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November 28, 2012 Updates
November 23, 2012 Updates

The D-League will continue to employ international goaltending rules that allow players to knock the ball away immediately after it touches the rim. Another one of last season's innovations -- three-minute overtime periods -- also remains in place. Yet there is one notable on-court change, with D-League franchises now permitted to sell jersey sponsorships. Four of the league's 16 teams have taken advantage of the new provision: Erie (LECOM), Rio Grande Valley (Lone Star National Bank), Springfield (MGM Springfield) and Texas (Chocotow Casino Resorts). ESPN.com

By now all Celtics fans are familiar with Antoine Walker’s financial troubles. The former Celtic made millions during his NBA career and lost it all to poor decisions, gambling, and an excessive lifestyle. Ultimately this lead Walker to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010. His assets were liquidated and now EBAY merchant “The_Merchandise_Group” is selling many of “the Wiggles” personal items including 15 pairs of his sneakers. Some are game worn and others are his personal casual shoes. Pricing ranges from $25 to $99. RedsArmy.com

November 21, 2012 Updates
November 20, 2012 Updates

We told you about the new uniforms the NBA is rolling out for its slate of games on Christmas Day, and now we have a commercial featuring Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, Russell Westbrook, and Dwyane Wade modeling the new gear. The video clip above is an ad for the BIG Color collection, and has the players dribbling in rhythm their own rendition of ”Carol of the Bells.” NBCSports.com

November 18, 2012 Updates

BrooklynFans, the video-based website, reports that the Nets have decided not to re-stock gear based on "Deez Nets" theme, echoing the 1992 "Deez Nuts" rap by Dr. Dre, whose lyrics have been accused of being denigrating to women. BrooklynFans reports, "Clerks at the arena team store tell us DEEZ NETS stuff flew off the shelves, but Barclays Center brass decided the phrase wasn’t in good enough taste to re-stock. So online shopping is again the way to go, as it usually is these day." NetsDaily

November 8, 2012 Updates

Scott Weiss, spokesman for Fanatics.com, an online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise, says the Spurs enjoyed the second highest increase among all NBA teams in sales of shirts, caps and other assorted franchise gear during the first week of the 2012-2013 regular season, compared to the final week of pre-season play. Sales of Spurs merchandise increased 91 percent over that period. The only team that enjoyed a larger jump in merchandise sales was the Golden State Warriors, with a 123 percent increase. Business News

November 4, 2012 Updates

Last night marked a new era in Brooklyn, a few days after their inaugural home game against crosstown rival New York Knicks was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. The Nets impressed in a season opening win over the Toronto Raptors 107-100. A star-studded crowd was on hand including Jay-Z and wife Beyonce in courtside seats. The first game also featured the announcement of the leagues new partnership with Marvel to unveil the first ever NBA super hero in history. BrooklyKnight is the protector of Brooklyn’s home court and all around ruler of Barclays Center. He made his debut last night at the home opener descending to center court rallying fans. Additionally, to commemorate this historic event, Marvel Custom Solutions put together BrooklyKnight #1 – a 32-page comic book written by Jason Aaron whose resume includes Thor, Wolverine and The X-Men. The illustration was done by Mike Deodato of The Amazing Spiderman and The Avengers acclaim. All in attendance received copies of the limited edition comic book. stupidDOPE.com

NBA owners left the Board of Governors meetings in Las Vegas happy in one regard: The long-awaited move of putting advertising patches on jerseys becomes official in two seasons, meaning the league is going to find a new way to fill its coffers. Deputy commissioner Adam Silver projects the ads will contribute $100 million per season, with the revenue expected to be split 50-50 between owners and players, since it will be part of the basketball-related income pool. Patches will measure two inches by two inches and will be stitched onto the jersey’s shoulder. New York Daily News

October 29, 2012 Updates

Earlier today in a conference call, the NBA and the Panini Group announced a multi-year extension to their partnership, which will allow Panini to continue to be the exclusive worldwide trading card provider of the NBA. It was also announced they’ll be releasing what’s dubbed as the “Kobe Anthology,” a fantastic look at Bryant’s basketball career – from high school to his present status with the Lakers – this year. The 200-card set will replay his biggest moments, and work as a timeline through his playing days. “The kids particularly enjoy it because they get to make fun of daddy’s afro and all that other good stuff,” says Bryant of his own children. Within every box released from Panini this season, a free packet of the “Kobe Anthology” will be inside. The idea behind this is if you’re able to get your hands on each release throughout the life of the NBA season, you’ll also complete the entire set of the “Kobe Anthology.” Dime

