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May 12, 2012 Updates

Coach Larry Drew said officials told him Daniels fouled Horford after Williams released the ball. The league office, in a post on one of its official Twitter feeds Friday, agreed but said the replay showed “the foul on Daniels should have been called sooner than it was by the officials, in which case it would have met the requirements of an Away-From-The-Play Foul.” The Hawks protested the call during the game, to no avail. “That would have been a huge play, a huge turn of events,” Hawks forward Josh Smith said. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Throughout his career, Marquis Daniels has been no stranger to pain. When he was 11 years old, the Celtics forward’s older cousins branded his No. 4 on his arm. It hurt. A lot. And that was just the beginning. From birth, whenever he did so much as put his head down and raise it back up, a stinger shot down his arm. The 30-year-old Daniels didn’t realize his narrowed spinal canal caused the issue until reaching the NBA eight years ago. And he didn’t know the severity of his medical condition until this past February, when he bumped into Magic guard Gilbert Arenas, dropped to the parquet floor and lay motionless for what seemed like an eternity. “To be honest, I barely touched him,” said Daniels. “The scariest part was just lying there and not being able to move for that time I was down on the floor. That was pretty scary. I could talk. I just couldn’t move. I was like, ‘This isn’t happening. I gotta get up. I can’t raise my kids like this.’ Just to be here standing and walking and talking to you guys now just lets you know that it’s more than just basketball, I don’t take anything for granted now.” WEEI.com

That’s why this time around in Boston is different for Daniels. Not just because he’s donning his third Celtics jersey number in as many seasons. For the first time in a long time, he can just play basketball — pain (and worry) free — like that 11-year-old kid who got the same number branded on his arm. “It’s a second chance at more than just basketball. I can say at life,” said Daniels, who scored 11 points in both Friday’s scrimmage and Sunday’s preseason game. “It could have went either way. I could have been rolling in here instead of walking and talking to you guys, so I’m blessed to be where I’m at right now.” WEEI.com

Daniels asked his doctor “a million times” if they were sure he was healthy enough to play again, and the doctor reassured him each time, “I’m positive that there’s a slim chance of that ever happening again.” If Daniels needed any more convincing, a headbutt he suffered during a pickup game at Auburn University did just that. “I was bleeding, but I was like, ‘Well, my neck’s Ok,’” he said, adding, “It feels a lot better. I’m not limited or anything. I don’t worry about getting hit, so I just go out there and play my game. I’m a hockey player, so I’ll be all right. It takes a lot to take me out.” WEEI.com

Swingman Marquis Daniels has dealt with a serious health issue. Daniels yesterday made his first game appearance since a frightening collision with Orlando’s Gilbert Arenas Feb. 6 that caused temporary paralysis. It was initially thought that Daniels’s career could be over, but he had spinal cord surgery in March. “We’re a family-oriented team, and it’s a tough time for him, but he’s family and there are going to be some guys to try to keep his spirits up,’’ Daniels said of Green. “I really don’t want to speak too much on [his condition], but it’s trying times.’’ Boston Globe

December 18, 2011 Updates

Daniels collided with then-Orlando guard Gilbert Arenas, jarring his neck on the play which left him momentarily motionless on the TD Garden floor. Surgery on his spinal cord, followed by several months of rehabilitation, has brought Daniels back to the game he loves. "This is a little different," said Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. "This is life-threatening stuff. For me, I always look at the player. I don't look at the team as much. We'll get to the team; that's our job. But like I said in the last case, we get to still do our jobs. When guys get injured like that, they don't and some may never (play again). Like with Quis, at the time, we thought it was forever. That's harsh; that's tough. Especially when you trained your life to do this job. So that's the way I look at it." CSNNE.com

During his time away from the game, Daniels acknowledged that there were times when doubts about his return did creep into your mind. That's where those close to you, Daniels said, play a vital role in the recovery that he says is both mentally and physically challenging. As far as advice for Green, Daniels said the most important thing for him was to rely on faith, family and friends. "As long as everybody's around, keeping his spirits up, he'll be fine," Daniels told CSNNE.com prior to today's preseason opener against Toronto. CSNNE.com

December 8, 2011 Updates

The Celtics have reached agreement with swingman Marquis Daniels, and will introduce him for the third time tomorrow at the opening of training camp. Daniels, who signed a one-year contract for a veterans minimum salary, originally joined the team in 2009, and got off to a tremendous start before tearing a ligament in his left thumb that required surgery. He signed on again with a one-year contract last fall, again started well, but this time went out for the season suffering a bruised spinal cord during a Feb. 6 game against Orlando. Boston Herald

The Celtics are close to reaching an agreement to bringing back free agent forward Marquis Daniels, according to two sources, giving a second chance to Daniels after a bruised spinal cord brought his 2010-11 season to an abrupt and unfortunate end. Daniels is expected to be in Waltham Thursday for physicals. The free agent period begins Friday along with training camp and teams can begin signing players at 2 p.m. Boston Globe

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The Celtics also have had conversations about Lakers swingman Shannon Brown, Bobcats center Kwame Brown, and former Celtic Marquis Daniels, whose season was cut short when he suffered a bruised spinal cord in a Feb. 6 collision with Magic guard Gilbert Arenas. “It’s something we’re talking about,’’ said agent Mark Bartelstein, who represents all three. “We’re having conversations. Nothing’s been decided yet. We’ll kind of see what happens here over the next couple days. Boston Globe

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