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“As much as I love Nene, and I think Nene understands this too, I would love to play with a stretch-four, with a guy who shoots the ball from the three-point line,” Gortat said. “Because that automatically gives me room under the basket to operate and gives me more opportunity to play pick-and-rolls and roll to the paint where the paint is open.” Washington Post

Sometime around the all-star break, the gregarious Marcin Gortat who had captivated the District vanished. After several months of humorous, insightful and candid takes, he politely rushed through interviews if he did them at all. When asked twice over the final weeks of the season to assess his individual campaign, Gortat said he would address his personal situation during his exit interview. That came Monday. “I would say in the eight years of my career, the eighth year was pretty much the toughest one from a personal standpoint,” said Gortat, who completed the first of a five-year, $60 million contract. “I had some issues during the season and that definitely didn’t help me to focus on basketball. That part is on me, definitely on me. I can’t blame anybody for that. I’m not going to talk about those issues. That’s why we call this personal business.” Washington Post

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David Aldridge: At the beginning of the season you said you wanted to be a better, more vocal leader. How have you done there? John Wall: I think I did a great job. Certain guys I know how to talk to, I can yell at, and then the next play on the court, we're running the pick and roll, and they're scoring, and they're not worrying about it. And some guys you have to babysit. But me just always talking, knowing what I'm seeing at the offensive end and the defensive end, even when we're down 20, I'm stlll talking -- come on, we can fight through, we can get through. Usually (in the past) when we're down 20, I'm not talking to nobody, I want to do it on my own. But now if we're up 20 or down 20, I'm still being the same vocal guy talking. David Aldridge: So you're telling me you can yell at Marcin Gortat? John Wall: Yeah, that's the guy, March. Sometimes he says stuff back. We've got a couple of guys that don't talk back in English sometimes. NBA.com

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Coach Randy Wittman and point guard John Wall agreed that Gortat’s offensive prowess – he scored 23 points on 10 of 11 shooting along with 14 rebounds – was predicated on his willingness to dive to the basket off pick-and-rolls. Gortat concurred that he is at his best rolling to the basket off screens, but the center emphasized he didn’t play any differently than he usually does. “They were passing me the ball,” Gortat said bluntly. “I was doing the same thing I’m doing every single game and they were just passing the game.” Washington Post

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Gortat spent three quarters tormenting the undersized Golden State Warriors front line. Coming off a 24-point, 10-rebound performance in Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Pistons, he had 16 points and 11 rebounds through three quarters of the Wizards’ 114-107 loss to the Warriors. But he didn’t log a second on the floor in the final period, continuing a recent trend of sitting out fourth quarters. Visibly perturbed after the game, Gortat said he expected to play in the fourth quarter. Asked if he was discouraged by Wittman’s decision to bench him, Gortat declined to respond. “Uh,” Gortat said before pausing for six seconds. “I’ll just say next question.” Washington Post

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