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In an NBA locker room, jabs and insults are scattered around as if everyone's a shooting guard. No one — from equipment guys to transcendent stars — is immune. "Girls get together and say, 'Oh, your hair looks so good,' " said Nuggets assistant coach Melvin Hunt. "Guys, we say, 'You got any hats? You're not going out like that, are you?' ... With the league getting younger, a lot of times this is a college locker room. What did you do in college? You clowned each other. There's a value in it, there's a camaraderie. "The good locker rooms have a bunker mentality. You're a platoon and you're in a bunker, just you and the guys. 'I got your back, you got my back.' We may fight and cuss, but we are still one unit, going against that common enemy. But, they're not all like that." Denver Post

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Although names of up-and-coming assistants, like Miami’s David Fizdale and Denver's Melvin Hunt are continuously popping up as top targets, the casual demeanor with which the Sixers have approached the search leads me to believe that they may already have their man, and he may already be in the organization. Several of the organization's key players, including their lone all-star Jrue Holiday, have already voiced their support for current assistant coach Michael Curry. As qualified coaching candidates continue to be snatched up by other teams, it is becoming increasingly clear that Curry may be the man. Philadelphia Inquirer

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Karl often talks about his strong bench — in regards to his coaching staff. One of his young protégés is Melvin Hunt, who was a Brown assistant for five seasons in Cleveland. "He's intelligent, he's trustworthy, he works really hard and he has a presence as an assistant coach," Brown said. "I think when start combining those things, now you're talking head coach. It's just a matter of time, in my opinion, before he gets a shot." Denver Post

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Denver Nuggets assistant Melvin Hunt and Memphis Grizzlies assistant David Joerger arrived in Houston Friday morning for interviews with Rockets officials. The team is in the process of building a staff for new head coach Kevin McHale, who was introduced Friday during a news conference at Toyota Center. Hunt worked for the Rockets from 1999-2004 in several capacities, including two years as an assistant coach. After leaving Houston he spent one season as an assistant with the Los Angeles Lakers and five years with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hunt just completed his first season with the Nuggets. It's exciting," Hunt said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports after arriving at Bush Intercontinental Airport. "To get a chance to sit down with some folks I know and meet some folks and just kind of interview each other, go back and forth and talk a little bit. FOX 26 Sports

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NBA sources told FOX 26 Sports the Houston Rockets will meet this weekend with Denver Nuggets assistant Melvin Hunt. The Nuggets granted the Rockets permission to speak with Hunt, who will interview with Houston officials on Saturday as the team works to fill new head coach Kevin McHale's staff. FOX 26 Sports

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