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November 14, 2013 Updates

"A shirt with short sleeves can probably be worn a little bit more effectively than a shirt with no sleeves," says Sal LaRocca, executive vice president of global merchandising for the NBA. The sleeved Christmas Day jerseys are part of a broader, continued effort by the league to make the sport synonymous with the holiday, much the way NFL football is with Thanksgiving. Wall Street Journal

For the third consecutive season, the Clippers will have a BIG Christmas. In partnership with adidas, the official uniform provider of the NBA, the Clippers will wear blue short-sleeve jerseys as part of the league’s BIG Logo uniform collection. “I just love the logo,” Clippers longtime equipment manager Pete Serrano said. “The logo says so much about who we are. What better way than to have our logo out in front. I just love the colors.” NBA.com

October 24, 2013 Updates
October 23, 2013 Updates
September 30, 2013 Updates

The Los Angeles Clippers will wear a special uniform for home games on Sunday this season, and it’s got sleeves. The Clippers revealed their new “back in blue” unis during media day Monday, which features nautical flags on the shorts to represent the three letters L-A-C. For The Win

September 24, 2013 Updates

Longtime trainer Tim Grover says it was really more of a "Food Poisoning Game," but regardless of what spurred it, the outing we've come to know as "The Flu Game" — Michael Jordan fighting off a 103-degree fever on June 11, 1997, to pour in 38 points, grab seven rebounds, dish five assists and hit a game-sealing 3-pointer in his 44th minute of play to beat the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the NBA finals — still stands as one of the truly legendary and memorable performances in the career of the greatest basketball player of all-time. (The fifth-best, by our reckoning.) It's been studied, dissected, discussed and immortalized in video-game form — over the past 16 years, fans of the Chicago Bulls and the NBA have had a million different ways to relive M.J.'s iconic performance, which put the Bulls one win away from the fifth NBA title of his career. And soon, thanks to Westhampton, N.Y.-based auction house Grey Flannel Auctions, they'll have another — by buying the shoes he wore en route to those fever-fueled 38 points at auction. (We should've known that it had to be the shoes.) Yahoo! Sports

September 20, 2013 Updates
September 18, 2013 Updates

The Lakers will be wearing their black Hollywood Nights uniforms for select games this season. The new jerseys join the traditional purple and gold and the whites, which were introduced in 2002-03. The organization has consistently heard from fans that a black uniform was desired, and have been working to make that a reality for years. The Lakers have a long history and philosophy of listening to fans, and as a public trust are in the business of serving fan interest, from colors of uniforms up to the ultimate goal of winning championships. The purple and gold uniforms will forever be the staple for the Lakers, with the black ones adding what the Lakers hope to be a cool alternative. NBA.com

Two brothers from South Jersey allegedly purchased 16,700 counterfeit NBA and NFL jerseys and were using them as prizes on the Wildwood boardwalk. NBC40 spoke with other business owners on the boardwalk who say this kind of fraud gives the boardwalk a bad name. Sharlean Soto is a Wildwood tourist who says she wears NBA and NFL clothing to support her favorite teams, but if she happened to win one of the jerseys on the Wildwood boardwalk over the past few years, she may have won a fake. Soto said, "Like, I wouldn’t buy anything that’s not real. I like to support my team." Frank Stone, an employee at Mariner’s Arcade in Wildwood, said, "To have a knock-off jersey or a knock-off anything is unfortunate and it's bad for the reputation of the Wildwood boardwalk as a whole." NBC40.net

In August, the Los Angeles Lakers teased a set of new black alternate jerseys called “Hollywood Nights.” Now, the team has officially unveiled them. And they’re truly excellent. The jerseys will be worn in “select” games, according to the press release, which adds that they were named as an homage to the team’s many celebrity fans, most notably Jack Nicholson. For The Win

September 13, 2013 Updates

The Cavs have asked the league’s approval to place season-ticket holders’ names on the apron of the court, a league source confirmed, speaking on condition of anonymity because the idea has not yet been approved by the league. Sports Business Daily was the first to report the idea. The Milwaukee Bucks are also seeking approval to place names on the court, according to the report, but the Bucks’ idea is to put the names on the playing court. The Cavs’ names will be on the apron. Final details have not been determined, according to the report, including which ticket holders would be selected. Any changes to the court design must pass league approval. League executives are reviewing the proposal to ensure it won’t clutter the court or distort how the game is viewed on television, according to the report. Akron Beacon Journal

September 11, 2013 Updates

Adam Silver, the deputy commissioner and chief operating officer of the National Basketball Association, insists the NBA is "nowhere near the point where we’d eliminate team names" from jerseys in favor of branded uniforms, but that day could eventually come. Silver spoke yesterday to the Bloomberg Sports Business Summit at The Paley Center for Media in Manhattan. He conceded that he and current commissioner, David Stern, disagreed on whether or not to place ads on players' game uniforms. While Stern opposed the move, Silver thinks it could significantly boost the number and type of brands that would be interested in supporting the league. Business News

Though Silver is expected to eventually take Stern’s role in 2014, don’t expect him to implement drastic changes; he implied that a transition of that magnitude would be a gradual process. Silver suggested that we could soon see the compromise of advertisements being installed on the court just as the NCAA and NHL do. If brands do begin to appear on jerseys, they won’t be the focal point of the design. “It’s a balance,” Silver said. Business News

There was a little bit of a rumbling (read: a mini-freakout) from a section of hardcore NBA fans on Tuesday, when a mass email was sent out from the league in error that announced a skyrocketing of the price to purchase League Pass for next season. The service that allows access to watch most regular season games either over the internet or through your local cable provider is essential to NBA junkies, and after the small amount of hysteria that went down in response to the emailed announcement, the league confirmed its pricing for the service for the 2013-14 season. NBCSports.com

August 22, 2013 Updates

NBA owners have considered selling advertising on team jerseys, but, for now, no decisions have been made. As for practice jerseys, that is another matter, as the Charlotte Bobcats have made clear in a new partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. A multi-year extension of the health insurance company’s sponsorship of the NBA franchise includes rights to put the Blue Cross and Blue Shield logo on Bobcats practice jerseys during training camp and make the company the presenting sponsor of training camp. The deal covers the 2013 and 2014 seasons for training camp. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, but industry experts estimate the company’s investment to be in the range of $500,000 to $750,000 annually. Business News

August 20, 2013 Updates

Dave McMenamin: The Lakers will wear short-sleeve jerseys next season, according to a team source. LAL's will be white and they'll wear them "several" games Twitter @mcten

August 8, 2013 Updates

The Pistons announced that Power Hour would return this season. Power Hour — 90 minutes before each home game in the North Pavilion at the Palace — offers fans merchandise, food and beverage specials along with special appearances from players, former players, broadcasters and Pistons entertainment teams. Detroit Free Press

July 21, 2013 Updates

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