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January 6, 2015 Updates

But Jackson is faced with an interesting dilemma. Calderon has two years left on his pact, starting at $7 million next year and despite his ties to Gasol, he is expected to be trade bait as Jackson looks to continue to clear more cap room. Calderon spoke with Gasol before the game. “If you ask 30 teams in the league, maybe they all want him,’’ Calderon said. “He’s one of the best players in his position. Good friend.’’ New York Post

January 3, 2015 Updates

It's too early to pursue Gasol, but the 29-year-old veteran, now in his seventh season, said he would listen if approached — when the time comes. "When we get to July we will sit down, and we will listen to everybody," said Gasol, who was drafted by the Lakers in the second round (48th overall) in 2007 and was traded to Memphis in the deal that brought his brother to Los Angeles. "Talking about it now, and weighing the different options, it's not useful. I understand the attention, but right now it's way too early to think and even talk about it." Los Angeles Times

"I got [to Memphis] when I was 16, when Memphis played at the Pyramid when we had Tony Massenburg and Ike Austin," Gasol said. "Watching Pau play, and watching the franchise grow, imagine how much the franchise and the city of Memphis means to me." The Lakers may find it difficult to lure Gasol away from the Grizzlies, but expect General Manager Mitch Kupchak to have a call scheduled with Gasol's agent the moment the calendar hits July 1. Los Angeles Times

"When you have limitations and you understand your limitations and you stay within yourself, you can be great," Kobe Bryant said. "You know what you can do and what you can't do. In America, it's a big problem for us because we're not teaching players how to play all-around basketball. That's why you have Pau and Marc [Gasol], and that's the reason why 90 percent of the Spurs' roster is European players, because they have more skill." ESPN.com

January 2, 2015 Updates

Q: Once you become a free agent this offseason, what variables are you going to weigh? Marc Gasol: I haven’t weighed anything yet. Knowing that Arn [Tellum] (Gasol’s agent) will handle pretty much the load of everything else, whenever July comes, it’ll come. We’ll sit down and have a human eye-to-eye conversation and we’ll see what we’re looking for and looking at for the next four or five years of my life with the team and different teams and my family. Whatever decision I make, it would be the best.” Los Angeles Daily News

Q: What did your focus this offseason on losing weight and changing your diet entail? Marc Gasol: “It all first started with my knee injury and having the little tear on the knee. It proves that you’re not invincible. That opened my eyes . That put me away from the game for a few weeks. There’s nothing worse for a player than to be away from the game. It’s frustrating. You feel like you’re not useful and you see your teammates go through adversity and you can’t help them. With that said, I look back and wonder what can I do to prevent this. One of the things was trying to be stronger and try to be a little healthier. That’s what I was already. I was healthy. Just clean up some stuff and knowing exactly how different things affect your body. Not that I didn’t know. Knowing it better. It really helped me. I don’t think the job is done yet. We have another good goal I can do. In season, it’s really tough to do. But during the summer, I think there’s more I can do. We will do it. Los Angeles Daily News

December 31, 2014 Updates
December 26, 2014 Updates

All of this is coming together in the final year of Gasol's contract. Next summer he will emerge as the most valuable free agent on the market. He does not sound as if he is looking forward to it. "I've been already through one," he says of the summer of 2011, when as a restricted free agent he re-signed with the Grizzlies for $58 million over four years, "and I did not especially enjoy it. I don't know how I'm going to feel in July. I really don't. This is the next five years of my life and I'm going to go all in. Whatever team you play for, you've always got to feel like you represent that team, that you've got to play for it. Because that's the way we grew up in Spain. You play for the city. You play for a way of doing things. It's not about you. I do this for them. I play for the city, for the franchise or whatever. You've got to have that pride that comes with it." NBA.com

Gasol weighed more than 300 pounds while he was at high school in Memphis. He had been much healthier as a boy in Barcelona, where his youth team was more demanding and regimented in the daily schedule it created for him. "Having a lot of freedom. Being young and dumb, honestly, too. And not knowing, and not finding the real purpose for myself," he says, listing the reasons why he lost his way at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis. "I'm new to the school, I'm learning a language and playing some kind of Division II basketball -- I loved my teammates, I loved the school, but that was not the highest level of basketball. And you only played for a short time, for four and a half months of the year; overseas you play pretty much all of the year. So it was different. "I learn from this -- that was the best part. What happened to me, I used it. Then I became myself." NBA.com

The Grizzlies have been able to pair him with 6-foot-9 low-post scorer Zach Randolph because of Gasol's playmaking. Pau Gasol's not-so-little brother looks out for the needs of others, and yet he is not going to be pushed around. It's as if the way he plays is a metaphor for the way he lives. "She always says, 'You should have gone to college,"' Gasol says of his mother. "She's still mad at my decision, and she still reminds me. I say, 'I'm not going to get into a fight with you.' It's pointless." NBA.com

December 20, 2014 Updates

Pau and Marc squaring off for the first time with Pau as a Bull ended up taking a back seat to the storylines of Jimmy Butler's continued stunning offensive prowess, Nikola Mirotic's 3-point marksmanship en route to his career-high 27 points and a defensive effort that held the Grizzlies to 39.4 percent shooting and no fast-break points until the final quarter. But their sibling rivalry never get old, particularly since Pau won his Rookie of the Year award here way back in 2002. "It's special to have the opportunity to play against your brother at the highest level of basketball," Pau said. "We're both doing pretty well so it's meaningful. It's a lot of pride involved. But it is a little weird. "We're both competitive. We don't like losing. As much as we love to see the other one play well, in these particular matchups, we're hoping the other one doesn't have a good game and your team wins. Ultimately, that's what we stand for." Chicago Tribune

December 18, 2014 Updates

A player that increasingly intrigues Raptors management is Memphis centre Marc Gasol. The Spaniard is a free agent this summer. The greatest lack on the Raptors roster is a truly dominant big man. Gasol is a Jungian figure that features prominently in GM Masai Ujiri’s bedside dream diary. Gasol, 29, has good fiduciary and competitive reasons to stay where he is, but it’s still the Western Conference. He might be great for five or six more years and never make it past the second round of the playoffs. Maybe Gasol can be convinced that he should take a free-agent discount in order to ride roughshod over the Eastern Conference for the foreseeable future. Toronto Globe & Mail

December 16, 2014 Updates
December 15, 2014 Updates

A player that increasingly intrigues Raptors management is Memphis centre Marc Gasol. The Spaniard is a free agent this summer. The greatest lack on the Raptors roster is a truly dominant big man. Gasol is a Jungian figure that features prominently in GM Masai Ujiri’s bedside dream diary. Toronto Globe & Mail

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