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March 26, 2015 Updates
March 24, 2015 Updates

The future is uncertain, and by getting two picks spaced four years apart, Phoenix maximized its chances of catching the Heat in a down cycle at least once. The Suns might have been able to snag Luol Deng in that same trade, but they never asked about him, according to sources familiar with the talks. That’s especially revealing in connection with the whirlwind of deals that accompanied the Dragic trade: the three-team blockbuster that ended with Brandon Knight in Phoenix, and the separate deal sending Thomas to Boston for another pick. Grantland

March 3, 2015 Updates

Taj Gibson thought about getting even when his longtime friend was shot in the head. Derrick Rose also lost a childhood friend to a gun, but he never wanted condolences. He and Gibson were simply talking about friends they've lost to violence. So did Bulls reserve Nazr Mohammed and former teammate Luol Deng. And so did several friends and siblings of Chicago teens who have been killed in recent years. They all appear in "You're Not Alone," an anti-violence video produced by Bulls center Joakim Noah and directed by award-winning author and documentarian Alex Kotlowitz. The video also serves as an invitation for people to talk candidly about the emotional toll of gun violence, much like several interview subjects did during the 8-minute film. Chicago Tribune

February 28, 2015 Updates

He lived in Chicago longer than anywhere else in his life. But it's impossible to completely separate the organization Deng loves from the ordeal he loathes. Well after the playoffs ended that season, Deng still struggled with complications that required repeated hospital visits. "I still had migraines, was getting dizzy and couldn't eat," Deng recalls. "I lost 14 pounds in 10 days. I kept throwing up. I was eating only like Jell-O for two weeks. "I remember my friend coming over and was like, 'It's a spinal leak.' My friend was calling the team doctor and her response was like, 'I don't think so.' And my friend told the doctor, 'If you don't do (something), I'm taking him to a different hospital.' So I called my agent and asked for a different hospital." Deng said more setbacks ensued even after he had the procedure that stopped the fluid leak. "I finally got diagnosed with asthma, and I never had that in my life," Deng said. "I couldn't work out for months. Most of my summer, I couldn't do anything." ESPN.com

Deng and Ibaka believe it's vital to make a social impact with their play and their platforms. Ibaka is set to star in a Grantland-produced documentary, to be released in March, that traces his journey from the Congo to the NBA and highlights multiple charity efforts in the region. Deng, who won the NBA's Citizenship Award in 2014, has established foundations on three continents that include basketball camps for girls in London, food distribution programs in Africa and community holiday programs in Chicago. "It's all part of it," Deng said. "I just feel like we're in 2015 and there are still so many [negative] things being said about Africa. But there's so much greatness that people are missing. I just feel that while I'm here -- it's really part of why I exist -- I can really bring some attention toward it." ESPN.com

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February 26, 2015 Updates

For a moment, Luol Deng was back in Chicago, back with the Bulls, back to one of those nauseating moments when word broke of another injury setback for Derrick Rose. "Honestly," he said Wednesday, "I was almost in tears. It's different when you know the guy that well." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

February 25, 2015 Updates

For a moment, Luol Deng was back in Chicago, back with the Bulls, back to one of those nauseating moments when word broke of another injury setback for Derrick Rose. "Honestly," Luol Deng said Wednesday, "I was almost in tears. It's different when you know the guy that well. He's a tough guy. I think he'll be fine. But it's just three seasons in a row. He wants to do what he loves, but things keep happening. And honestly, a lot of people would deal with it differently. He just keeps going and keeps working hard." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Ferry read a scouting report about potential free agent targets during a conference call with members of the Hawks’ three ownership groups and flippantly recited some insensitive comments about Deng’s African heritage that eventually forced him to take a leave of absence. “He said, ‘I don’t understand why it’s in the report, but I forgive Danny and I’m ready to move on,’ ” Brand said of Deng. “So that helped me. As a team, we felt like that’s a management issue. That was up there. We still got to play, we still got to get our fans back.” Washington Post

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However, the Heat’s struggles have not made Deng want out. “I’ve had no issues,” he said. “My whole thing this year has been trying to get it right. It’s never been that I’m unhappy. Just because there are trade rumors– I’m not the one asking for a trade… I’m not the one starting the rumors or whatever’s going on. I know just as much as you, honestly.” Palm Beach Post

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