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Barnes tweeted that if he had kicked Cleveland superstar LeBron James, the NBA would try to put him in jail, a reference to Barnes' thuggish reputation in the league that he thinks has been held against him. "I might have been making my one phone call to you guys right now," Barnes quipped to reporters. Los Angeles Times

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Barnes is now tied for the NBA lead with 11 technical fouls this season. The Clippers lead the league with 58 technical fouls. "It's bulls---, it keeps happening," Barnes said. "Some of these I earn and some of them I don't, but it's crazy to get a technical foul for pulling your arm away and a technical foul for saying, 'Just don't give them the game.' If you can't play with emotion, I don't see how you can play. "I guess it's a reputation we've earned and it's upon us to do a better job of trying to control our emotions, but you can't play the game at this level without emotion and without talking. It's tough but the refs had nothing to do with the way we came out and performed tonight." ESPN.com

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Yall really think you know me, but to keep it real you hv no clue...! Just know whether you hate me or love me....... I'm always gonna land on my feet.. I love all my fans, the fans that appreciate & respect the hard work & time we put in, all the school plays & sporting events we miss out on in our children's lives.. We get paid well, but we are still human just like you.. We can't call into work when we're sick, we hv to play, when we lose family members we don't hv time to morn, we hv to play, when we lose our families & don't get to see our kids for days at a time, we can't go hide & cry, we get paid to entertain, so we get on that court ... My life is played out in front of the world.. My life is your entertainment, you see shit on blogs & tv & think you know the whole story.. Shit, by the way yall pass judgment & comment you would think you were there.. Instagram

Barnes told reporters Wednesday he thought the fine resulted from an exchange with Sarver that Barnes said started when the owner said something to Barnes. “When an owner says something derogatory to me and I respond, I thought it would stay there,” Barnes said. “It’s a grown man saying something to another grown man. I’m not going to tell. But the fact that he told or someone around him told, it’s crazy.” What did Sarver say to Barnes? “You can ask him what he said,” Barnes said. “He said enough to make me respond to him.” Los Angeles Times

“We don’t like each other,” Barnes said. “He didn’t like me when I was there, I didn’t like him when I was there. He’s said some stuff about me before that a few of my old teammates that were there that played with me on the Clippers told me about, so I’ve never liked him and as soon as he said that to me, it kind of got me going.” Los Angeles Times

Barnes said his exchange with Sarver was precipitated by more good-natured chatter with a teenage boy and his father and two men seated behind them who referenced Barnes’ $25,000 fine in December for kicking a cup and directing obscene language at fans during a game against the Washington Wizards. “They were just heckling me the whole game and I was laughing and messing with them,” Barnes said. “And I had a bad game shooting, so they were just on me. And I said something to the little boy because someone said, ‘Oh, you were fined $25,000,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, that was a lot of money, huh?’ and he smiled at me and then the owner said what he said and I responded.” Los Angeles Times

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Arash Markazi: Barnes said he was talking to 13-year old boy and his dad and a couple of hecklers but it didn't get heated until Sarver got involved. Barnes on Sarver: "We don’t like each other. He didn’t like me when I was there and I didn’t like him when I was there so it is what it is. If you’re going to say something like that to me, expect me to respond but don’t go run and tell when I do go say something. You can ask him what he said. He said enough to make me respond. We don’t like each other. I’m going to get a summer job at my kid’s school working as a yard dude. When you pay the money to get that close to us who doesn't want to say that I talked to Matt or I talked to Chris during the game. Twitter @ArashMarkazi

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