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March 24, 2015 Updates

It seems like you guys have also developed a strong bond in the six plus months that you have been there. You guys are always posting up those Instagram photos after games. How is the camaraderie there? How is everything going for you? Kevin Love: The camaraderie has been great. This team is very close. We have a mix of guys, you know? Guys like who are in their second year like Delly (Matthew Dellavedova). Joe Harris is in his first year, he's our rook which always makes it fun to have him do the different duties. Then we have guys like Brendan Haywood, James Jones, Mike Miller and Shawn Marion, that are all the way up into their fifteenth or sixteenth season. CBSSports.com

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February 12, 2015 Updates

Matthew Dellavedova’s vacation plans will have to wait. The undrafted second-year point guard was a surprise addition to the Rising Stars game Friday during All-Star weekend. Dellavedova replaces injured Boston Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk, who will miss the game with an ankle injury. Akron Beacon Journal

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February 3, 2015 Updates

Love didn't totally agree with James' assessment. "Maybe one look, but it was more so on a swing-swing to [Matthew Dellavedova]," Love said. "I think a guy was closing out on me and I hit Delly and Delly didn't end up shooting it. But, no, I think I had some good looks in the first quarter -- a couple tip-ins that I missed; [Timofey Mozgov] and I both went for the lob, I thought I had my hand on it, and missed that one. But, you know, getting good looks there. Not for lack of confidence, no." ESPN.com

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December 13, 2014 Updates

Matthew Dellavedova apparently didn't have a good time in New Orleans. On top of getting sick with some form of stomach virus, on Saturday The Cavaliers' backup point guard received a warning for violating the NBA's anti-flopping policy during the loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday. A video of when this occurred has not been released or discovered. The next time Dellavedova is called for a flop, he will be fined $5,000. Cleveland Plain Dealer

December 11, 2014 Updates

He grabbed one big offensive rebound in the fourth quarter and batted another to teammate Kevin Love. He drew a charge early in the fourth quarter when the Cavs were mounting their surge. “Delly is a guy that’s always been counted out,” LeBron James said. “He can’t make it, can’t do this, can’t shoot enough, not fast enough, not tall enough. One thing about it, heart and effort will take away a lot of the things that you cannot do. I’ll take a guy like that on my team any day.” Akron Beacon Journal

December 10, 2014 Updates

James believes Dellavedova reminds him of a former teammate that helped the Heat win two titles. "I had Norris Cole on my team in Miami," James said. "He was the same type of guy. We called him the pit bull. You just put him out there on anybody and he's always going to be successful and know you can never discredit how he goes about the game and how hard he plays. You put him out there for 20 seconds and it will be the hardest 20 seconds he ever played, like he'll never play again... Everything they do won't show up in the box score but teammates and people that know the game know he made an impact." Cleveland Plain Dealer

Guys across the locker room were lavishing praise on Matthew Dellavedova, who had six points and five assists but contributed so much more than that. He kept alive offensive rebounds for which he didn’t get credit. He picked up Amir Johnson on switches out of the pick-and-roll, then boxed Johnson out long enough for the Cavs to gain possession on rebounds. He also drew an offensive foul at the start of the big fourth-quarter run. Akron Beacon Journal

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November 6, 2014 Updates

Doctors in Salt Lake City have diagnosed Cavaliers backup point guard Matthew Dellavedova with a Grade II MCL sprain in his left knee, league sources told Northeast Ohio Media Group. We have been informed that he could miss up to six weeks. The Cavaliers will get Dellavedova checked out in Cleveland before they release any information. Cleveland Plain Dealer

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