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Madison Square Garden boss James Dolan was so furious with a security guard who didn’t recognize him outside the swanky Delta Sky 360 Club that he fired her right on the spot, sources told The Post yesterday. But the hothead exec had a change of heart overnight — and the guard was back at her post the very next day, sources said. Dolan, 57, was walking into the exclusive club during Sunday’s Knick game against the Boston Celtics when security guard Fiordaliza Hernandez asked him for his ID — which he never wears, sources said. New York Post

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You've been to every NBA arena and were at Brooklyn's preseason debut. Is the arena as cool/beautiful/swag as everyone says it is? KB: It's a cool place, in a cool place. Once you get past the oddly shaped and rust-covered exterior, the inside is truly spectacular. The highlights are the herring-bone floor and the way the lights shine on the court and leave the crowd in relative darkness -- a la Staples Center. Everything is shiny and new and smartly done. The deciding factor as far as how good an arena this is will be the crowd. The bar has been set pretty high six miles away at Madison Square Garden, which buzzes like no other place in the league when the Knicks are good and engaging a marquee opponent. Selfishly speaking, early indications are that the wifi signal made available to the media works and is super-fast. Based on how shaky/nonexistent wifi is in the majority of NBA arenas, this is the best thing about it, in my opinion. CBSSports.com

September 23, 2012 Updates

Baron Davis will have a multi-faceted role with the Knicks this season: He will spend some time around the team in an advisory role; he will work with Madison Square Garden's "Garden of Dreams" Foundation; he's expected to provide content for MSG's in-game entertainment and he may do some scouting for the team, according to two sources with knowledge of Davis' agreement with the Knicks. ESPN.com

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More than 95 percent of Knicks season-ticket holders have renewed their plans during the off-season, while more than 90 percent of Rangers season-ticket holders have already done so, according to the teams. Last season, the Knicks’ renewals were over 90 percent and the Rangers’ more than 85 percent. New York Times

Most of the increases in ticket prices are focused on seats in Madison Square Garden’s upper bowl, which has been refurbished. After opening 20 new suites last year, the teams will open an additional 58 suites that are roughly 23 rows above the rink for hockey games and 30 rows above the court for basketball games. More than 90 percent of these suites have been sold or have agreements that are being finalized. New York Times

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You might think this callous right about now, in the short period after the news broke that Adam Yauch — better known to millions as MCA, one-third of the Beastie Boys — died Friday at the age of 47. I can understand that, but in all honesty, it's not clickbait; it's just sort of working it out. What you see above is an archived video of an event streamed on the Internet last year, when the Beastie Boys debuted their most recent album, "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two," at center court of an emptied Madison Square Garden, just hours after a blowout loss to the Boston Celtics in the first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs. The headline on Y! brother site The Amplifier read, "Beastie Boys Outplay the Knicks at Madison Square Garden." Whether or not you like the record, that basically couldn't have been wrong, if you watched the Knicks' home games last postseason. Let's listen to it, together, and remember not only the art that Yauch made while he was alive, but the way it interacted with and was informed by his love of the game we love. Yahoo! Sports

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Once Knicks owner James Dolan kicked off plans for his $800 million Garden transformation, one of the big events he has eyed was bringing the NBA All-Star Game back to New York. But it has yet to become reality despite recent bids. NBA commissioner David Stern has insisted the transformation be completed before bringing the event to the Big Apple. Stern passed on the Garden for next season, choosing Houston in an announcement made last week. New York Post

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