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If you live under a rock, then you might have missed the greatest dunk in NBA history this weekend as Matt “Red Rocket” Bonner threw down a vicious two-handed slam in the Spurs 114-92 victory over the Houston Rockets. It was epic. It was so epic that it earned a Free Bird tribute on YouTube. The man slow-motion replays also helped me notice this Spurs fan who throws up the devil horns when Bonner throws down. Then, as if they were joined by some mysterious universal force, Bonner and the kid do simultaneous fist pumps. The Big Lead

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But the Spurs are playoff regulars, and they’ve become so through selflessness and team-oriented play. Bonner’s not about to be the exception. He hasn’t been seeing the floor, but he’s not going to start complaining, either. “It comes with experience. I’ve fallen out of a rotation many times throughout my career,” said the 32-year-old, who was back in New England yesterday as the Spurs visited the Celtics. “For whatever reason, I’ve been out of the rotation (this year). My reaction is to keep working harder and to do whatever I can to help the team win.” Concord Monitor

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Bonner recalled one session during which he thought Stern was daydreaming. “He didn’t say a single word until the very end,” Bonner said, “and then like hammered you, 20 points in a row. I felt like I was in a movie. Just let everybody have it, what reality really is — at least in his mind. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that was a really smart tactic.’ “I have tremendous respect for him,” he said. “Even though I was on the other side of things last year, I tried to learn as much as I could from him and take advantage of the opportunity.” San Antonio Express-News

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In an effort to curb pregame routines it believes are slowing down the game, the NBA this season is emphasizing a rule that allows referees to assess a delay-of-game warning to teams whose dancing and handshaking choreography gets out of hand. From the time the house lights go up after pregame introductions, teams are allowed 90 seconds to get jiggy. If all five players are not ready to tip off after those 90 seconds, officials can issue a warning. Long regarded one of the NBA’s most low-key teams, the Spurs don’t expect to be affected by the rule enforcement. “I had some 89-second handshakes worked out with my teammates,” forward Matt Bonner said. “I had to cut those out.” San Antonio Express-News

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Ever the political animal, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich gave his team a unique bit of homework Thursday. Before practice, he handed each player a DVD of Wednesday night’s presidential debate to take home and watch. “Of course, we have so many foreign guys on our team, they were quick to point out they can’t vote, so they shouldn’t be obligated to watch the debate,” forward Matt Bonner said. “Regardless, they live here, so it’s good for them to be aware.” San Antonio Express-News

Bonner, who plans to vote for incumbent Barack Obama over challenger Mitt Romney in November, said Popovich’s message was well received. “Basketball isn’t everything,” Bonner said. “There are bigger things going on in the country we live in.” San Antonio Express-News

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Though many players across the league were outspoken Wednesday in their support of the NBA’s anti-flopping attempts, the National Basketball Players Association announced its intention to file a grievance arguing any new economic forms of discipline must be collectively bargained. “Obviously, flopping isn’t a good thing for the game,” Bonner said. “The question is, how do you police it? Fining seems a bit extreme, to say the least.” Bonner is a proponent of the system employed by FIBA, international basketball’s ruling body, which allows game officials to assess a technical foul to a player suspected of flopping. “”You look at what they do in Europe, with the technical, that seems more in line,” Bonner said. “It’s enough of a deterrent to keep guys from flopping. Fining guys, I don’t think is necessary.” San Antonio Express-News

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Matt Bonner joined Sid Seixeiro on The Fan 590 in Toronto to discuss the Spurs’ superb, abbreviated regular season, while looking ahead to the playoffs. He also weighed in on Metta World Peace’s controversial elbow from the weekend and submitted his pick for the favorite out of the Eastern Conference. On his expectations going into the shortened season: “You know what? It was a lot of uncertainty. I wasn’t really sure how we would fare if it was one week of training camp, one or two preseason games and then right into the season. We got off to a little bit of a slow start — we were 12-9 at one point — but since then we left for our rodeo month-long road trip and we’ve been rolling ever since. And a big part of that is obviously the young guys that have stepped in — guys like Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, and Tiago Splitter, in his second year, has really come into his own. And we made some good pickups with Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills, which has given us a lot of depth with this condensed schedule, let us manage minutes, and everybody’s contributing.” Sports Radio Interviews

On the Spurs exceeding expectations: “I think we’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not that we don’t expect to go out and win every game, but it has been a great regular season. Luckily, we know all too well from last year that doesn’t translate into automatically advancing in the playoffs, so we understand that and if anything, going out in the first round last year is motivating us to be extra focused coming into this year. And we’re ready to go — we’re in rhythm, we’re healthy, we’re deep and we just wanna keep that going these last two games going into the first round.” Sports Radio Interviews

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