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January 13, 2014 Updates
January 12, 2014 Updates

If Deng, 28, isn't signed to a contract extension by June 30, he will become an unrestricted free agent next offseason for the first time in his career. He already likes what he sees in Cleveland and said several times – unsolicited – the Cavs have impressed him with how they treat their players, calling the franchise an "amazing organization." The Cavaliers are interested in keeping Deng long-term, but also know there is plenty of time to evaluate him and begin extension talks, a league source said. "I'm very open to sit down to talk," Deng said. "At the same time, I'm OK with waiting until the summer." Yahoo! Sports

Luol Deng is open to discussing a contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he also understands why the Cavs might want to put off those talks to first focus on trying to sign another All-Star small forward. LeBron James. "He's a great player, why wouldn't you look at him?" Deng told Yahoo Sports. "If he wants to come back home, that's great for him and great for this organization. He's a great player. Why not? I'm all right with that. I'm here to do what I can do and be Luol Deng. I don't really worry about it. I don't have the mindset that I can control what everyone else thinks. I just do what I can do and try to be the best at what I do." Yahoo! Sports

Deng said he wasn't surprised he was traded because of his stalled contract talks. Even so, he thinks he wouldn't have been dealt if Rose hadn't gotten hurt again. "I'm sure I still would be there because we would have had one of the best records and Derrick would have been the story with his comeback," Deng said. "You don't want to make any trades and all of the sudden the team goes the other way and the talk is that 'I was healthy, I came back and I tried to win a championship but ya'll moved guys.' There would have been that pressure. Unfortunately, I think the injury changed a lot of stuff." Yahoo! Sports

‘‘This group, the guys that have been here — I mean this year and Derrick going down [in the playoffs in April 2012] — I think we’re kind of experienced in terms of having setbacks and disappointment, if you will,’’ Dunleavy said. ‘‘This one [the Deng trade] has kind of been seamless. We’ve kind of just moved on. We miss Lu — he’s a great guy, great teammate — but that ship has sailed, and you’ve got to move on. We’ve done exactly that and have continued to play well.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

“The trade definitely hurt. But we’ve got to move on,” Noah said, sitting at his dressing stall after the Bulls’ 103-97 victory over Charlotte at United Center. “I feel confident in this team. We’re working really hard. A lot of people say this is a business and all that. This game is more than a business to me. I put everything I got into this. So … I feel like Lu is the same way, so it was hard for me to digest. That’s just my perspective. Everybody has a job. I’m not mad at anybody. I’m not mad at the organization or anything like that. It’s just, my brother’s not here no more. I just needed a little bit of time to digest that.” NBA.com

January 11, 2014 Updates

I haven’t spoken to Deng’s agent, Herb Rudoy, since the big trade with Chicago on Tuesday. Sources believe he will ask for more than Smith is making with the Pistons. Deng’s a better player, right? News-Herald

A source believes if Deng becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1, his chances of signing with the Cavs drop considerably. The Cavs can offer him a five-year deal in free agency for far more money than any other team. He can sign only a four-year contract with another team. News-Herald

What he didn't tell Rogers, what he didn't tell anyone, is that he decided the only way to make it to practice on time each day without taking charity from anyone or burdening his family was to run the entire four miles. And what he revealed further in that speech in Brixton, years after he'd begun playing for the Chicago Bulls and established himself as a solid star-in-the-making, is that he also wore a 20-pound weighted vest for each run. To help with conditioning. Just because. "That's why he's in the NBA," Rogers said from London in a phone interview this week. "He just did it. That's why he's in the NBA. He hadn't even told me. That's the kind of guy he is." Cleveland Plain Dealer

January 10, 2014 Updates

Another day, another media blow-off by Joakim Noah, who has not spoken publicly since the Bulls traded his friend and former teammate, Luol Deng, to Cleveland. It was believed that he would address the media – all of four Chicago-based reporters – after the Bulls’ Friday morning shootaround at the Bradley Center. But Noah told a team official that he would remain mute. It begs the question: Just how angry is Noah? And is his silent act hindering the Bulls in their effort to turn the page on the deal? Chicago Tribune

January 9, 2014 Updates

“When it happened, I couldn’t believe it,” said Deng. “It took a while to hit me. But it’s not like I’m stopping from playing basketball. I’ve been traded from one great organization to another one. That book is closed. I’m really looking forward to starting brand new and getting going. And it excites me that I’m leaving one team that’s very competitive and I’m coming to a team that’s just as competitive and is very excited about the future. For me, it’s great to be a part of an organization that wants to win, motivated, willing to do whatever it takes to win. And for a basketball player, for any pro athlete, that’s what you want to be a part of. I want to work hard, I want to fit in as much as I can and I want to turn it around." Bulls.com

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