The National Basketball Association and the Panini Group – the world’s largest sports and entertainment collectibles company — today announced an extension of their partnership through a new multiyear agreement. Under the terms of the new agreement, Panini will continue to be the exclusive trading card and sticker partner for the NBA globally, expanding its current development and distribution of trading cards and products worldwide, with a particular focus on China. The relationship will be managed by the Panini Group’s U.S. subsidiary, Panini America. Panini America

October 26, 2012 Updates

San Antonio Spurs CEO Peter Holt is the new BOG chairman, taking over for Minnesota owner Glen Taylor, who had served in that role since 2008. “We are being nice to David, but I want to be extra nice to Glen,” Holt said. “This has gone really smoothly. Glen has stayed in the chairmanship much longer than normal to allow the continuity to be smooth from obviously David to Adam, but also throughout the ownership group. So I want to thank Glen for that.” A discussion on accepting ads in the form of jersey patches as another revenue stream was pushed to the BOG’s next meeting. NBA.com

October 24, 2012 Updates
October 23, 2012 Updates

With the 2012-13 NBA season slated to start next Tuesday, October 30th, fans are already at a fever pitch. They’re ready to see their favorite players, teams and maybe even some game-winning shots. Well, though the League can’t offer that for another seven days, they do have some big news to announce. Via our friends at the NBA: The National Basketball Association (NBA) today announced a partnership with RareInk to offer a collection of cutting-edge, limited-edition artwork featuring NBA players, historical moments and legendary teams. Available on RareInk.com, the NBA collection launches with 100 pieces featuring artistic interpretations of 40 NBA players and 60 iconic team logos. Each piece is an original work commissioned by RareInk from a pool of internationally acclaimed artists. Additionally, fans will be able to cast their vote on RareInk.com to determine future releases. SLAM

October 16, 2012 Updates

If you've got a hankering for a McJordan, a limited-time-only McDonald's sandwich from 20 years ago, you might be overly nostalgic for a certain bald-headed former Chicago Bull. You're probably also out of luck. A gallon jug of the 1992 McDonald's barbecue sauce sold on eBay late Monday night for $9,995. But, hey, the shipping was free. The sauce was listed by seller "mortbank1971" in Bismarck, N.D. The buyer was not disclosed. Chicago Tribune

Marvel and ESPN have teamed up for a new LeBron James comic book, which you can now check out on your iPad or Internet enabled device of choice. This has been in the works for a while and is titled “LeBron: King of the Rings.” It’s about everything LeBron has to do to keep winning those rings he talked about back at that 2010 pep rally. But it’s played very over-the-top, tongue firmly implanted in cheek, which makes it sort of work for me. I mean, it’s hard to go wrong with zombie Shane Battier. Or Russell Westbrook adding a robot arm. Or.. I don’t want to spoil it, but you get the idea. NBCSports.com

October 15, 2012 Updates

Let me take you back in time. The year was 1992, the Bulls were in the midst of dominating the NBA en route to a three-peat, and Michael Jordan was endorsing everything. Enter: the McDonald’s McJordan – and you can own a piece of its history. For sale on eBay for $9,995 is a one gallon unopened jug of special McJordan barbecue sauce from McDonald’s 1992 special the McJordan Burger. Consisting of a quarter-pound beef patty, cheese, onion, pickles, barbecue sauce and bacon, the sandwich was a limited run in 1992 in limited markets in the U.S. A later incarnation of the McJordan was the Beef Wennington, named after former Bulls center Bill Wennington. Instead of bacon, the sandwich was served with Canadian bacon and sold exclusively in the Chicagoland area in 1998. CSN Chicago

October 10, 2012 Updates

Multiple images leaking out last night show NBA 2K13 featuring Oklahoma City's new alternate jerseys—with the team nickname misspelled as THUDNER. What's crazy is that everyone seemed to miss the misspelling the first time it was posted. That image above comes from Operation Sports' Steve Noah on his Twitter account. Daily Thunder, a fan site following the team, appears not to have noticed until its commenters pointed it out. Paul Lukas at UniWatch didn't miss it, and found a cellphone pic of a screen that also carries the misspelling. Kotaku.com

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