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June 20, 2011 Updates

Ryan Feldman: Tomorrow's Jazz workout will now feature Klay Thompson + Alec Burks. They had Hamilton, Harris, Singleton, Honeycutt, Marcus Morris today. Twitter

June 18, 2011 Updates

Every year, the NBA tips its hand as to who it believes are the top 14 or 15 prospects in the draft with its annual "green room" invitations. These players are invited by the league to sit in a special room with their families and agent on draft night. When their names are called, they leave the room and go up on stage to shake commissioner David Stern's hand. This year's invitees to the June 23 draft: Kyrie Irving (Duke); Derrick Williams (Arizona); Enes Kanter (Turkey); Brandon Knight (Kentucky); Kemba Walker (UConn); Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuania); Jan Vesely (Czech Republic); Kawhi Leonard (San Diego St.); Chris Singleton (Florida St.); Klay Thompson (Washington St.); Tristan Thompson (Texas); Jimmer Fredette (BYU); Marcus Morris (Kansas); and Alec Burks (Colorado). A 15th name has been added -- Markieff Morris of Kansas. Markieff is Marcus Morris' twin and also widely considered to be a top 20 draft pick. ESPN.com

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June 10, 2011 Updates

Marcus Morris on how strict his mom is: She’s very strict. She’s a single parent with three boys. I feel like she had to be strict on us because growing up in the type of environment we grew up in, if you didn’t have a stable home and a mom like my mom, it’s kind of hard to stay off the streets and not be one of those guys who’s just a statistic – drug dealing and things like that. I give my mom a lot of credit for keeping us in and I make sure that we stay tight with me and my brother. That’s why I think we’re the way we are now. NBA.com

June 9, 2011 Updates
June 8, 2011 Updates

Who does your game most resemble in the NBA? Marcus Morris: “I think the Al Harrington comparison is a little accurate, but I think maybe Carmelo [Anthony] I would say because I’m a mid-range king. I love the mid- range game. I think that’s what I can really hang my hat on being a mid-range player and on the defensive side I think that being versatile and guarding many positions. I think it can definitely work for me and just being so athletic and being versatile on the defensive side because I can guard any position.” Sports Radio Interviews

The Bobcats brought in six players Tuesday, mostly second-round candidates. Among them was Pepperdine's Mychel Thompson, son of former No. 1 overall pick Mychal Thompson. His other son, guard Klay from Washington State, is a likely first-round pick in this draft. The Bobcats have another workout Thursday. Among those expected: Kansas forward Marcus Morris. Charlotte Observer

June 7, 2011 Updates

Even Enes Kanter, who previously wasn't going to work out against anyone, is now reportedly working out against Tristan Thompson and Marcus Morris in Cleveland today. This may be an attempt for Kanter to prove he is worthy of consideration for the No. 1 pick and to lock up a spot in the top four. Kanter also met and worked out with the Toronto Raptors in Chicago on Monday. The Hoops Report

Kansas forward Marcus Morris is projected to be off the draft board by the time the Warriors make their selection at No. 11, but he still accepted an invitation to work out at the team's Oakland facility Monday. The 6-foot-7 230-pounder averaged 17.2 points, 7.6 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game and was named the Big 12 Player of the Year as a junior, and he views each workout as an opportunity to prove he's even better than those gaudy numbers. "I think there's a little buzz that I'm more than advertised," Morris said. "At Kansas, you're really restricted from showing your game. I think a lot of teams are surprised that I'm better than they expected. "I'm not afraid of going to a workout, because I don't feel like there's anything I can't do." San Francisco Chronicle

June 1, 2011 Updates

Kansas forward Marcus Morris will be the headliner as the Bucks open workouts for draft prospects at the Cousins Center on Wednesday. The 6-foot-9, 230-pound Morris is considered a potential lottery pick and the Bucks own the No. 10 pick in the June draft. Morris worked out for the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, along with Brigham Young's Jimmer Fredette and four other players. Also involved in the Bucks' six-player workout Wednesday are 6-10 forward Trey Thompkins of Georgia; 6-6 guard Anatoly Bose, a native of Kazakhstan who played two seasons at Nicholls State (La.); 6-3 guard Dwight Buycks of Marquette; 6-3 guard Andrew Goudelock of the College of Charleston; and 6-3 guard Malcolm Delaney of Virginia Tech. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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May 23, 2011 Updates
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May 20, 2011 Updates

Marcus and Markieff Morris do everything together. The twins even have the same 14 tattoos. But soon the Kansas forwards will be going their separate ways, to different NBA teams, in the June 23 draft. Marcus Morris admitted it will be a tough transition when he spoke to reporters at the NBA draft combine. "Strange, no," Morris said. "Different, yes. We don't expect to be drafted by the same team. We hope it happens, but if it doesn't, it doesn't. "We're looking forward to going our separate ways and maturing without each other. It's actually going to make us grow as men, not always having him right there to have my back. I'm going to grow up a little bit. It might be for the best. "But we're going to get a neutral house somewhere and make sure we meet up a lot." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

May 11, 2011 Updates

The NBA has had its fair share of twins recently. Jason Collins and Jarron Collins both were drafted. Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez both were first-round picks. But Kansas forwards Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris are taking things to a completely different level. They like the same foods. Wear the same clothes. Have the same major and have the exact same class schedules in college. They walk to class together. Eat together. They get the same haircuts. Have the same tattoos. Finish each other's sentences. Rarely stand more than a few feet apart. Text or Skype each other constantly if they're apart for more than a few hours. Even their college player efficiency ratings are virtually identical. Markieff has a 29.74, and Marcus has a 29.68. ESPN.com

In a few weeks, both Marcus and Markieff will hear their names called by David Stern. They both will walk across the stage. Both will shake Stern's hand. Each will put on the cap of the team that drafted him. But they won't do it connected at the hip. After living their whole lives together, they'll be drafted alone. "I don't want to think about that. ... Have twins ever been drafted by the same team?" Marcus says. "Maybe we could be the first." ESPN.com

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