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Dan asked if he would ever suit up in practice. “I'm not going to suit up in practice,” Kidd said. “Even if we're shorthanded. And I'm not going to have the uniform under my suit.” Dan also asked Kidd who he thought the best point guard of all time is. He immediately said John Stockton and followed him up with Magic Johnson. Here is Kidd’s all-time NBA team: PG: John Stockton SG: Michael Jordan SF: Scottie Pippen PF: Tim Duncan C: Shaquille O’Neal Dan said “no LeBron?” Kidd said that he could play LeBron at five. The Dan Patrick Show

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LeBron James won his fourth career MVP award on Sunday, after a stellar statistical season that had nearly everyone in agreement that he was the best player in the league in 2013. But NBA legend Magic Johnson had a different take when the subject came up on ESPN’s NBA Countdown halftime show on Sunday. “I’m in disbelief,” Magic said. “Chris Paul and Blake Griffin has more commercials than LeBron James. I can’t believe that. In all my 35 years, I’ve never seen an MVP, back-to-back winner … not have any endorsement deals, not have any commercials on TV? Every time I look at the TV, I never see any LeBron James commercials.” For The Win

May 4, 2013 Updates

Magic Johnson has just been swatted ... but this one is RADICALLY different from all the others ... because the LAPD is clearly hip to the prank now ... TMZ has learned. Someone placed the electronic 911 call within the last hour ... claiming multiple shots were fired at Magic's L.A. home. We're also told the caller claimed the shooters were holding someone hostage. TMZ.com

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The 20-year-old son of basketball great Magic Johnson is surprised by the public interest in his being gay, something that he revealed to his supportive family several years ago. Earvin Johnson III, known as E.J., says he feels like he's coming out of the closet a second time and that he's "reveling" in the experience -- even though news of his sexual orientation broke publicly sooner than he had planned. In an interview posted Tuesday on the YouTube.com talk show "Gwissues," Johnson said that he didn't feel violated after TMZ recently revealed that he's gay. "I always wanted to come into the spotlight," he said. "I always had dreams and plans of doing my own thing and creating my own image, so it came a little sooner than I thought it would but this is still something I knew I would be going through and would have to experience." ESPN.com

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April 5, 2013 Updates

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, contacted by TMZ for his comment about comments made by Magic Johnson, said he would be honored if the Mavericks had a gay player. Here is a transcription of some of Cuban's comments: TMZ: Mark have you seen the Magic Johnson interview that we did. Magic is essentially saying that if anybody from the LA Dodgers comes out, he will not only be supported, he'll be protected. What's your feeling? Mark Cuban: Exact same thing. I would do it the exact same way. I've been saying the same thing for years. There will be somebody who comes out. It'll be a great moment for sports. I would be honored if he was on my team. I think things have changed, significantly, in that the players would accept him. All professional sports have had their homophobic missteps along the way, it's a new era, a new generation and the player would be accepted. I think we are starting, at least on the edges, break down those barriers. This shouldn't be a big deal. I applaud Magic for being willing to step out and show leadership like he always has. Dallas Morning News

April 4, 2013 Updates

Magic Johnson has never talked about it before ... but he wanted to open up about his gay son and the implications that Earvin Johnson III's coming out will have in the black community, in the sports community and in their lives. TMZ sat down with the NBA legend for an unbelievably candid interview -- we've divided the video into three parts: 1) How Magic went to his son around the age of 13 and asked, "Are you gay?" Magic explains why he felt the need to approach his kid and the importance of letting EJ know his whole family loved and supported him. TMZ.com

Magic talks about how his son's coming out could inspire professional athletes to follow suit. Harvey also asks Magic how, as the owner of the L.A. Dodgers, he would react to a player coming out. TMZ.com

April 2, 2013 Updates

Magic Johnson's 20-year-old son hit the Sunset Strip, hand in hand with his boyfriend ... and his parents couldn't be happier for their kid. Earvin Johnson III -- aka EJ -- is one of Magic's 3 kids. The Lakers legend tells TMZ, "Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way." Magic goes on, "We're very proud of him." TMZ.com

March 31, 2013 Updates

Apparently, that guy in the AT&T commercials is tired of speaking with children in order to highlight the company’s service offerings. The wireless provider went out and got Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Bill Russell to appear in its most recent iteration of television spots, with the one in the video clip above featuring an emotionally sensitive Bird being reacting to Magic poking fun at his lack of speed on the court during his playing days. NBCSports.com

March 29, 2013 Updates

David Stern: On Magic Johnson and his HIV announcement. Magic was probably more important to the NBA than any other player because he had a love of the game that was instantly recognizable. And of course he had the perfect foil in Larry. I have a lot of feelings about that [Magic announcing he's HIV-positive]... First of all, what people need to understand is we thought he was going to die. There's no mincing words; you didn't survive, Magic was going to die. Magic Johnson, by himself, changed the opinion of AIDS, not just in this country, but the world. Before Magic we had children like Ryan White being thrown out of school. After his announcement, Nickelodeon did a special with HIV-positive children and Magic Johnson. Now HIV / AIDS is a treatable disease. Gothamist

March 13, 2013 Updates

Coach Erik Spoelstra offered a surprising opinion before Tuesday’s game, asserting that “I don’t think last year’s [Heat] team is good enough to win this year.” He added the level the Heat is “playing at right now might not be good enough. We don’t know how good we can become.” Magic Johnson said on ABC on Sunday that he spoke to Heat president Pat Riley on Friday “and he said, ‘We’re really not playing that well. We’re not playing our best basketball. We’re just playing good enough to beat everybody.’ He says they have room for important and he’s looking for improvement.” Miami Herald

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