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February 3, 2015 Updates

James is perhaps Manziel's most powerful ally. Manziel is represented by LRMR, the marketing firm owned by James and run by longtime friend and fellow Akron native Maverick Carter. "I haven’t talked to him," James said of Manziel following the Cavs' 97-84 win over the Philadelphia 76ers Monday night. "I found out about the information when you guys found out about it. If a guy is seeking help, as a friend, I support him and want him to get better. As his friends and family, we all believe in him and think this is a good step if that’s the route he wants to take." Akron Beacon Journal

August 24, 2014 Updates
July 23, 2014 Updates

LeBron adviser Maverick Carter, via Real Talk with Jason Whitlock: LeBron and D-Wade are totally fine, speak almost daily or every other day. They’re totally fine. They’ll be friends for life. Their friendship goes beyond basketball and is bigger than basketball, so they’ll be friends for life. NBCSports.com

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May 5, 2014 Updates

Sources say Universal Pictures is nearing a deal to acquiring the rights to an untitled feature project revolving around NBA superstar LeBron James’ high school career. An aggressive bidding war has seen several studios vying for the film. “Dallas Buyers Club” producer Rachel Winter and husband Terence will produce along with James and his manager Maverick Carter. The project is based on a pitch by Frank E. Flowers. Variety.com

March 9, 2014 Updates
January 9, 2014 Updates
January 7, 2014 Updates

Maverick Carter won't just be working with LeBron James anymore. According to ESPN.com's Darren Rovell, Carter has been selected to be Johnny Manziel's new marketing agent. "Sources tell ESPN.com that Manziel has chosen Select Sports Group out of Houston to be his contract agency and LRMR, the firm run by LeBron James' business partner Maverick Carter to do his marketing," writes Rovell. Manziel has talked about his relationship with James before, saying on The Dan Patrick Show that he exchanged text messages with James frequently. Now, by selecting LRMR as his marketing firm, he'll likely be even closer to James. Sulia

September 10, 2013 Updates
September 3, 2013 Updates

James is developing the show with his longtime friend and business partner, Maverick Carter; Tom Werner, the producer behind classic shows like "Roseanne" and "The Cosby Show"; and actor Mike O'Malley, who will be an executive producer and is the show's writer. Paul Wachter will also be an executive producer. "It's definitely not an autobiographical series about my life or LeBron's life; it's fictional characters living in a fictional world," said Carter, before adding with a laugh: "LeBron is actually too famous, he would screw the show up if I tried to make a show about him." NBA.com

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October 16, 2011 Updates

LeBron James took over The Darby the other night to toast his business manager and childhood friend, Maverick Carter. The Miami Heat star brought in a marching-style band and hamburgers from their hometown of Akron, Ohio, for the 50-person-seated birthday dinner at the supper club attended by Warner Music CEO Lyor Cohen, Jay-Z and Gayle King. “LeBron was very particular about the details,” a source said. “He sees Maverick as a brother.” New York Post

May 20, 2011 Updates

Everyone involved was using everyone else for their own ends to produce what amounted to a massive orgy that they all came to regret the next day. And LeBron was just the inflatable fuck toy in the middle of it all. So to speak. Gray explains in the book that the idea was born at Game 2 of the L.A.-Boston finals, when he spoke to Maverick Carter, CEO of James's marketing company, and talent agent Ari Emanuel. Gray asked Carter if he could have the first interview with James after he had made The Decision, which at that point was still just a decision. Deadspin.com

JIM GRAY: ...by the end of the conversation, I said, 'Better yet, Maverick, why don't we do this: Why don't we go buy an hour of network time, you produce the show, you own the show, I get to do the interview, and you have LeBron make the announcement of where he's going to go.' Before I got the last three words out of my mouth, Ari said, 'That's a brilliant idea. That's unbelievable. Maverick, you ought to do that!' Then Maverick looked at Ari and said, ‘Okay. You want to handle it?' Ari said, ‘Yeah, that's great, let's do this.' Maverick then said, 'You know what, we can raise a bunch of money for charity, so that no one will think LeBron is going to profit from this.' Then Maverick told me to stay in touch with him, And Ari, and that was that. Deadspin.com

After ESPN donated an hour to the "cause," Gray felt more and more distanced from the planning. He says he informed ESPN producer Bob Rauscher that he would ask "ten or twelve questions before we get to the big one" and that he "gave him an idea of almost all the questions." According to Gray, Rauscher gave him the green light, and Gray insists all the questions were "very legitimate." (He regrets the "throwaway line" about nail biting.) Deadspin.com

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