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Jeff McDonald: Since several have asked: As a general media policy, Spurs tend to treat their players as grown ups who can decide who to talk to and when. That's not to say there aren't occasional frustrations with access, but generally we're allowed to cultivate relationships with these guys. And I think that's good for both parties. You tend to get better info from people who you sort of know, rather than a stranger and on the flip side, it's harder to completely rip an athlete who knows who you are and will see you the next day in the locker room. Twitter @JMcDonald_SAEN

March 18, 2015 Updates

Turner Sports announced the sideline reporter Craig Sager, who has been recovering from leukemia diagnosed 11 months ago, will not work NCAA Basketball Tournament games as schedule. In a statement, Sager said, “I’ve been waiting a long time to return in a full-time basis, but my doctors suggested additional testing and I will not be able to travel to Omaha this week. Physically, I feel great. I’d like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support throughout this journey and look forward to being back very soon.” San Antonio Express-News

Even though his head was lowered, using his peripheral vision, he some somehow managed to catch one of the media delegates taking a picture of him while he was semi-bare." James' response: "That's not cool, man. I don't miss anything." The offender, meanwhile, "was able to manipulate his phone gallery in such a way that buried the most recent pictures taken." But the story doesn't end there, weirdly enough. After the Cavaliers lost to the Miami Heat on Monday, James had a towel on but was speaking to the reporters. Two unnamed members of the media used their phones to snap photos and were caught and removed by a member of the Cavaliers' staff. James was told about the aforementioned removal and had one response: A shake of his head. He joined countless others with the same reaction. Newark Star-Ledger

March 17, 2015 Updates

It turned out that James did the equivalent of a no-look pass. Even though his head was lowered, using his peripheral vision, he some somehow managed to catch one of the media delegates taking a picture of him while he was semi-bare. "That's not cool, man," James said. "I don't miss anything." This person denied taking the photo and was able to manipulate his phone gallery in such a way that buried the most recent pictures taken. He got away, but others were not so successful the very next night in Miami. Cleveland Plain Dealer

In the back of the scrum surrounding him, two media members in plain view were rapidly snapping photos of James with their phones while he was answering questions. This time team personnel caught the suspects in the act and removed them from the locker room. You may be thinking, "Well, what's the problem?" The problem is that you're prohibited from taking still photography in the locker room area. Aside from it being totally unprofessional, it's not a good look for reporters. In addition, it's one of the things that infuriate James and other players the most. Cleveland Plain Dealer

This has been an ongoing issue all year long and it has annoyed him tremendously. The last few weeks the public relations staff has been forced to announce that there is no still photography permitted upon entering the locker room. Yet, some continue to snap away at who knows what. When informed about the removal of two members of the press, all James could do was shake his head in disbelief. It has really reached the point of absurdity. Cleveland Plain Dealer

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March 14, 2015 Updates

As news of McDonnell’s passing began to circulate on Friday, the Lakers issued a statement, with key members of the organization expressing the reasons he will be missed. Jeanie Buss: “For more than 35 years, Joe has been a regular at Lakers games and press events. Known for his quick wit and strong opinions, Joe’s love of and support of the Lakers has always been appreciated. Over all these years, our players, coaches, and staff have enjoyed working with and knowing Joe. He will be sorely missed.” Mitch Kupchak: “Although Joe was opinionated and brutally honest in his coverage, I always felt he was knowledgeable and fair. He loved covering sports in our beloved city, and had a presence at every major sporting event. As both a player and executive, I enjoyed working with Joe since I arrived in town in 1981. I will miss seeing him at our games, practices, and press conferences. NBCSports.com

March 13, 2015 Updates

David Locke: RIP LA sports radio legend Joe McDonnell. I interned for Joe at KMPC in 1992 at the origins of sports talk. He got it. Boy did he get it Twitter @Lockedonsports

Howard Beck on leaving the New York Times for Bleacher Report: It was a tough move because I was not looking to leave. I had never sent out a résumé in nine years at the Times. But it also hit me that at the stage of the career I’m in — 20-something years in and in my mid-40s — there may not be many more opportunities where someone is going to come along and present an opportunity like this, where I can make that leap and do it confidently. I thought if I didn’t take that risk I would regret it later and that the safe and easy thing would be to stay at the Times. In general, I usually take the safer route. So, making this kind of leap was very tough and there are a few friends in the business who will read this and laugh because I was wearing them out for about three or four weeks looking for advice. Pro Basketball Writers

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