, who also plays with the energy of a Tyler Hansbrough or somebody like that, is really going to bolster are bench. “Solomon Hill looks to be ready to go right now, ready to contribute right away. C.J. Watson we think is an upgrade at backup point guard. Obviously the guy that was killing us in the Knicks series, Chris Copeland, bombing them threes. You can never have enough shooting, especially with a guy as tall as he is. Oh, and by the way, there’s a guy named Danny Granger that is coming back to our team, too.” Pacers.com

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July 29, 2013 Updates

Nobody has played more summer ball in the current century than new Pacers forward Luis Scola. With 12 international competitions and just one year off since 2000, the Argentinian forward beats the Gasol brothers and Mavs guard Jose Manuel Calderon, who have taken part in 11 FIBA tournaments each, as the NBA player most committed to a National Team. HoopsHype

July 28, 2013 Updates

Q: You said you like Buenos Aires a lot. Why? Chris Copeland: “The people here have been great. It’s a beautiful area. We're staying at a hotel right next to a river walk that’s like the one in San Antonio. Seems like it’s everything you want in a country.” Q: It’s ironic you are in Argentina. That’s the homeland of Luis Scola, who the Pacers recently acquired. What is your reaction to that? A: “I don’t want to say much about that (the trade had not officially been announced at the time of the interview). But if we could get him, it would be awesome.” The Star Press

July 27, 2013 Updates

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