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October 19, 2010 Updates

LeBron James' manager is accused of physically and psychologically damaging a 19-year-old woman ... after she claims the guy held her against her will and stole a very expensive piece of LeBron-inspired jewelry. TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by VaNeisha Robinson -- in which she claims Maverick Carter and his mom staged a 9-man ambush to jack a $10,000 pendant she claims she bought at a garage sale for $5 back in 2005 thinking it was costume jewelry. Turns out, it was real. TMZ.com

October 1, 2010 Updates
August 7, 2010 Updates

According to the foundation's federal tax reports, other local organizations that have benefited from James' philanthropic efforts include Summa Health System, the Akron Community Foundation, the Akron Pee-Wee Football Association and the Northeast Ohio Basketball Association, based in Fairlawn. More than $50,000 has been reported to provide Thanksgiving turkeys to needy families. Nearly $200,000 has been donated to the Akron Area YMCA and more than $130,000 to the Akron Urban League. James also gave the Kia crossover SUVs he received when honored with the NBA's 2009 and 2010 MVP awards to the Urban League and Summa Foundation. Akron Beacon Journal

August 4, 2010 Updates

Maverick Carter, CEO of James' marketing company, said the ad was meant to thank the city and the people for their support in advance of James' annual bike-athon on Saturday. ''This is where he lives and where he will always live,'' Carter said. ''This had nothing to do with Cleveland, nothing to do with the Cavaliers.'' Akron Beacon Journal

August 1, 2010 Updates

Carter, 28, is James’ closest adviser and a former high school teammate. After James fired his agent, Aaron Goodwin, in 2005, Carter helped James launch LRMR, which is named after James and his high school buddies — Richard Paul (no relation to Chris), Randy Mims and Carter, all co-owners of the agency. Carter, who attended Western Michigan and the University of Akron but did not graduate, runs the day-to-day business operations. Carter negotiated James’ contract extension with Nike that was reported to be worth upward of $100 million and finalized lucrative sponsorship deals with State Farm Insurance and McDonald’s. According to sources, Carter worked two years before getting Paul to come on board. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Paul’s brother, C.J. Paul, said they have nothing but respect for Williams and Carter. “They are great people, but people that don’t know them always tend to give them a bad name,” C.J. Paul said. “Wes is a great guy, and I would never say nothing bad about Wes. I talk to Wes and Maverick every day. We have known them since Chris was in college (at Wake Forest). We have nothing against them at all. They were there when nobody else was.” New Orleans Times-Picayune

But if you're looking for something that doesn't make sense, it is the extreme double standard LRMR and James enjoy with the college and high school ranks. James is permitted to hold camps with high school and college players who will be pros in less than a year while at the same time he's basically recruiting them to sign with his agency. At the July Nike camp in Akron that has all the top high school players and college stars acting as "counselors," there are signs everywhere that agents aren't allowed in the building. Even college coaches aren't allowed there. But Maverick Carter, the head and chief recruiter for LRMR, is allowed to be there and have unchecked access to these players while James gives them free shoes and gets to know them and their families. Cleveland Plain Dealer

LRMR has not been taking advantage of this edge and has not been able to land many of its top targets over the last three years. This year it missed on John Wall after a very hard recruitment led -- it would seem illegally by NCAA standards -- by James. He got to know Wall's family well and contacted him regularly during the season. Which we know because James openly talked about it. Cleveland Plain Dealer

July 24, 2010 Updates

However, Paul has not hired James’s marketing firm — at least, not yet. Multiple news outlets, including The New York Times, have reported that Paul is working with LRMR, the company founded by James and his friend Maverick Carter. Paul was taken aback by the reports, according to a league official who spoke with him on Friday. Although he is considering LRMR, Paul said he had not yet made a decision, according to the official, who asked to remain anonymous to protect their relationship. Paul cut ties with his longtime agency, Octagon, earlier this month. He has hired one significant member of James’s circle: Leon Rose, an agent with C.A.A. Rose is close to William Wesley, a confidant to several N.B.A. players, including James. That Paul would be sensitive to comparisons is understandable. James has been universally criticized for the way he handled his free agency and for choosing to announce his decision on a one-hour television special called “The Decision.” New York Times

July 16, 2010 Updates

An Ohio woman who said she paid $5 at a yard sale for a LeBron James pendant worth nearly $10,000 says it's been taken from her. Vaneisha Robinson had the basketball jersey-shaped white gold pendant appraised and put it for sale on eBay. She says she got a phone call Wednesday from the mother of Maverick O. Carter, the CEO for James' marketing company. She says the woman told her James wanted to buy the pendant but when she went to the woman's house James wasn't there and other people threatened her and took it. ESPN.com

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