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September 8, 2013 Updates

“I grew up watching Larry Bird when I was growing up in New Hamsphere which is north of Boston and he’s a 6-foot-8 or 6-foot-9 guy who can shoot and has a tremendous work ethic,“ he said. “I always want to work hard like Larry Bird and I want to shoot three-pointers like Larry Bird and I have to work hard evey game with my shooting and my stroke and I once I got into the NBA, (former NBA players) Donyell Marshall and Robert Horry helped me find my niche within the team.“ Tempo

September 6, 2013 Updates

He may not be the best ball handler in the NBA, but Matt Bonner’s dribbling tricks were a big hit with the kids Friday at the start of the NBA Cares program here. Bonner, the first ever San Antonio Spur to visit Manila, shared tips for proper dribbling and taught hand-quickness drills to the eager boys and girls of Children Garden Home at the Ronac Art Center. Inquirer.net

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June 8, 2013 Updates

Bonner became hooked on the roast pork, swiss cheese and ham sandwiches shortly after arriving from his New Hampshire home. It’s one of the most indelible memories he has of his college eating career. “I ate so many Cuban sandwiches when I was at the University of Florida,” Bonner said. “There were this local spot called the Swamp and I use to eat one about once a week.” Bonner said the simplicity of the pressed sandwich was what made it so good and so memorable. “They are just delicious,” Bonner said. “That’s all you need to know. You don’t need to overcomplicate it.” San Antonio Express-News

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April 25, 2013 Updates

A guy the Spurs had tried to go away from, came back. Matt Bonner, relegated to comedic relief this season, best known for indie groups and his Red Mamba nickname, found unfamiliar footing. He made shots Wednesday, which is what he does best. But he mostly made Dwight Howard work when he didn’t make him mad. Bonner called it, for those who would like to Google the phrase, “Chumbawamba defense.” San Antonio Express-News

No Spur is as entertaining, whether he’s the fictional Coach B or just a man on the street with an opinion. He’s at his best when he’s making fun of himself, and he did last fall when the Spurs were going through some drills with the local boxer, “Jesse” James Leija. Someone joked that all of this must be new to him, and he objected with a straight face. “You don’t understand,” he said. “I grew up in the mean streets of Concord, New Hampshire.” San Antonio Express-News

April 6, 2013 Updates

When Stephen Jackson and Matt Bonner were planning their joint birthday party, it can't have been easy to agree on a theme. But if there's one thing everybody can agree on, it's that Anchorman is a classic of American cinema. So the San Antonio Spurs teammates decided to have a viewing party, and act along with the film. In a great video interview with Spurs.com (which is absolutely worth four and a half minutes of your day to watch and you should do so right now), Captain Jack recounts his starring role as Ron Burgundy. He even played the jazz-flute solo, if he is to be believed. "I co-wrote 'Afternoon Delight,'" he says at one point. "I don't know if you knew that." USA Today Sports

February 26, 2013 Updates

Since the team’s move to the AT&T Center for the 2002-03 season begat the long rodeo road trip, the Spurs have found various ways to bond. The latest experience was a repeat of something they did three years ago: A mid-afternoon stop for In-N-Out burgers near the Oakland Airport. “It was one of those carpe diem moments,” forward Matt Bonner said. “You know you shouldn’t be eating a grease-laced double burger with fried onions, fries and a milk shake, but once in a while, you’ve got to go for it. It was one of those things where no one will claim responsibility, but everybody enjoyed it.” Even Parker, a native of Paris who considers himself a sophisticated diner, partook of the fast-food fare. “That was awesome,” Parker said. “We did the same thing about three years ago, too, and that was awesome, too. Even though I’m a gourmet guy, it doesn’t hurt to eat a double-burger sometimes. I had two double-doubles and a milkshake. I was hungry.” San Antonio Express-News

February 21, 2013 Updates

Set to host his own event next month at SXSW, it only makes sense that renowned music head Matt Bonner would enlist the services of teammate/rapper Stephen “Stak 5″ Jackson to fill out the set list. Jackson will be one of six acts performing at Bonner’s Sneakers and Speakers extravaganza, to be held March 13 from noon to 6 p.m. at Club Deville. The event will serve as a fundraiser to help launch the nonprofit organization Bonner recently founded with his brother Luke, the Rock On Foundation. San Antonio Express-News

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