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December 15, 2014 Updates

Deng said before Sunday's game that it wasn't difficult for him watching his former team, and said that he "had to move on," but it was clear from all parties involved that Sunday's affair was a little different because of the circumstances. "I think it's always going to be strange for me facing the Bulls," Deng admitted. "Obviously because it's Chicago, but just the guys on the team. It's still really the same guys. You just got Boozer, Boozer's gone, now it's Gasol instead. But most of the guys it's still really the same faces. It's more than a game with those guys. So when I see them it's friends, it's family, it's guys that I've done a lot with. [They] know a lot about me, I know a lot about them." ESPN.com

Heat forward Chris Bosh indicated after Sunday's loss to the Chicago Bulls that he could be out for a while. The Heat plays the Nets on Tuesday in Brooklyn and Bosh is doubtful for that game, but he could be out a few weeks. Bosh missed the game against Chicago with a strained calf, and he's not sure when the injury occurred. That's troubling news. Bosh hadn't missed a game this season until Sunday, and he pointed to simple "wear and tear" as a possible reason for the strain. He added that precaution and rest are the two most important things for him right now. If he tries to play through the injury, he said it could worsen and "the muscle could tear away from the bone." Miami Herald

"It's disappointing," Bosh said. "Usually you know when something gives and you kind of feel it over the course of a game and you can point to a specific play when you felt something tweak, or whatever, but unfortunately that didn't happen for me. I guess it's a wear and tear thing. It kind of sprung up on me, and you just have to deal with the tough times right now." Miami Herald

December 14, 2014 Updates

Is that chemistry built through time or communication? Chris Bosh: Time. Even if you do have conversations constantly, and you need to, it's still going to take time. It's something you have to get over. You're going to make tons of mistakes. As much as we want to hit the ground running, it hasn't happened for us. But we just have to stay with what we're doing. We have to believe in each other, believe in ourselves and know that eventually, we can get the job done. HoopsHype

How has your game grown since you’ve had to take on a bigger role? CB: (My) mid-range is more solid, which it has to be, because I've lost some quickness and speed. My three-point shot is a lot better. I'm a better passer, and the game is a little bit more under control. Something I've really worked on over the past few years is trying to be in different positions and being a better player in different roles. It was difficult to adjust to, over the past four years, but I think it's helped me in my all-around game. HoopsHype

December 13, 2014 Updates

It will be Heat Lite for the foreseeable future for the Miami Heat, with rookie point guard Shabazz Napier and recently signed center Hassan Whiteside assigned Saturday to the team's NBA Development League affiliate, the Sioux Falls Skyforce. Both players will continue to count toward the Heat's NBA-maximum 15-player limit, and therefore cannot be replaced on the Heat roster. Napier has appeared in 23 games with the Heat this season averaging 5.7 points, 2.2 rebounds, 2.0 assists and 21.4 minutes while shooting 42.9 percent from the field. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

December 12, 2014 Updates

After going through agility tests on the Smoothie King Center hardwood, LeBron James said he will be able to play in Friday’s game against New Orleans. “I’m playing,” James said, before describing how he determined his readiness to play. “It’s the same test that me and my trainer always go through, to see if I’m able to do the things I like to do on the floor. I wasn’t able to pass it in Oklahoma City, which is why I didn’t play. I was able to pass it today. All the movements I need to do as a basketball player to be able to help my team.” NBA.com

December 10, 2014 Updates

Chris Dempsey: Btw, Chris Andersen (ankle) will miss the game against his old team. Since leaving, he's never been able to face the #Nuggets in Denver. Twitter @dempseypost

The Houston thing has been well publicized, but you told Haberstroh that a few other teams — the Lakers, Suns, and Nuggets — expressed some interest in you during free agency. Did any of those situations interest you? Chris Bosh: It was just interesting to be wanted, after all that time of bashing, bashing, bashing. You kind of bask in it just a little bit. Like, Hey, I’m still valuable. I can still play this game. Grantland

Do you feel any personal vindication? Like, “Hey! This Chris Bosh guy is actually good!” Chris Bosh: No. I don’t feel any vindication. I don’t want that to rule my play or my life. I just want to be sure I play for the right reasons. I just want to win. That has always been my motive. I know I have to continue to raise my level of play as time goes on, but no. No? Chris Bosh: Now, initially — I’m human. I was like, Oh, I can’t wait to show everybody what it’s like! But then it’s, Just chill. It’s a process. I know I’m gonna get a lot better over the season. You can’t get caught up trying to prove everyone wrong right now, when I’m not ready, so to speak. Grantland

The West is ridiculous. The East is … not as good. Do you think the NBA should look at somehow just seeding the teams 1-to-16 for the playoffs? Chris Bosh: I think the fans would enjoy it. Even in the All-Star Games, you just say, “Man, the West is stacked this year.” Damn near every year. I don’t know why that is. You can make up theories, but the West is stacked, both teamwise and talentwise. You got a guy like Goran Dragic — he makes third-team All-NBA, and he’s not an All-Star. The Suns won 48 games and don’t even make the playoffs. It doesn’t make any sense. Grantland

So you’d officially be interested in looking at the 1-to-16 system? Chris Bosh: Yeah. Not last year, though. I read an article about that, and I think if that was true, we’d have been going to Portland at some point [before the Finals]. It’d be exciting for the fans, but it’d be brutal on the teams. Grantland



Many players from the current squad in the list – including the two guys at the top.


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