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March 25, 2014 Updates

In denying that there was dysfunction on the Warriors, coach Mark Jackson twice briefly chuckled at the mention of the word. "We are excited about what's taken place up until this point -- the culture, the environment with no dysfunction at all," Jackson said Tuesday. "That's comical." Oakland Tribune

There had been rumblings in the locker room about Malone's value being overblown by media, and that he was more focused on landing his first head coaching gig. And Jackson went out of his way to pump up assistant coach Pete Myers' talent as a budding head coach, almost as a rebuttal to talk about Malone's value to the Warriors' success. Contra Costa Times

One of the staples of his tenure has been the chemistry in the locker room. His players love him, even when they are riding the bench, and they play hard for him. That's still true for the most part. But the Warriors have a developed a pattern of playing down to competition and not maxing out every night. Contra Costa Times

It is immediately unclear what kind of a role the Warriors will transition Scalabrine, but management has no intention of letting him leave the organization, sources said. Over the past two years, Jackson's difficulty with managing his coaching staff and creating a functional work environment has developed into one of the issues that threatens his future on the job, league sources said. Yahoo! Sports

Scalabrine, who joined the staff in July, was Jackson's choice as an assistant coach. For two straight years, Jackson has had issues with assistant coaches that he hired. Michael Malone and Jackson would go weeks without speaking to each other a year ago, league sources said. Malone left Golden State to become the head coach of the Sacramento Kings. Yahoo! Sports

March 19, 2014 Updates
March 9, 2014 Updates

Warriors coach Mark Jackson insists he doesn’t concern himself with the hits he takes on social media. “I don’t pay attention to it,” he said. “I really don’t. I have a tough enough job being a husband, a father, a pastor, coach, a friend, a son, an uncle. It’s a good life. So I worry about it when they don’t talk about me.” But .?.?. “I have a Twitter account (@MarkJackson13). It’s comical to me,” he said. “Some folks get blocked. You can say what you want, but if you use profanity, you get blocked immediately. So it doesn’t bother me. “(But) I won’t be disrespected. You can not like my coaching or the way I look or my ears; I’m fine with that.” Boston Herald

March 3, 2014 Updates

Warriors big man Jermaine O'Neal did not travel with the team to Toronto and is unavailable for Sunday's game at Toronto because of a passport issue, according to coach Mark Jackson. "A misunderstanding," Jackson said of the passport issue. "We thought we had it, so the ball was dropped, and we don't know whether it was stolen or lost, what have you, but we discovered late-afternoon yesterday, and there was not enough time to fix it and get it here, so he will not be playing tonight." Contra Costa Times

Jermaine O'Neal: As a leader, businessman, and father, I pride myself off being responsible, professional, and prompt! I did not leave or lose my passport!!! ... And believe me when I tell you that there isn't a person in the country more upset than me about not being able to be with my team tonight ... To help them battle for a win during a very important part of our season! Words just can not explain how I feel right now ... But I will be ready to help my team try and get a tuff win against one of the leagues best on Tuesday! (Bottle the anger and release it tue! Twitter

March 2, 2014 Updates
March 1, 2014 Updates

But in light of how Jackson was treated Friday, he might find himself walking to the home bench sometime in the future. There might be something else at work here. For all the progress that the Warriors have made under Jackson in his three seasons in the Bay Area, there are rumblings that he’s not on totally safe ground. After last season, when the Warriors stunned the Nuggets in the playoffs and then gave the Spurs a tough six-game series in the conference semifinals, the heightened expectations out in Oakland are the reasons for the rumblings. In Jackson’s second season, the Warriors won six playoff games — their highest post-season win total in almost 40 seasons. This season, fans expect way more. New York Daily News

February 20, 2014 Updates
February 13, 2014 Updates

Joe Lacob gave a lengthy interview yesterday and he used words like disappointing, disturbing, a concern. I’m wondering if he has conveyed any sense of concern to you and how your guys’ relationship is right now? -JACKSON: Your guys meaning Joe and I? Oh, it’s great. I mean, we don’t have a problem at all. He’s an outstanding guy to work for; he’s a competitor, as far as he’s never satisfied, which is what you want. He’s a guy that is always going to be chasing greatness. He didn’t just “disturbing” and you said another d-word, “disappointing.” He used “good” too. (Laughs.) He threw that in. I understand it. And he talked about pressure. And he talked about everybody having pressure. There’s pressure in my entire life. There’s pressure to coach a team, there’s pressure to try to become a professional basketball player. There’s pressure being a husband, there’s pressure being a dad, there’s pressure being a pastor. San Jose Mercury-News

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