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May 8, 2015 Updates

The league's collective bargaining agreement certainly helps the "home" team, as players can get five-year deals with 7.5% raises by re-signing but are limited to four-year deals with 4.5% raises with any other team. But there's no better way to up the odds of keeping your star then by winning it all, of course, but there is value in looking the part of title contender too. The championship vision, if only for a few fleeting moments, seems more real that way. The future, in turn, seems bright. To that end, the Gasol-Mike Conley-Zach Randolph core that has been together since 2009 looks as formidable as ever heading into Game 3 in Memphis on Saturday. Yet truth be told, the Grizzlies and the city of Memphis have never seemed overly worried that Gasol might skip town. USA Today Sports

May 6, 2015 Updates

But before he paired up with Allen in the backcourt to put newly-named MVP Stephen Curry and his Splash Brothers running mate, Klay Thompson, in a shooting strait jacket (13-for-34 from the field overall, 3-for-17 from three-point range), he had to get permission to play with this injury that was causing so much pain. And true to his quiet-but-fiery form, Conley pushed hard for the right to have this gutsy performance. "It was really tight," he told USA TODAY Sports about the timing of the medical clearance in relation to the game. "Really yesterday (the medical team) kind of said I had the green light to play, but they still were like iffy. But I kind of spoke ahead and took my turn (telling the media on Monday that he expected to play), but today was really the barometer. Waking up after having a hard practice, and knowing that, 'OK, my body feels good enough to go. I'll do what I can, and I may as well try it.'" USA Today Sports

"He has a big heart, man," he told USA TODAY Sports about Conley. "He's a competitor, no doubt. In my opinion, he is the most underrated guard in this whole league. We ask him to quarterback our ball club, we ask him to defend. He's unselfish. Man, I don't know what to say. He's just a big-time competitor. The guy, when he first came out of the surgery, it looked like he was done for the rest of the season." USA Today Sports

"What I had to endure the past week, I don't think people really understand what I was going through physically," Conley told Yahoo Sports after he scored 22 points in a 97-90 Game 2 victory that evened the second-round series. "And then mentally with the pressure of playing and knowing that the team needed me to just find a way. And that was the biggest … finding a way regardless to how I was feeling." Yahoo! Sports

Here's what we know: Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley, playing in his first game back after breaking bones in his face in the first round, drove to the basket in the second quarter Tuesday. He spun out of control and landed on the ground. Green reached down and ... ouch. The reviews were mixed, from people saying what appeared to be a wrist graze was clearly intentional to those who argued it as a basketball play. It's unusual to see a player reach in like that for a steal while another player is on the ground, but that's mostly because it's unusual for a player to land like Conley did without a whistle. But Conley clearly was calling a timeout. Sporting News

May 5, 2015 Updates


The Gasols go 1-2 in a list short on big names 18 years into franchise history.


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