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February 13, 2015 Updates

"We really know these guys inside and out," Durant said of why players should vote for the awards. "There are a lot of guys that deserve Defensive Player of the Year or Sixth Man of the Year but you guys (decide sometimes because) they are not the sexier names. A lot of people will see the names of these players and don't look at the other guys that contribute to our game as well. You guys aren't in the scouting reports, you're not in the team meetings and the film sessions to really break down each player's games. I don't see why you have more power in voting than we do. We are out there on the court playing with them. We appreciate how you guys blow the game up and bring attention to the game but at the same time, to keep it pure, the players should have more say in that stuff." ESPN.com

"You guys vote on the MVP and I think MVP is a lot about narratives and what may happen during that time," Durant said when asked about the difference between a great season and a player having an MVP-type season. "There's a lot of guys that play extremely well for years and years and just starting to get MVP consideration. But I think that consistent play sometimes gets a little boring to people but if you look at a guy like James Harden, he's been doing it for three years, same things and people start to act like it's new. Steph Curry has been doing the same thing for three years and I guess the narrative (is) around their team but what he's been doing is new to everybody," Durant continued. "Once you guys really watch games and realize what these guys have been doing consistently for years, it's nothing new. It's all the same. I guess the hype around it is a little different so... of course everybody gets better but if you stay consistent in what you do it's not like they came out of nowhere." ESPN.com

Ken Berger: Roberts says the board of player reps voted unanimously to reject the NBA's "smoothing" proposal for increase in TV revenues. The NBA had proposed that the dramatic increase in TV revenues coming in 2016 be gradually incorporated into the salary cap. Twitter @KBergCBS

Tim Bontemps: Roberts says there could be a counter proposal, but the union hasn't had a chance to decide whether it will produce one. Roberts says that advancing the new TV money in ahead of time is not something that has been proposed by the league at this time. Twitter @TimBontemps

February 12, 2015 Updates

“Michael … the guy was basically average. In terms of size, strength, speed, jumping ability,” Walton said. He apparently also excluded MJ from his top-three players ever, lobbying instead for fellow UCLA alum Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Lost Lettermen

Many have decried the former players' stance, including Barkley's "Inside The NBA" co-host Kenny Smith. The two even had a frank on-air discussion about it. Despite the backlash, Barkley has not backed down from his position, and neither did Malone on Wednesday. "Stop using the excuse about race," Malone said. "I am sick and tired that every time you turn around, that's what we dangle ... Our problem now is we do so much talking and beating things to death. Let's take ownership in ourselves ... stop waiting for someone to come in and march for us." Huffington Post

February 11, 2015 Updates

Doug Smith: This is going to be the last transmission from this little corner of the interweb for a little while. Seems the ticker is in need of some work and I’ll be getting a little valve tuneup or replacement done and a couple of tiny bypasses taken care of Thursday out here in Hazelville. (Yeah, a guy will go to great lengths to avoid the all-star weekend and the rumour-filled runup to the trade deadline) It’s not exactly appendix removal but I’m told it’s quite on the routine side of heart processes and things will be right as rain soon, whatever that means. Toronto Star

February 10, 2015 Updates

The Atlanta Hawks, not far removed from its record 19-game winning streak, is drawing more and more attention. Fox SportsSouth on Friday drew by far its best ratings ever: a 6.8 household rating when the Hawks beat the Golden State Warriors. That equals about 276,000 viewers. That is a whopping 42% higher than the previous record of 4.8, from the first playoff game last year against the Pacer. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

February 9, 2015 Updates

But this year, the hosts of “The Jones” will be broadcasting for the league itself. A little more than a year ago, “The Jones” podcast was rebranded as “The Starters,” a television program shown weeknights on NBATV. It is available to stream live and download as a podcast but it exists primarily as a television broadcast. In its second season, “The Starters” is growing quickly in popularity. According to the network, viewership has increased by 24 percent this season, with podcast downloads up 22 percent. NBATV says it will continue to raise the show’s profile. Plans for this weekend include an hourlong live show at 6 p.m. Friday, with player interviews and an appearance by the basketball great George Gervin. New York Times

“The Starters” hosts are part of a wave of podcasting personalities jumping to television, including the soccer commentators “Men in Blazers,” the comedian Marc Maron and the hosts of “Comedy Bang Bang.” But the basketball enthusiasts acknowledge that the shift can be challenging. “The Starters” television show occasionally feels less rich to longtime fans of the podcasts. “What you’re hearing on the podcast is years of repetition and experience, so it’s kind of ingrained in us, and it’s pretty easy,” said one of the hosts, Tassos Melas, who goes by Tas. “While on the TV side, not that we’re not good at it, but it’s different every year. It’s just not shooting the breeze as easily,” he said. New York Times

February 7, 2015 Updates
February 3, 2015 Updates

Chris Palmer: Dude who averages 3 pts & 3 rebs gets 2-year/$8M extension. No wonder they won't make the playoffs. Kevin Durant: @Chris Palmer means a lot coming from a dude who got fired for being a dumbass. Chris Palmer: @Kevin Durant Love that you got your teammates back. But you should get your facts straight. Twitter @ChrisPalmerNBA

February 2, 2015 Updates

Jared Zwerling: Chatted w/ Craig Sager. Won't be at All-Star; still recovering. Hopes March return. Has been nominated for Hall of Fame's Curt Gowdy award. Twitter @JaredZwerling

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