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March 15, 2013 Updates

There were rumors during training camp the Cavs could buy out the final year on Walton’s deal and send him on his way. But Scott liked what he saw in camp, liked the way Walton was moving and surprised everyone when Walton debuted with the Cavs’ second unit on opening night. He has remained there much of the season. Walton has never been much of a scorer, but his vision and passing ability are remarkable. He had a career-high 12 assists in a loss to the New York Knicks, including nine in the first half, and is averaging 5.8 assists in the Cavs’ past five games. He routinely hits guys on the run, makes passes between his legs and behind his back. “I think he’s the best passing forward in the league,” Scott said, even comparing Walton’s passing ability with Hall of Famer Magic Johnson. “Luke is not on that level, but he’s probably the closest thing I’ve ever played with … probably closest to Magic. But he’s still a ways away.” Akron Beacon Journal

January 27, 2013 Updates

The Cavs' trade with Memphis illustrated what a team armed with cap space can accomplish. Whenever a team can turn Jon Leuer into Marreese Speights and a first-round pick, it's a win. The deal was lopsided and a feather in Grant's cap. The Grizzlies needed to get under the luxury-tax threshold. His last two transactions have helped re-shape the team. His waiver claim of journeyman Shaun Livingston was also a shrewd move. Grant will be on the prowl for more young talent at the Feb. 21 deadline. Three players with expiring contracts, Luke Walton, Daniel Gibson and Omri Casspi, could be moved. ESPN's Marc Stein said not to be surprised if the Cavs flop Speights to another team at the deadline. News-Herald

January 13, 2013 Updates

With Varejao now removed from the equation, various front office executives around the league polled this week believe the Cavs’ plan will remain unchanged. They have tried unsuccessfully for three years to rent their cap space to another team willing to give up a first-round pick in an effort to shed an unwanted contract, and that will continue to be the plan for the next month. They have Luke Walton’s $6 million expiring contract and about $10 million in cap space to shop as a few teams around the league begin scrambling to avoid the league’s stiffer cap penalties. The Cavs’ parameters, however, are a little more complex than they were the last couple of years. With the summer of 2014 quickly approaching, the length of a contract the Cavs will absorb is now limited. Akron Beacon Journal

January 12, 2013 Updates
January 7, 2013 Updates
November 19, 2012 Updates

League sources said bluntly, that anything involving Varejao is also going to have to move out Luke Walton and his $6 million ending contract and return youth and draft picks. That might be too much to ask, so it’s more likely that Varejao stays where he is, but you never know how another team may view him, especially as the trade deadline gets closer. HoopsWorld

November 1, 2012 Updates

Luke Walton doesn't think Phil Jackson will coach again. "I think he'll get involved in basketball, but as far as the travel, and all the long practices and preparation, I don't think he will. Maybe if the right circumstance presents itself. But my gut instinct is that he won't." Walton, a forward for the Cavs, played for the Lakers from 2003-12. Jackson coached the Lakers for all but the 2005-06 season during that span (and for the nine games that Walton played in L.A. last year). "There were times you'd be furious with Coach Jackson, but he was a great coach and a great motivator," Walton said. "But I learned a lot from him. So I think a lot of his stuff was drilled into my personality." Sulia

October 17, 2012 Updates

Fans might have thought the Cavs were just trying to pump Luke Walton’s trade value when Byron Scott said recently that Walton was the biggest surprise of camp. But the Cavs truly believe it. Walton believes a combination of yoga, pilates and strength training over the summer left his back feeling better than it has in years. He dealt with a minor hamstring issue recently, but appears healthy and moving well. Akron Beacon Journal

October 6, 2012 Updates

Byron Scott told me yesterday Luke Walton has been the biggest surprise through the first week of training camp. Scott was amazed at Walton's conditioning and the way he's making shots, moving around on the court. Walton has proven that with a nice first half (5pts) in this scrimmage. Sulia

August 19, 2012 Updates

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Tom Reed: #Cavs also not expected to buy out Luke Walton, according to two NBA sources Twitter

July 16, 2012 Updates
July 9, 2012 Updates

The tentacles of the proposed deal stretched across more than 10 players and three teams on Monday, with the Nets recruiting a fourth team to take on guard MarShon Brooks in exchange for an additional draft pick to send to Orlando. Nevertheless, multiple complexities need to be resolved to complete the deal, including the negotiation of contracts for four of the players in the proposed trade: Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, Damion James and Shelden Williams. In the proposed deal, Howard, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark would be sent to Brooklyn, and the Magic would receive the Nets' Lopez, James, Williams and Armon Johnson, Cleveland's Luke Walton and three future first-round picks, sources said. Cleveland would receive Orlando's Quentin Richardson, Brooklyn's Sundiata Gaines, Humphries (on a one-year guaranteed deal), a first-round pick and $3 million from the Nets. Brooklyn also is in talks with the Los Angeles Clippers to exchange Brooks for an additional first-round pick to send to the Magic. If the Clippers decline to participate, other teams are in position to take on Brooks, sources said. Yahoo! Sports

While the structure of a deal involving the Nets, Magic, Cavaliers and at least one other team is in place, involving numerous players, the moving parts involved in that scenario are a long way from being resolved. For example, Brooklyn created the structure of the deal, which would include sending forward Kris Humphries to the Cavaliers as part of the trade. However, Humphries, being a free agent, would have to agree to the terms of a sign-and-trade deal first. And since Humphries played on a one-year deal for the Nets last season, he’s reluctant to do it again, looking for a multi-year deal. Under the terms of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Humphries could only sign up to a four-year deal if he was part of a sign-and-trade. But the Cavaliers are reluctant to sign Humphries to a long-term deal, preferring to use him as a trade chip to amass additional assets or to only take up cap space for a year. (Being well under the salary cap, Cleveland could just sign Humphries using its room if it was interested in him, and wouldn’t have to give up anything.) NBA.com

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