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October 8, 2012 Updates

Williams is 26. The reliable outside shooter has averaged double digits every year he has played in the NBA except his rookie season. The Jazz acquired Williams in exchange for point guard Devin Harris to make room for newly acquired Mo Williams. An 18,000-seat community center bearing Williams’ name is being constructed in his hometown of Bremerton, Wash. Williams is content. "I don’t have to live up to anybody’s expectations but my own," he said. "I have to look at myself in the mirror every night. And when I do that, I’m very satisfied with where I came from and what I’m working toward." Salt Lake Tribune

September 24, 2012 Updates

Jazz offseason additions of Mo Williams, Randy Foye and Marvin Williams: We got lucky. We got a ton of a great talent, especially with the veteran guys we've got coming in. We've got a lot of veteran guys, but we've also got a young nucleus. It helps us out in both facets. With those guys coming, we added a lot of ballhandling; we added some shooting; and a lot of leadership. Those guys are going to bring a lot to the table. Salt Lake Tribune

July 24, 2012 Updates
July 9, 2012 Updates

The other factor is Smith had a solid relationship with Johnson, who was Smith’s longest-tenured teammate along with Zaza Pachulia and Marvin Williams. Smith was in his second season when Johnson arrived in Atlanta with the expectation of being the team’s star. Smith and Johnson’s strong chemistry on the court was obvious, too, with Smith often looking to pass to Johnson in transition or spotting up in the half court. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

July 6, 2012 Updates
July 2, 2012 Updates

Brian T. Smith: #UtahJazz CEO Greg Miller addressed Devin Harris-Marvin Williams trade while speaking with media at #SLC airport. Said he's excited about adding Marvin Williams and acknowledged it's always hard to trade away a player who's contributed to team like Devin Harris had. Twitter

June 29, 2012 Updates

The Hawks have tried to trade Williams for at least two years and no one is biting. That shouldn’t be hard to do since you don’t want him on your team at his salary, either. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

June 28, 2012 Updates

The Jazz trade exception is for 10.8 million dollars. Jazz can trade for player of 10.8 or less, look around the NBA and not a lot of players, maybe none better than Mo Williams who earn less than 10.8 million and will be available. Moreover, have only 1 year on their deal allowing the Jazz to maintain flexibility for the 13-14 off-season. Marion is 8.6 but has another year. Marvin Williams in 8.3 but has another year. Sulia

June 27, 2012 Updates
June 19, 2012 Updates

The Hawks are said to be one team placing calls to improve their draft position. They currently own the No. 23 pick. One GM said the Hawks floated the names of both Josh Smith and Marvin Williams as potential trade chips. FOXSportsOhio

May 12, 2012 Updates

The NBA admitted Friday that a tardy foul call on the Celtics late in Game 6 cost the Hawks an extra free throw. With 3.1 seconds left in the game and the Hawks trailing 81-79, Boston’s Marquis Daniels was called for fouling Hawks center Al Horford as teammate Marvin Williams was about to inbound the ball. By rule, if a personal foul is assessed against the defense before the ball is released on a throw-in, the offense is awarded one free throw and possession of the ball. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Coach Larry Drew said officials told him Daniels fouled Horford after Williams released the ball. The league office, in a post on one of its official Twitter feeds Friday, agreed but said the replay showed “the foul on Daniels should have been called sooner than it was by the officials, in which case it would have met the requirements of an Away-From-The-Play Foul.” The Hawks protested the call during the game, to no avail. “That would have been a huge play, a huge turn of events,” Hawks forward Josh Smith said. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

March 11, 2012 Updates

Rumors say the Cavs continue to have an open dialogue with the Atlanta Hawks concerning small forward Marvin Williams. That rumor won't go away. One media report said forward Josh Smith's name has been added to those discussions. Some have suggested sending Jamison and Sessions to the Hawks for Williams and Smith. The Cavs would probably do that. News-Herald

March 2, 2012 Updates
February 22, 2012 Updates
February 21, 2012 Updates

The #Hawks just landed in NYC and had a convo with a very disappointed Marvin Williams, who while attending the funeral of a family friend, had to hear about his "reported" trade request. He vehemently denies ever asking for a trade and said, "you know that's not me". Twitter

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