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May 21, 2015 Updates

The Nuggets finished the season with Melvin Hunt as their interim head coach. He's in the mix for the job along with others such as Mike D'Antoni and Alvin Gentry. The Nuggets have talked to other candidates as well. "We have a list of traits that we have identified that are incredibly important to us going forward," Kroenke said. "And we've had several conversations with people already to kind of identify if those guys have the traits that we're looking for." Denver Post

May 20, 2015 Updates
May 12, 2015 Updates

Toronto general manager Masai Ujiri has recently said the Raptors organization is “going through the process” of evaluating the individuals in the program before making a decision on whether to retain head coach Dwane Casey another season. If Casey is let go, Nuggets interim coach Melvin Hunt could be among the names in contention there. Hunt and Ujiri worked together in Denver. Denver Post

May 5, 2015 Updates
April 28, 2015 Updates

While Monty Williams is under scrutiny in New Orleans, at least he has a contract for next season. His assistants, including the highly regarded Bryan Gates, do not. Assistant coaches are often forgotten when teams contemplate head coaching changes, and they're especially at risk when -- like Denver's Melvin Hunt -- they are elevated to interim head coach when an in-season change is made. Depending on what the Nuggets do with their coaching search, Hunt could wind up back with George Karl as an assistant in Sacramento, league sources said. CBSSports.com

April 17, 2015 Updates
April 16, 2015 Updates

Orlando Magic interim coach James Borrego and Denver Nuggets counterpart Melvin Hunt worked their final games in charge Wednesday night before their two teams formally launch coaching searches, according to league sources. Sources told ESPN.com this week that neither Orlando nor Denver, at this point, is expected to make their interim coach full-time, with both clubs interested in pursuing full-time successors to the ousted Jacque Vaughn and Brian Shaw from outside their respective organizations. ESPN.com

April 4, 2015 Updates

He credits the remaining staff, who have all taken on added responsibility, for keeping things together over the last month. “It’s a lot of stuff, but it’s manageable. I think when you put things in perspective, and you prioritize things and you have good people working with you — I’ve got Noel Gillespie who has a wealth of experience, I’ve got Patrick Mutombo, who is a quick study. “Our new video guy – Brian Boyle – has been great, figuring it out on the fly. John Beckett has been great. Al Harrington and Corsley Edwards, they’ve been my muscle. They bring a different edge. And then, the foreign guys, they lean on (Ognjen Stojakovic). So this really helps me as a coach. I don’t feel overwhelmed or that there’s so much coming at me at one time because my guys are catching a lot of that, and that helps.” Denver Post

March 31, 2015 Updates
March 29, 2015 Updates

Denver executives have been very happy with the job done by interim coach Melvin Hunt, per sources. And while the Nuggets will conduct a thorough search for a new coach after the season, Hunt’s performance since taking over for Brian Shaw earlier this month will earn him some consideration for the job. Sports Illustrated

March 23, 2015 Updates

Now, they have something else in common: They're both serving as interim coaches. Borrego was moved into his current role on Feb. 5, while Hunt was moved into his current role on March 3. "My kindred brother," Hunt said when asked about Borrego. "We may just break down and cry and just hug and [sing] kumbaya at halfcourt before the game," Hunt added. "It's a tough situation to be in, but we're both big boys, and we're both embracing it. He's done an incredible job." Orlando Sentinel

March 18, 2015 Updates

At New Orleans, the Nuggets rested Wilson Chandler, Randy Foye and Darrell Arthur, and won in double overtime. On Monday in Memphis, Hunt sat Ty Lawson, Danilo Gallinari and Kenneth Faried in a narrow loss to the Grizzlies. Players weren't happy. Hunt said the decision to sit players came from everyone from the front office to the coaching staff. "Our organization is making that decision," Hunt said. "We're all in concert. We're all in it, we're all consulted. We all talk. We, the Denver Nuggets are making the decision." Denver Post

Hunt said he understood fans might not like the strategy, as it would seem to indicate the Nuggets aren't doing everything they can to win. "It's tough on fans, it's tough on the casual fan," Hunt said. "But at the end of the day, we have to make decisions that are going to be best for our organization. We have to be mindful of injury history. We have to be mindful of all of those different things, while at the same time, trying to win. We're going to go out there and try to win with whoever is on the court, whoever is available." Denver Post

"As an organization, we have all been impressed with the job Melvin has done thus far," general manager Tim Connelly said by phone Monday. "When the season concludes, he will be one of the candidates as we begin an exhaustive search to find a head coach." Denver Post

March 17, 2015 Updates

But Melvin Hunt is in the way. He keeps the Nuggets playing hard and playing to win, and he's making the jobs of Denver executives harder — both in regard to getting a high draft pick and hiring a coach. They have to give him serious consideration, right? "As an organization, we have all been impressed with the job Melvin has done thus far," general manager Tim Connelly said by phone Monday. "When the season concludes, he will be one of the candidates as we begin an exhaustive search to find a head coach." Denver Post

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