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March 19, 2014 Updates

From Dwayne Henderson: Why do redheads always seem to kill it in the NBA? Brian Scalabrine was a God! Matt Bonner: Redheads kill it in the NBA because it has been scientifically proven that we are genetically predisposed to be superior basketball players. It’s kind of like the Bourne Identity… It’s a side effect of a classified government experiment during the height of The Cold War. Why I have chosen this moment to publicly disclose such a closely guarded secret I have no idea. Our secret society, The League of Redheads, will not be happy about this… Hardwood Paroxysm

From Travis Steel: What did you and Stephen Jackson listen to in the car? Bun B or the White Stripes? Matt Bonner: Sadly, we never rode together in a car. The need never arose. I always had my Pontiac Grand Prix, and he always had his Rolls Royce. All you need to know is that Stak5 is the man. He was a great teammate and a good friend and if he ever asks me to spit a guest verse on one of his tracks, I wouldn’t even hesitate. He rocked our charity SXSW showcase last year and was clutch like Bird… The fat lady sang. So all you Stak5 haters better not step or you’ll get served… Michael Chang. Hardwood Paroxysm

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January 22, 2014 Updates

In a monster sports marketing move few in the industry saw coming, adidas Basketball announced earlier today that they have signed San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner to an endorsement deal. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, though we can expect to see Bonner wearing adidas throughout the remainder of the 2013-2014 NBA season. Bonner, an unpaid wearer of New Balance product for years after securing an endorsement with the Massachusetts-based company early on in his career, was said to be down to just a few remaining pairs of his favorite model. In need of a new sneaker deal, Bonner has turned to adidas, and joins teammates Tim Duncan and Nando De Colo as brand endorsers. You can look for Matt Bonner to be wearing this Grey / White / Black adidas Crazy 8 on ESPN tonight as the Spurs host the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sole Collector

Dan McCarney: BREAKING: Matt Bonner has new shoes. Exclusive on @nicekicks tmw. Twitter @danmccarneysaen

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January 17, 2014 Updates

Joe Freeman: The Spurs say Matt Bonner broke his nose and will not return in second half vs #Blazers. Twitter @BlazerFreeman

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November 6, 2013 Updates

Matt Bonner will not play in tonight?s Spurs-Suns game due to tightness in his left calf. The injury caused him to miss the second half of last night?s Spurs-Nuggets game. Following tonight's game Bonner will be listed as day-to-day. NBA.com

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October 21, 2013 Updates

As has been well-chronicled here and elsewhere around the Interweb, Matt Bonner’s precious stock of New Balance shoes — officially known as the 8026 Basketball Model — is dwindling. He’s down to just two pairs, with no idea what he’ll rock when the last one finally wears out. Like his cars, Bonner only has one requirement for footwear, per his recent interview with Nice Kicks: "My only spec with shoes is if they’re comfortable, if they don’t hurt my feet. I won’t a shoe, no matter how cool it looks, if it hurts my feet. If a shoe is comfortable, I am definitely open to wearing any brand out there." San Antonio Express-News

October 10, 2013 Updates

After making do for several months with an El Camino, he finally settled on a full-time replacement: the 2014 Chevy Impala, which beat out a slew of luxury competition to become the Official Car of Matt Bonner. “Love it,” he said. “It’s completely remodeled. It’s American-made. You have to stay true to your roots, right? I tried an Audi. I tried an Infiniti. I looked into a BMW, some of the higher-end stuff. It just didn’t feel like me. “The leg room is far superior, which is basically No. 1. No. 2, it has over 300 horse power, which is plenty for me. And it still gets 29 MPGs, which is pretty good for a mid-size model. It had all the same technology packages. It has ventilated seats. It’s very luxurious.” San Antonio Express-News

October 9, 2013 Updates

Forward Matt Bonner, whose supply of New Balance basketball shoes has nearly dried up since the shoemaker stopped making his favorite model, believes he can make it through the season without resorting to another brand after discovering a cache — two pairs — over the summer. “It was Christmas in July for me because our equipment guy found two more pairs,” he said. “They were in some obscure, random little storage locker. We get (orthotic inserts) made, and our orthotics guy had a pair of my shoes that he used to make the mold for the orthotics. He just kept them because we periodically get new orthotics, so he has a pair of shoes he uses so he can make them fit. “I gained that intelligence and got the shoes back, so that's how I got the extra pairs.” San Antonio Express-News

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