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January 22, 2014 Updates

Ainge has spent the past several months scouting players such as Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Marcus Smart, and Julius Randle, players who could impact the future of the Celtics. Ainge has stacked the organization with as many as 17 draft picks over the next five years; 10 could be first-round picks. The next step is to determine how to replenish the roster. The Celtics could decide to build through the draft, free agency, or both, but those Kevin Garnett- or Ray Allen-type deals are extremely rare. All-Star players who can help win championships are not readily available. Those standout players who are — such as Carmelo Anthony or Pau Gasol — most likely aren’t helping their current team win. Boston Globe

January 9, 2014 Updates

The Kings' biggest need is at the point guard position, but sources say the Kings would be reluctant to pull the trigger on either Smart or Exum with the No. 1 pick. The team did just trade for Rudy Gay, but the early returns aren't great and the chances they would re-sign him long-term aren't great. Besides, in virtually every way, Parker would be an upgrade from day one and bring the sort of high-character, team-first player to the roster that the team desperately needs. ESPN.com

January 8, 2014 Updates
December 18, 2013 Updates
December 14, 2013 Updates

I can't tell you how many times I heard over the summer that Harrison, not Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart, would emerge as the first point guard to come off the board in next June's draft. That could still happen, of course. But today, Smart has put Harrison in his rearview mirror. Harrison's shooting has been uneven -- in a nationally televised game against Baylor, Harrison shot just 2-of-9 from the field and is connecting on just 41.7 percent of his shots this season -- and he doesn't look totally comfortable in John Calipari's dribble-drive offense, an offense that was supposed to be an ideal fit for him. SI.com

December 6, 2013 Updates
November 27, 2013 Updates
November 20, 2013 Updates

That is a tough shot to make, and that is a gutsy shot to shoot. But he earned the right to take those shots. Marcus can play in the league right now. Definitely," Durant told USA TODAY Sports after the game. USA Today Sports

November 11, 2013 Updates
October 31, 2013 Updates

Perhaps his decision to delay a shot at the pros and a multimillion-dollar deal was the wrong one. The 19-year-old leans back and stares at a beige wall in one of the Sprint Center's few vacant rooms. Then, Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart confesses that he's still uncertain about returning for his sophomore season. "I'm still not 100 percent right now," he told ESPN.com. "I don't regret it. But I'm not 100 percent sure that was the right decision. But I don't regret making it because you can never come back to college and be a student-athlete. The NBA? You can have chances to go." ESPN.com

"It was definitely the money," he said. "That was a lot of money that was put to the side for another year. It wasn't turned down. It's not like I'm not going to be there, but it was just put to the side for another year. As an 18-year-old kid, you're looking like I can make more money than 95 percent of America can ever dream of making their whole life. So definitely, it was the money that had a [great] deal to do with it." ESPN.com

October 19, 2013 Updates

Smart has heard all about Wiggins being called the best high school prospect since LeBron James, and the best freshman to enter the sport --- former high school phenoms James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett skipped college --- in a generation. "They are saying he is the best college player there is and he has not even played a game yet," Smart told USA TODAY Sports. "Of course that hypes me up. It is all talk. He still has to put his shorts on one leg at a time like I do. It is all potential. I am not saying he can't do it. But he has not done it yet." USA Today Sports

August 20, 2013 Updates

Everybody asked themselves that, and a lot of people still are. For some, Smart's health, adolescent and pride-related reasons to pass up on a top three draft pick will never make total sense. Interestingly enough, some of those puzzled most by Smart's decision to return are his future peers, NBA stars who spent a few days going toe-to-toe with Marcus in Las Vegas last month at USA Basketball's National Mini-Camp. "He shoulda came out, if we're gonna be honest," New Orleans Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday told me about Marcus. "That boy's good." "Marcus is ready to play all of the time," NBA all-star Kyrie Irving said of Smart. "He's a great player that can play with us at this level." Cowboys Ride For Free

July 23, 2013 Updates
July 16, 2013 Updates

Smart was the only college-level player to get invited to the U.S. men's national team mini-camp in Las Vegas on Monday. None of the players who were picked in the top 10 of the NBA draft were invited, either. "It is a great honor to be invited to participate with the USA Men's National Team," Smart said in a statement released by Oklahoma State. "The other players at the mini-camp are NBA professionals who I look up to and respect. I'm excited to learn from them and to compete against them." USA Today Sports

May 9, 2013 Updates

I'm not sure there will be a Disney World parade down the streets of Orlando if the Magic win the No. 1 pick. According to sources, Orlando had its heart set on Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart until he broke its heart when he decided to stay in college. While the Magic need just about everything, point guard might be their biggest area of need. ESPN.com

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