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January 25, 2014 Updates

Metta World Peace characterized what the Lakers are going through as a "small bump in the road" ... “The Lakers franchise, I don’t think they’ve fallen off the map," World Peace told reporters in New York on Saturday, in advance of the Lakers come to the Garden to play the Knicks on Sunday. "Being there for four years I know how they think. This is a small bump in the road. They’ll get back on top pretty soon. Being there four years, nothing rattles them. This is just a small bump for them. I would love for them to get back on top. I always wanted to be part of a Lakers-Knicks final. That’s the biggest final there could be. It might not happen in my lifetime or when I’m playing, but we’ll see." Sulia

January 21, 2014 Updates

Metta World Peace, who could be back within a week from his platelet-rich plasma therapy, defended Smith and believes the NBA was too harsh to fine him $50,000 for his series of shoelace capers. The always flaky World Peace said the incident happened to him earlier in his career and he has also been known to do weird stuff — once throwing Trevor Ariza’s loose shoe into the crowd and pulling down Paul Pierce’s shorts. Knicks coach Mike Woodson and brass didn’t find Smith’s antics amusing either as he was benched twice in the aftermath. “I thought what J.R. did was funny,’’ World Peace said. “Trevor Ariza’s shoe, I threw it into the stands. And I’ve pulled Paul Pierce’s shorts down. Those things are like fun and entertaining. A computer made that decision. Only computers make those decisions.’’ New York Post

World Peace said he was once a shoelace victim. “Somebody did that to me before and it made a knot,’’ he said. “They tried to loosen it but made a knot and I had to come out of the game. I had to bite the thing.’’ World Peace revealed he’d have his fifth and last blood injection to complete the two-week PRP process to heal his arthritic left knee. He could be back this week. However, World Peace went on rant to say he’s not going to press it. “I’ m not going to rush,’’ he said. “New York City, they rush everything. It’s life. It happens when it happens. Take your time. Relax. Slow down the music. Too much techno [music]. It’s like sex. Take your time. Where you going. Just relax . Enjoy love.’’ New York Post

January 20, 2014 Updates

Metta World Peace said he planned to have a fifth blood spinning procedure on his troublesome left knee following Monday's 103-80 loss to the Nets, "the last one," he proclaimed before the game. World Peace, who hasn't played since Dec. 27, said he knew all along he would have five procedures. Initially, however, World Peace gave the impression he would return to the lineup two weeks after he had the fourth procedure on Jan. 6, but that's not the case. New York Daily News

The Queensbridge product said he plans on practicing on Tuesday and will then "see how it feels the next day" and "play it by ear" and listen to his body for when he decides to return. But he said he won't hurry back, even with the Knicks short-handed with Amar'e Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin out with ankle injuries. He offered his own brand of medical advice for why he will take his time. "I'm not going to rush," he said. "New York City is the rush everything [CITY]. That's life and we rush everything. Sometimes just chill and if it happens, it happens. There's no rush. Slow down the music a little bit. You're listening to too much techno. It's like sex- take your time. Where you going? Enjoy love." New York Daily News

Metta World Peace predicted he’d miss two weeks when he underwent blood-spinning procedures on both knees on Jan. 6, but Woodson indicated the veteran forward might require another platelet-rich plasma injection before he’s ready to return. New York Daily News

January 19, 2014 Updates

Metta World Peace, who has been receiving blood-spinning therapy on his ailing knee, is not ready to return Monday. Woodson said World Peace still has another platelet-rich plasma injection to go on his plan. Woodson thinks World Peace will have had three injections by the time the therapy has finished. Originally, World Peace had pointed to two weeks after the first injection on Jan. 6 for his return – which would’ve been Monday. New York Post

January 12, 2014 Updates
January 10, 2014 Updates
January 8, 2014 Updates

Metta World Peace confirmed he had a blood-spinning procedure on his troublesome left knee on Monday, while also admitting that he had the same technique —platelet-rich plasma therapy — on his right knee as a precautionary measure and that his knees feel good after the procedure. “I did both knees because I didn’t want to be off balance,” World Peace said before Tuesday’s game. “And I know it’s going to help me a little bit, and if it did, I didn’t want to come back off balance and hurt my other knee.” World Peace said he will more than likely take two weeks off following the procedure. He hasn’t played since Dec. 27 against Toronto. Later, he joked of his ability to heal quickly, “I’m not on HGH,” he said. “You can test me. Just like Floyd Mayweather said, I’ll take the test.” . . . Tyson Chandler didn’t play because of an upper respiratory infection. New York Daily News

January 6, 2014 Updates

Metta World Peace, who has played two games since Dec. 21, was to have his blood-spinning therapy Monday on his left knee and said he’d miss two weeks. The Knicks didn’t announce the procedure — an indication this was World Peace’s idea, not theirs. A source said World Peace has an arthritic left knee. It keeps swelling up with blood and he has gotten it drained six times since training camp. When the team is fully healthy, he is out of the rotation anyhow. World Peace’s uncertain status is another reason they re-signed 6-foot-10 Jeremy Tyler, who made his Knicks debut in Dallas, playing the final minute. New York Post

January 3, 2014 Updates
January 1, 2014 Updates

Metta World Peace said one of the reasons he has decided on a blood-spinning therapy known as platelet-rich-plasma Jan. 6 is because it was recommended by a handful of players, including Amar’e Stoudemire. Stoudemire never has publicly revealed he had PRP on his knees, but World Peace said it’s true. World Peace also said Kenyon Martin has had a similar procedure. World Peace won’t play on the Texas triangle trip and said he will sit out two weeks after the procedure. meaning he should be back around Jan. 20. New York Post

December 31, 2013 Updates
December 28, 2013 Updates
December 27, 2013 Updates

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