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May 20, 2014 Updates

Reggie Miller believes his former Pacers teammate Mark Jackson should at least get an audience with Knicks president Phil Jackson. “He certainly should get an interview going off his resume,’’ Miller said on a conference call to promote coverage of the Western Conference Finals on TNT, where he works as an analyst. “He certainly should get an interview. I’m not saying he should get the job if Phil wants someone whom he’s familiar with and understands triangle. Certainly Mark Jackson should get an interview. He’s born and bred in New York, knows the media landscape, was Rookie of the Year. He knows the city, the climate. That should warrant at least an interview.’’ New York Post

The Zen Master is “open” to talking to Mark Jackson about the Knicks’ opening, sources tell ESPN.com’s Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne. Phil Jackson’s preference, though, is to hire a coach who he’s worked with in the past, either as a player or as an assistant, Stein and Shelburne report. That’s why names like Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis, Luke Walton and Tyronn Lue are mentioned as potential head coaching candidates. ESPN.com

May 19, 2014 Updates

A more free-flowing offense focused on running and ball movement over halfcourt isolations and post-ups has been cited often as a reason to ditch Jackson, and Kerr’s willingness to add bright, powerful minds to his staff seems like a given. One potential concern with the Warriors’ decision stems from how the players will react to losing Jackson, but Barnett thinks the transition will be seamless. “The Warriors are very fortunate in the group that they have because they’ve got good chemistry and I expect that chemistry to be just as good with Steve Kerr as it was with Mark Jackson. And quite frankly, it’ll probably be a little bit better because I think it’ll be a little more real.” I know exactly what Barnett is referring to with that “real” remark. Jackson was always cordial with the media, but I never got the impression that he was ever all that genuine. He undeniably connected with many of his players on several levels, but that’s where the realness ended. Due to a combination of Jackson’s oft-repeated catchphrases and a hesitancy to provide more than the bare minimum in terms of access, Barnett sensed there was a wall between Jackson and anyone who didn’t wear a Golden State uniform during games. Bay Area Sports Guy

May 18, 2014 Updates
May 17, 2014 Updates

Most of his players liked him and were upset that he was fired. Yet, he had trouble with his own coaching staff, and in communicating with the front office. And those traits were getting worse rather than better in his two years. From what I hear, he won't be a serious candidate here. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Jackson's tenure was strange. He had success on the court, winning 51 games. Most of his players liked him and were upset that he was fired. Yet, he had trouble with his own coaching staff, and in communicating with the front office. And those traits were getting worse rather than better in his two years. From what I hear, he won't be a serious candidate here. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Q: With Golden State giving Mark Jackson the boot after reviving the Warriors and turning them into a playoff team in a tough Western Conference, is he a realistic option for the Cavs? -- Frank B., Smyrna, Georgia. Mary Schmitt Boyer: I, too, was a Warriors fan from afar, but that situation ended so badly in Golden State, I think there's more to the story than we've heard. I went to the NBA Combine in Chicago thinking that Jackson was a viable option but found out he was difficult to deal with, although his players certainly seemed to love him. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson is back at ESPN as an NBA analyst after agreeing to a multiyear deal with the network. Jackson will work Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers on Sunday, according to ESPN. Jackson reunites with play-by-play commentator Mike Breen and fellow analyst Jeff Van Gundy. That trio broadcasted the NBA Finals for five straight years up to 2011. Chicago Tribune

May 16, 2014 Updates

The Knicks coaching search is expanding beyond geometry. Phil Jackson, according to an NBA source, is OK hiring a head coach who doesn’t specialize in the triangle. According to the source, that means Mark Jackson is on Jackson’s tentative list that once included just one name. But now Steve Kerr is headed to Golden State and Jackson is headed on a more expansive search. New York Post

Since the Golden State Warriors announced Tuesday that Steve Kerr had been hired as their new head coach, replacing Mark Jackson, there has yet to be a welcoming tweet, interview or anything else seen or heard from one of the players. That, one of them said, is not by accident. "That is out of loyalty to Coach Jackson," said the player, who requested anonymity. "It has nothing to do with Steve. Just meeting him when he worked our games, he seems like a nice guy. It has to do more with how Coach was done. Guys loved Coach Jackson. They'd run through a wall for him. It hasn't really set in that he's gone and someone else has been hired." Bleacher Report

The players' pointed silence is about Jackson, despite their pleas that he be retained, getting axed less than 72 hours after their season ended with a first-round Game 7 loss on the road to the Los Angeles Clippers. It's about Jackson, as a first-time coach, having to settle for a four-year, $8 million deal, while Kerr, a first-time coach, signed a five-year, $25 million package, totally guaranteed. It's about the vast majority of the players and staff sharing Jackson's Christian faith and attending services to hear him preach at his non-denominational church, while knowing that Kerr developed a similar bond with team owner Joe Lacob over two decades of shared golf and venture capital interests. Bleacher Report

"There aren't any idiots in that locker room," the player said. "We have solid guys, great guys. I'm not saying he won't be able to win the team over. But that will be his biggest challenge. Can he take us to a place Coach Jackson couldn't? We were one basket away from going back to the semifinals a second year in a row. That means Steve has to get us to the conference finals or the finals. Guys are going to be very conscious of that. If you've known him for 20 years, why wasn't he on your list before this? Did he not want the job then? Coach Jackson changed the culture and this is how you do him? If this is your loyalty to Coach, what's your loyalty to me? I know it raised questions with all of us." Bleacher Report

May 15, 2014 Updates

As a guy who had a similar path that he’s taking now, from the broadcast booth to the Warriors job without coaching experience, do you understand what he’s going through? Feel any of that? -JACKSON: From my end to his? For me, he’s not just broadcaster going straight into coaching. I played against him, know him, respect him. A first-class guy. And so it’s not because he has no experience and he’s gotten the job and he fits that mold of coming straight from the booth. Just a guy I have respect or and wish him nothing but the best. People say why didn’t I Tweet congratulations yesterday, because I tweeted congratulations to Stan Van Gundy. So why not Tweet congratulations to Steve Kerr? And the only reason for that is it could be read different. So I texted him congratulations. I’ve got respect for him. It’s nothing negative or any feelings that way. I’ve got respect for him and wish him the best. San Jose Mercury-News

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