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February 14, 2015 Updates

"I never thought he would develop into that kind of player," Nowitzki said, recalling the 350-pound behemoth he met in the hotel hallway years ago. "I mean, just really no weaknesses out there. Tough-minded. So yeah, I'm a big fan." Bleacher Report

The man in the jersey is a 30-year-old center for the Memphis Grizzlies. And there is nothing simple or straightforward about how he got here, on this billboard, in this spot, in this city. Marc Gasol is the fringe prospect who became a superstar. He's the fat kid who became an athletic stud. He's the kid brother who outshined his famous sibling. He's the foreign import Memphis claims as its own—a Spaniard with the soul of a Southerner. "Marc won't tell you, but he's from Memphis," said the Grizzlies' Mike Conley, one of Gasol's closest friends. "We say that all the time, man. He embodies everything this city is about—the toughness, the blue-collar work ethic, all those things that this city's about, is how Marc carries himself. He's a low-key kind of guy, not a guy that wants to be all up in the spotlight and things like that." Bleacher Report

With Marc a stalwart of the Memphis Grizzlies, it will be an occasion to remember for their extended family, both claim, but the latter claims facing off against one another remains a unique experience. “I think our relationship off the court has always been strong,” he told MVP. “First, it was more of a big brother/little brother kind of relationship, of course, and once the age …not that it didn’t but once I got more mature and become older, our relationship got really closer and closer, and on the court we both understand how much each other cares for the game, we both understand how much the game means to the other, because we see how much each other works. “So, when we play each other, we barely acknowledge each other; we don’t make eye contact. We know each other’s moves pretty much, and tendencies, so it’s hard to come out with something new to surprise the other guy in front of you. We know after the game we’re not going to talk very much about what happened, because we know that one of us is not going to be too happy, he’s not going to be happy about losing, and so we respect that, too. That’s how we are.” MVP 24/7

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February 10, 2015 Updates

Marc Gasol can hardly wait for one of the NBA All-Star game's most mundane moments. "I'm just really excited for the jump ball," he said. That's because it will be against his big brother. Teammates with their national team, once traded for each other and sharing a lifetime love of basketball that developed in their grandmother's backyard in Spain, Marc and Pau Gasol will make history as the first brothers to start in the All-Star game. "That jump ball is going to symbolize a lot of things, different ways to do things with the same kind of goal and what we stand for as players and as men, so that jump ball is going to be unique," Marc said Monday. "It's hard to put into words what that jump ball is going to mean." Associated Press

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February 3, 2015 Updates

On the court, Randolph has become a centerpiece of the Grizzlies’ overall game plan over the years. Randolph’s ability to create mismatches with his polished mid-range shot, exceptional low-post moves and footwork has made him a nightmare to cover on the offensive end. “He creates so many problems for the other team and he’s always on the glass. He’s a problem in that paint for any team”, said Marc Gasol. “Whoever you put on him is going to have a tough night.” NBA.com

He has taken to the city and his teammates, and while he'll listen to any and all suitors this summer, he's not looking to leave. "I think it just happened," he said of his comfort level in Memphis. "I was fortunate enough to go to high school here for two years, and seeing Pau develop into the person he is today, in this city. I'm an observer. I always try to learn. And so I picked up a lot of things quick from Pau. And just watching him and seeing him, I was a fan. I was at every home game at the Pyramid watching those games. I ultimately had that dream, going from the fan -- any fan would have -- playing in that arena, and playing for the team that you're cheering for. So ultimately, I accomplished that dream from the stands to the floor. That's pretty cool." NBA.com

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January 30, 2015 Updates

Pau Gasol: I spoke to Marc, but we didn’t talk much because I had a game against the Spurs. We don’t really communicate on game days as we always try to stay focused. It’s part of our code. When I arrived at the arena, the news was confirmed. It was fantastic for all my family, for Marc, and for our fans. It was a truly emotional moment because we wouldn’t have imagined anything like this, even in our wildest dreams. When we finished the game against San Antonio, I called Marc. We congratulated each other. We were very happy, obviously. I was like ‘Hey Marc, this is unbelievable!’ We talked about how happy we were at achieving something so important, and how thrilled we were that our fans voted for us. We talked about our parents too, we imagined how they’d be feeling. We promised to each other we would keep working hard in the future. paugasol.com

January 29, 2015 Updates

I have learned, Kevin, never to say never, because you can paint yourself into a corner, but my strong suspicion is that he’s going to stay in Memphis. I think it’s a perfect place for him. He’s very comfortable there—he’s been there a decade now—they love him down there… I just can’t imagine someone leaving a championship contending team to go to a bad team, and really, when you look at the teams who can afford to pay what Marc has earned, in terms of a new contract, they’d be bad teams. If you ask yourself, “would Marc Gasol leave a 50-win team to go play for the Knicks? or the Lakers?” I mean, I don’t think so. I think he likes winning. I think he’s a pretty competitive guy. If we were hearing stories that he really doesn’t like Memphis, and he doesn’t want to be there… but you don’t hear that. You hear how much he loves it. So if he loves it, and they’re a good team, and they can pay him more than anybody else, why would he leave? I just don’t see a plausible scenario at this moment for him leaving. Memphis Flyer

Now. Could San Antonio get in it? Yeah. Sure. And that’s a different question—that’s a different animal. I’m sure that would cause him to think some. But we don’t know what San Antonio’s going to do, so until I’m sure that they’re making that move, I would rest easy if I were a Grizzlies fan. Memphis Flyer

January 28, 2015 Updates

He has heard from plenty of Lakers fans happy for his success this season, and he very much appreciates it. Gasol is well aware of the Lakers' ongoing spiral, and he's sorely disappointed that Bryant is missing both chances for them to be on the court together this season. But when asked if he would endorse the Lakers organization to his All-Star center brother who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, Pau offered little reason to believe the fledgling Lakers are on Marc's wish list. Bleacher Report

"Marc wants to win a championship," Pau said. "That's what he's looking for. That's what's most important to him. I don't know if you think the Lakers will be in a position to win a championship next year or not. "But he knows what he'll be looking for as a free agent—or maybe he'll stay in Memphis because they have built a very good team already there with some very good pieces. He'll know what he wants, and he will be ready to make his decision." Bleacher Report

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