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June 2, 2014 Updates
May 30, 2014 Updates

We are extremely pleased to announce that Michael Lee is moving from the Wizards beat to become our national NBA writer. Michael is one of the most experienced NBA journalists in the country, having covered teams and the league for more than 14 years here and at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He is a lively writer whose stories have nuance and sophistication (and often a wry sense of humor) that reflect his deep understanding of and love for the game. Michael’s made regular appearances on ESPN, NBATV, Comcast, Fox Sports and CBS Radio. He was part of our team of reporters at the Beijing Olympics and has also covered the baseball playoffs, World Series and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. For NBA fans, he is a must-follow on Twitter. Washington Post

Burke talked at length about her relationship with Popovich in the latest Grantland podcast from Zach Lowe, "The Lowe Post," and specifically about that exchange. "Two words. I was devastated. It was brutal. It was absolutely brutal. I was almost in tears. I go back to where I sit, and I'm trying to compose myself, because I thought I asked two pretty good questions and those were the responses I got. Literally, blinking back tears," Burke said. So from that statement, it would be easy to think Burke isn't the biggest Pop fan, but that's far from the case. "As Lisa Salters calls it, we've all been 'Pop'd.' It's never really pleasant, but we all adore him," Burke said. Sporting News

"After the NBA Finals last year, he goes out of his way — he's walking out of American Airlines Arena. He's just lost Game 7 after the torturous way he loses Game 6. We've had all those sideline interviews and I step back to let him go. I step back because I'm trying to be respectful of a man whose just lost what you pour your heart and soul into for eight or nine months of the year. And he drops his bags en route to the bus to take them home to San Antonio and proceeds to grab me by the shoulders and asks me what I'm going to do for the summer. You know he's a huge wine aficionado ... He stopped me and I told him I happened to be going near wine country and was going to spend a few days. He wouldn't let me leave until I promised that I would contact him and he would suggest and help me to get into all these wineries. This is the kind of man he is. My kids get upset with the interviews, and I say please don't judge Pop on those. That's not reflect of who the man is." Sporting News

May 29, 2014 Updates

SI.com: What player do you really enjoy spending time with and why? Beck: Kobe, by far. Some of it is familiarity. I started covering the Lakers in 1997, his second season, and was there to see his highest highs and his lowest lows for the next seven years. He could be temperamental ? he cussed me out more than once ? but I appreciated his passion and his honesty, and he had many more good days than bad when it came to the media. He rarely ducked the beat writers or ducked a tough question. SI.com

Lee: From the first time I got to do a one-on-one interview with him in my first full year covering the NBA, I've always enjoyed sitting down with Kobe Bryant. He never served me up with canned answers and always came across as thoughtful. As he's gotten older, Bryant has become like an old grandfather who's got nothing to lose and doesn't care what anybody thinks anymore. I also like talking to Kevin Durant because he might be the least pretentious and accessible superstar. You talk to him sometimes and you don't feel like you're talking to a potential Hall of Famer; he still carries himself like the humble kid from your neighborhood who made it big but didn't forget where he came from. SI.com

Michael Lee: I've found international players ? like Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol or Marcin Gortat ? to be the most honest and direct. It might be because English isn't their first language and it's probably tougher to filter what they're going to say. NBA players treat a good question like an alley-oop lob. You serve it up nicely and wait for the jam. SI.com

SI.com: What is the best NBA team to deal with and why? Howard Beck: The Indiana Pacers are always available, friendly, and refreshingly candid, and (not coincidentally) they have one of the best PR teams in the league. And they haven't changed much, despite all of the added attention and pressure that comes with two straight trips to the conference finals. The Mavericks, Warriors, Wizards Suns, Bucks, Lakers, Spurs and Raptors are also great to work with. SI.com

SI.com: Other than your own paper/website/broadcast outlet, what is the first NBA content you look at each day? Marc Stein: I will be stunned if the answer isn't unanimously HoopsHype. I would submit that the overwhelming majority of NBA execs, coaches, team officials and journalists, as well as many, many players, start there every morning because 'HH' aggregates all the news in such a handy format. Twitter is another obvious candidate, but 'HH' when you wake up will catch you up fastest. SI.com

May 28, 2014 Updates

Minnesota Timberwolves owner and printing company billionaire Glen Taylor has signed a purchase agreement to buy the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Star Tribune reports publisher Mike Klingensmith wrote in an internal company memo that Taylor and the newspaper's owners signed the agreement Wednesday. St. Cloud TIMES

Time Warner Cable and the Los Angeles Lakers have been jointly named in a lawsuit by a Spanish-language radio announcer claiming he has been racially discriminated against. Fernando Gonzalez is suing the team and the cable company for $1 million in the complaint that was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday. The Hollywood Reporter

Other discrimination claims include not being permitted to bring spouses into the "family room," not receiving season tickets or valet parking (until 2003), and not being invited to the NBA annual meetings in New York or New Jersey. Gonzalez claims that after 17 years of requests, he was still not permitted to cover "away" games or allowed to travel with the team, apart from "very rare circumstances." In addition, "for over 17 years, Plaintiff has never been allowed to cover a one-on-one interview with Kobe Bryant," according to the lawsuit. The Hollywood Reporter

May 27, 2014 Updates

The NBA and ESPN scored on both ends of the court in last week’s Twitter TV ratings from Nielsen, with the league’s show built around the draw for its annual draft lottery atop one Top 10 and a playoff showdown between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers leading the other. Nielsen launched the Twitter TV ratings this year to track the size of the audience on Twitter seeing posts about a given show during and for the three-hour period before and after its initial airing. Nielsen tracks the tweets about each show and counts how many unduplicated followers of all those accounts were reached by the posts. Deadline

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