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NBA commissioner David Stern will retire at the close of business on Friday, and one of his many legacies will be that he globalized the NBA. What he never saw happen, though, was his vision of placing NBA teams in Europe. Mark Cuban touched on that possibility before Wednesday’s game. And until somebody actually invents a teleporter, it’s not likely to happen, Cuban said. But that doesn’t mean the NBA’s presence overseas isn’t going to grow. “I could see us licensing and maybe playing a World Cup with winners from overseas to try to replace the Olympics,” he said. “Just like hockey’s looking at it right now. But unless they bring back the Concordes and they change the schedule to give us a little more time, it’s going to be really difficult for teams to travel back and forth. It’s tough just doing one game, much less a whole schedule.” Dallas Morning News

Whenever Mark Cuban gets fined by the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks' billionaire owner has developed a practice of giving a similar amount of money to a worthy charity. Last week the NBA fined Cuban $100,000 for his transgressions following a Jan. 15 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. On Wednesday, Cuban announced that he was donating an additiona $100,000 to the iBellieve Foundation, an organzation that raises money to find a cure for a rare disease known as mucopolysacharridosis, or Hunter Syndrome. The iBelieve Foundation is run by Simon Ibell, who has the disease and who Cuban befriended afte rhe bought the Mavs. “He works his (butt) off at it,” Cuban said of Ibell’s foundation. “I know all the money goes right to the cause.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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...There was real pressure from new breed owners like Dallas’ Mark Cuban and an insurgent small market coalition. Stern adeptly made their draconian demands his and delivered, staying well away from a January drop-dead date by sheer sleight of hand. With the players looking at seven weeks of lost paychecks, counting start-up time, Stern offered to make three of them up if they settled in time to start on Christmas. They did. Forbes.com

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Standing in a tunnel at American Airlines Center in Dallas earlier this season, Cuban gushed describing an athlete of such talent and grit that the Basketball Hall of Fame should induct him now, rather than waiting for retirement. “He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer,” says Cuban. “People around here say we have to get Dirk another title. I want to get Vince a title as bad as I want to get Dirk another one. He’s made us a smarter, better organization. He comes to play. He takes charges—he takes pride in taking charges. Like all of us, he’s grown up. I want him to stay here the rest of his career.” SportsNet

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Cuban was asked what it would take to get his attention for the team that Forbes values as the eighth-priciest in the NBA. He went into his Dr. Evil impersonation from Mike Myers’ Austin Powers movie series. “Everything’s for sale, but it’s going to take 100 trillion dollars,” Cuban said. Dallas Morning News

The Mavericks have been valued at $765 million by Forbes magazine, but that’s a low-ball number as far as owner Mark Cuban is concerned. “They’re way too low,” he said. So if somebody showed up with $765 million in his pocket and wanted the team he’s owned since 2000, what would Cuban do? “I’d laugh at them,” he said. “I think we’re worth well over a billion. I think within the next five years, and this is just a guess, if the economy continues to get a little better and sports still stays in demand, every NBA franchise will be worth at least a billion dollars.” Dallas Morning News

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If you're going to the Super Bowl, it is time to start being nice to Mark Cuban. In an email, Cuban confirmed the speculation about his Super Bowl party: "The annual AXS TV Direct Super Bowl party will feature Jay-Z," he says. Cuban is the co-founder of AXS TV. He will co-host the party with Eli Manning. Scheduled to be held at DirecTV's SuperFan Stadium at New York's Hudson River Park Pier 40, the event is invitation only. Dallas Morning News

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is at high risk to be fined by the league before the month is out. So says Mark Cuban. In an interview with ESPN.com this week to reflect on David Stern's 30-year run as NBA commissioner, which ends Feb. 1, Cuban said he has been telling Stern for months that he is determined to get dinged one last time before his longtime foil leaves his post. "We talk about it all the time," Cuban said. "I'm going to have one final fine before he leaves." ESPN.com

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