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May 16, 2014 Updates

If the Wiz have to choose between Gortat and Ariza in free agency, who stays? Gortat. The Polish Hammer is undoubtedly the priority. The Wiz, remember, surrendered a first-round pick to Phoenix mere days before the start of the season to acquire Gortat from the Suns in what was seen a desperate move by a playoff-starved franchise. ESPN.com

Zac Boyer: Gortat: "I would love to be back here on this team." Said he will be looking for a team with a good point guard, and Wall is that. Twitter @ZacBoyer

Ben Standig: On idea of a PG, Gortat added, "Obviously John is a tremendous talent." Gortat mentioned "next year" several times postgame. #WizardsTalk Twitter @BenStandig

May 14, 2014 Updates
May 13, 2014 Updates

Ariza is almost 29, and Gortat is 30. Executives around the league figure they will get something between $15 million and $20 million per year combined on the open market, likely on three- or four-year contracts. The Wiz are interested in re-signing both, and you can’t really blame them. They are surely hoping the market for Ariza dampens amid concern over the red light blinking “CONTRACT YEAR” and whether Ariza would get the same juicy corner 3s without Wall’s freakish fast-breaking. Grantland

“I gotta ask you this one,” I said to Gortat recently. “It’s embarrassing, but people want to know. Do you actually shave your armpits?” Let me stop for a moment to point out that, in addition to being a tremendous addition on the court, Gortat is arguably the best quote in the Wizards locker room. At least to my ears. He’s honest, he’s interesting, he’s occasionally surprising, he’s colorful, and he doesn’t wring the necks of random writers who ask about his personal hygiene. “I shave yeah, sometimes,” Gortat said. “Not, like, shave with razor. Just shave, yeah.” With electric clippers, he meant. Washington Post

“Is that…that would be unusual in America,” I cleverly said, since the follow-up is just as important as the original question. “Yeah?” Gortat said. “You’re a 30-years-old guy, you want to look like a freaking caveman? Is a normal thing.” “I think it might be a European thing,” I said, since that’s what my co-worker Marissa had suggested. “I think it might be a normal thing in Europe?” “I think a lot of people in this locker room shave,” Gortat argued. “Shave their armpits, you think?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. “I’m quite sure.” Washington Post

May 9, 2014 Updates
May 7, 2014 Updates

If you are so bitter about the Wizards’ success in the wake of your criticism that you need to forecast doom as they try to keep both Gortat and Ariza from leaving via free agency, well, you’re probably a seamhead and shouldn’t be talking or writing about the NBA for a living. Either way, you need to feel the wrath of the Polish Machine upside your head. “The dumb people who have no freakin’ clue about basketball, these guys don’t have influence on your life and your career, so I don’t worry about them,” Gortat said. “I don’t want any apologies.” Washington Post

May 5, 2014 Updates
May 1, 2014 Updates

But Gortat quickly found that not everyone was thrilled to see the Wizards dismiss the Chicago Bulls in just five games. Instead of letting the negative comments slide, Gortat responded to his critics with a few one liners – but stayed away when some of the exchanges crossed the line. “It’s just funny, it’s just funny. People are weird,” Gortat said, shaking his head. “The one gentleman who really threatened us, actually made some terrorist threats to us. Some people already visit him.” Washington Post

After the Wizards won the first two games in Chicago, someone on Twitter attacked Gortat, several members of the team and the families of both Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza. The account still appears to be active. Screen shots of the offensive remarks can be found on the website Busted Coverage. “He already got profiled, so it’s all good,” Gortat said. “Some serious stuff, but it’s all good,” Gortat said. “He was saying that there’s a bomb in the plane and stuff. And my country is going to get bombed and all my family is going to die. Stuff like that. Everyday stuff.” Washington Post

Q: “Do you say something from 300 before games sometimes?” Marcin Gortat: “Hell yes,” Gortat responded. Q: “What do you say?” Marcin Gortat: “PREPARE. FOR. GLORY!” Gortat responded, in a very theatrical and loud voice. Q: “Before a game?” Marcin Gortat: “Always. When we’re running out, I’ll say from 300 ‘This is Sparta!’ or ‘Prepare for glory!’ [or] ’Give them nothing but take everything!’” Washington Post

I asked Gortat whether he was doing this movie quote thing to be funny or serious. “Serious,” he said. “You know, yelling loud. I’m saying the quotes from Gladiator: ‘We who are coming to die salute you!” Washington Post

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