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May 27, 2015 Updates

The NBA announced last week there were too many logistical challenges to moving up the NBA Finals if both conference finals ended earlier than normal. The first reason is that venues have been booked far in advance. Theoretically, if the Finals were moved up, they would end earlier, which means trying to fill those back-end dates. As of now the venues have a rough schedule that will generate the necessary amount of revenue to run the arena. Taking a week off and shutting down an entire venue isn’t very business savvy. This doesn’t even take into account city planning, activations on-site or setting up NBA-centric activities in the NBA Finals cities. The break gives everyone extra time to plan. The Fields of Green

Finally, the advertisers bought time based on when they thought the NBA finals would be played (June 4 – June 19 if they go seven games). Moving that schedule up changes things. Demographic studies and a lot of time has been spent on how much advertisers should pay for certain time periods. The advertisers want what they paid for and they specifically paid for time during those two weeks for a reason. The Fields of Green

May 24, 2015 Updates

Were both series to go seven games, the West would've concluded May 31 and the East on June 1, resulting in a two-day turnaround into the Finals. But with the Warriors and Cavs surprisingly dominating their respective series -- the Warriors can close out the Rockets Monday night, while the Cavs won the first two games of their series in Atlanta -- the league is exploring a contingency plan. It's complicated and unlikely, sources say, based on television commitments, hotel capacities, international media travel and other considerations. One person familiar with the discussions described them as being in the "very early exploration" stage. CBSSports.com

May 21, 2015 Updates

The folks of NBA on TNT looked especially jaunty for Wednesday’s Game 1 between the Hawks and the Cavaliers. Why? The crew was paying homage to beloved broadcaster Craig Sager, who has been battling leukemia. (However, the 63-year-old recently took a break from chemotherapy to attend the Rockets-Clippers Game 7.) For The Win

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