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March 2, 2015 Updates

But in classic Bulls fashion, an injury, this time Jimmy Butler's hyperextending his left elbow while on defense on a DeAndre Jordan screen, delayed things for a few minutes. After a commercial break, Breen asked Van Gundy if he could discuss his previous comments, which occurred on-air in a January game between the Bulls and Dallas Mavericks and then this past week, to a Chicago media writer. Van Gundy told Ed Sherman, writing for the Chicago Tribune, that he was asked by Thibodeau's agent to "tone it down" after the Mavericks game, while noting Forman yelled at him at the Dallas game. “Can you speak about it without sleeping with the fishes?” Breen said. ESPN.com

Van Gundy was happy to, and during his conversation with Breen, the ESPN cameras cut to Forman and Paxson, with the latter staring intently at his phone. “What I said previously, I stand by,” Van Gundy said. “I think, over the course of time, they’ve been unfriendly and they haven’t been pro-coach. “I think you go all the way back to Doug Collins’ time here, then Phil Jackson, and go on and on and on. So I don’t really feel the need to reiterate too much. That’s what I said. That’s what I believe.” ESPN.com

March 1, 2015 Updates
February 27, 2015 Updates

There was a time not so far removed from my experience covering the NBA when the league literally had to beg reporters to cover All-Star weekend. Two weeks ago in New York, 1,800 media were credentialed for the event -- to the point where getting more than a five-second sound byte from a player was next to impossible. CBSSports.com

Are too many reporters credentialed for NBA games, resulting in crowded, untenable working conditions for both the reporters and the players? Perhaps. But issuing media credentials is the job of the teams, not the NBPA. Does pre- and postgame media access time often become, as Roberts stated, "eight or nine reporters just standing there, just staring at [the players]?" Sometimes. Often, the reporters are just staring at each other because the players don't venture into the locker room during that time -- despite the league deciding before last season to reduce pre-game media availability from 45 minutes to 30 minutes, in an effort to make it more efficient and accommodating for all involved. CBSSports.com

Like owners and salary caps, sports journalists are easy targets. There's a perception among prominent players -- like, for instance, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook -- that we serve no purpose other than to get in their way. Such a lack of understanding about the role of sports media is nothing new. In my days as an NFL writer, I approached Laveranues Coles of the Jets one day after practice, upon which he instructed me to "go get a job." "This is my job," I said. "That ain't no job, writin' paragraphs," he replied. CBSSports.com

A spokesman for Michele Roberts says the executive director of the NBA Players Association looks forward to further discussing her comments about reporters in the locker room with members of the Professional Basketball Writers Association. The writers' union released a statement Thursday saying it welcomed the opportunity to meet with Roberts to talk about the issues she raised in an espnW.com column, when she said she often sees reporters just standing around or trying to listen in on her conversations with players, calling it an "incredible invasion of privacy." USA Today Sports

February 26, 2015 Updates

Hawks ratings on SportSouth have increased 100 percent year-to-date in Atlanta through 53 games, the network announced Thursday. The network has reported several record viewership games this season, including an all-time high, regular season or playoffs, for the game against the Warriors earlier this month. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

February 25, 2015 Updates
February 24, 2015 Updates
February 23, 2015 Updates
February 21, 2015 Updates

Discreetly, the Knicks-Cavaliers Sunday matinee was pulled off ABC recently in an unprecedented move. It was the first time in the network’s 13 years of telecasting Sunday games it has obliterated a basketball window without replacing it with another game, according to industry sources. In place of the 1 p.m. contest will be Oscar programming, according to a source. New York Post

February 19, 2015 Updates

Charles Barkley did two segments on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. When he was asked about Kevin Durant’s new beef with the media, Barkley started talking about the “clowns on the internet.” Then he went on a tangent about how most guys in the media are good guys at heart, but said that there are some “scumbags” like Peter Vecsey, Skip Bayless, and Phil Mushnick. Vecsey’s feud with Barkley dates way back, and Phil Mushnick was bashing Barkley’s ‘role model’ ad in the early 90’s. As for Bayless, Barkley has previously called him a “punk-ass” hater, and opined that the First Taker has “surpassed Vecsey as the biggest jackass in the history of journalism.” The Big Lead

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