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January 30, 2014 Updates
January 15, 2014 Updates

On Tuesday morning Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri was asked during an appearance on Brady and Walker on Sportsnet 590 whether he would open to the idea of signing Lowry to an extension. “When we look at these things and we look at the way you’re talking about now and doing something moving forward, you have to look at how long does it take you to develop a point guard in that position?” Ujiri said. “And what would the team go through to get a young point guard and develop him? Or how do you get this type of point guard? Or can you work on some of the things that Lowry doesn’t do well and help him grow? Because he is a starting point guard in the NBA and I think he is phenomenal player.” SportsNet

January 7, 2014 Updates

He traded Gay and his top-dollar contract to the Kings for a package led by point guard Greivis Vasquez and power forward Patrick Patterson. As he develops a reputation as the winner in trades, Ujiri hesitant to flaunt his skills. "Just get on the phone and call or listen to calls. All the general managers are unbelievable with this stuff," he said. "Until two people say, 'We have a deal,' ... one person cannot do it. Deals are tough to do, but it's our job and we try our best to help our organizations going forward." USA Today Sports

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December 13, 2013 Updates

Lowry has not been in contact with Ujiri regarding his future and doesn't plan to reach out. "If he trades me, then I'll talk to him," Lowry said. "He's always been a GM that's been kind of in the background. He's not in the forefront, he lets us play and that's how he's been this whole year." TSN

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December 10, 2013 Updates

“I don’t think it’s fair to say that. I think in some way, we can build. We can build for the future. I think we didn’t come here (to) just tear everything down. I think we’re giving everything a fair shot, and we will continue to,” said the reigning NBA executive of the year. “That’s the nature of the situation. We have to continue to evaluate what works for us and what works for the team as a whole. And then we’ll go from there. All of those ‘T’ words (tanking, teardown), I don’t know. You changed it up on me. You used a different one now,” he said with a sly smile. Toronto Sun

December 9, 2013 Updates

Ujiri termed the deletion of Gay’s $19.3 million 2014-15 contract option a “long-term” move and said the uncertainty of not knowing whether Gay would opt out (even though it seems unthinkable he would, given how poorly he’s played this season) made his job more difficult. “That option was tough on our part. It’s a tough place to be where you can’t go to Rudy and say: ‘Hey, we need to talk about the future.’ That option really put us in a tough position to plan. I would say flexibility long-term,” Ujiri said. Toronto Sun

Masai Ujiri is not judging head coach Dwane Casey on the end results of Toronto’s games. He knows the previous edition of the team and the post-Rudy Gay version are not world beaters by any stretch. So Casey, in the final year of his three-year contract, apparently won’t have to go full bore after victories at all costs like most coaches looking for an extension do. “If we were grading on wins and losses, I’d be talking differently here. That’s not what we’re doing here. I think our grade is on growth, how we grow as a team, how we grow as an organization, how we build, how our young players are getting better, how we handle our situations, how we communicate,” Ujiri said Monday. Toronto Sun

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