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December 3, 2014 Updates

Marc Gasol as the league's most intriguing talent, a 29-year-old whose physical evolution from roly-poly to ripped has taken him to new heights yet again? He's listening, but he's not hearing it. "I don't see anything extraordinary," Gasol, who is averaging a career-high 20.1 points to go with 8.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 1.5 blocks and 1.2 steals per game, told USA TODAY Sports this week. "I see that (his play is) good, and I'm in a good place, but I don't see anything like (Golden State Warriors point guard) Steph Curry or something like that. I think it's pretty normal and natural. I'm having to take more shots because I've been asked to do that, and so far it has worked out pretty well." USA Today Sports

Even with the Grizzlies somehow getting one nationally-televised game this season (excluding NBATV), Gasol's game is less of a secret now than ever. Yet no one appreciates it more than the teammates and coaches who hope this isn't their last hurrah together. "I always tell him, 'Man you're the best center in the game, the best big man in the game. Dwight Howard ain't better than you — he just blocks more shots than you. You're the best center in the game,' " Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph told USA TODAY Sports. "It's about winning, and about the big fella coming back, because everybody knows that all the teams are loading up to get him. USA Today Sports

December 2, 2014 Updates
December 1, 2014 Updates

Gasol will consider many factors in deciding whether to stay, but the most important, he said, will be the level of his team’s commitment to winning. “That’s going to be huge for me,” he said. “Because you’ve got to go to work every day and feel good about it, knowing that everyone is seeing the big picture, which is having the biggest chance to win a championship.” New York Times

He added: “I’d rather wait and see how we all feel after the season. Then you make a decision for the next four or five years of your life, and you’re feeling good about it and knowing that’s what you want to do.” New York Times

In early September, months after the last N.B.A. season had ended, Mike Conley tuned in to watch the FIBA Basketball World Cup on television. He saw someone with a resemblance to his Memphis Grizzlies teammate Marc Gasol: same bushy beard, same stern game face and same backward shuffle down the court after shooting a jumper from just beyond the free-throw line. Except that this player was much thinner. “I was like, Man, that can’t be Marc,” said Conley, the Grizzlies’ point guard. “It looks like he lost 50 pounds.” New York Times

November 27, 2014 Updates
November 25, 2014 Updates
November 24, 2014 Updates

Marc gasol is a free agent this summer and pretty much every team who has enough cap room will be after him. Larry H. Russell broke some news that Rajon Rondo went to upper management that he wants them to get Marc. Wallace put a definitive answer out there “We have every intention of re-signing Marc Gasol. So those teams are going to have to find another player.” CLNS Radio

November 23, 2014 Updates
November 22, 2014 Updates

Marc D'Amico: Stevens: "Gasol was huge. He was the best player on the floor. He kept making plays with the pass and the shot. It's a hard team to guard." Twitter @celtics

November 21, 2014 Updates

Gasol is also part of one of the best frontcourts the NBA has to offer along with Randolph. Teams around the league are often starved for big men who can play on both sides of the court. The Grizzlies have the luxury of having two of them who have built a strong relationship during their time together in Memphis. “Marc is the engine of this team. How he goes is how we go,” said Randolph. “He’s come back in great shape and is being aggressive. That’s what we need to give us a chance to get where we want to be. You can’t double-team both of us, and that’s why we’re a good tandem. He draws so much attention which allows me to execute and be successful in the paint.” NBA.com

November 20, 2014 Updates

Gasol has made it a point to be more aggressive coming into this season. “I’m trying to be a little more active. I want to be in the driver’s seat instead of being the co-pilot. I want to take the next natural step in my game, which for me is being more dominant at times,” said Gasol when asked about his early season aggressiveness. NBA.com

November 17, 2014 Updates

The Knicks’ main free-agent target, Marc Gasol, is also being targeted as a possible replacement to Tim Duncan assuming Ol’ Man Riverwalk retires this summer. The Knicks will be players for the Memphis center mainly because of the first three rules of real estate — location, location, location — and because Gasol is familiar with both Jackson and Derek Fisher since older brother Pau spent the best years of his career with the Lakers. New York Daily News

November 11, 2014 Updates

The Spurs have big plans for this summer, among them the idea of replacing Duncan with a free agent such as Marc Gasol if "The Big Fundamental" retires as expected. And with Leonard's salary cap hold proving so prohibitive had he received the extension he so desired, he's confident their vision will be realized. USA Today Sports

November 7, 2014 Updates

Your suggestion regarding the Knicks trading Stoudemire for Kobe Bryant makes so much sense to me I was wondering what would be the Knicks justification for not doing it. The initial reaction to your suggestion according to a "Knick source" was there was a 0% chance of this happening. Bruce Roberts Sam: I see it’s gotten some traction since I speculated about it Monday, though “Knicks source” in a New York newspaper generally means someone who’s been to a Knicks game or gets the subway at Penn Station under Madison Square Garden near the Knicks sign. I could understand why the Knicks might balk as though Kobe has looked great, that’s two years of big money, which cuts them off from this summer free agency. Maybe they have a guy in mind they really want. Marc Gasol’s been rumored, who probably heard good things about Phil from his brother and is a high post type center who’d work well in the offense. I know the Lakers side of needing Kobe for TV ratings, which I think is less urgent. They’ll stop watching even Kobe at 4-28. As I wrote, it’s up to Kobe and maybe he wants to wind it down in L.A. NBA.com

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