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October 22, 2014 Updates
October 21, 2014 Updates

After attracting interest from Houston, Miami, San Antonio and Orlando in the off-season, Hill expressed gratitude over the Lakers granting him a relatively expensive two-year, $18 million deal. “I’m glad to be wanted,” Hill said. Yet, the Lakers have an option on his second season. That puts the onus on Hill to ensure he no longer relives last season’s frustration. “Last year, I was thinking too much about playing,” Hill said. “If I messed up, I wondered if I would see the floor again. Right now, Byron is relying on me and I’m one of his guys. That really builds more confidence in me to come out this year and play my game.” Los Angeles Daily News

October 20, 2014 Updates

While the Lakers were going after Anthony in vain, they quietly pursued Chris Bosh as well, but he preferred the carcass of the Heat. Paul George, Angelino through and through, had once been the team's safest choice. But sources say one reason the two-way star had re-signed with the Pacers in the fall of 2013 instead was that he was turned off by the thought that Bryant would police his efforts. ESPN.com

October 16, 2014 Updates
October 15, 2014 Updates

"I don't think it's a matter of how long the game is," Spoelstra said. "I think there's too many games, to be frank. I think if there's some way to find a way to cut out some of the back-to-backs so there aren't 20-plus of them. I think that's the bigger issue, not shaving off four minutes in a particular game. But I'm open to seeing what happens with that." ESPN.com

Me: "Lighter. Erik said you were lighter than you were." Birdman: "Well, that's because I ain't been tanning." Me: "I can see that. As far as your basketball play at a lighter weight, do you feel more spring in your step? Do you feel more active, able to play longer, harder?" Birdman: "It's 'cause of the aerodynamics, man. I cut my beard off." Me: "That's it? OK." Birdman: "I'm still 245, man." Me: "Erik said you were lighter, though." Birdman: "I just look that. I'm leaner." Me: "Is it a body fat thing?" Birdman: "What? You calling me fat?" South Florida Sun-Sentinel

There were good signs for the Heat against the Hawks, but not enough of them. Were there enough positives to count this as a step forward? “For about 15 minutes, then no,” Chris Bosh said. “So no.” Palm Beach Post

“We didn’t get the ball where we needed to get the ball,” Bosh said of the offense. “We have to understand that. Pick and rolls are good, but we have to give a steady diet of post-ups, pick and rolls, elbow actions — a little bit of everything. “We got very monotonous with the offense, especially in that second quarter. It was the same plays and they were able to sit on what we were doing. We’ve got to do a better job.” Palm Beach Post



Many players from the current squad in the list – including the two guys at the top.


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