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April 4, 2015 Updates

McRoberts put to rest speculation that he might return for the end of this season or the playoffs. There are only seven games remaining of the regular season, and the Heat is currently eighth in the Eastern Conference standings. "I wouldn’t think so," McRoberts said. "I would still think I’d be out for the year at this point." Miami Herald

On the other end, Wade’s sometimes backup, Mario Chalmers, questioned his place on the team. As one of the Heat’s only uninjured players, Chalmers knows he has a lot to offer, but at this point he’s not quite sure how to do it. Seven games remain of this bewitched and broken season. “I don’t even really know what my role is on this team anymore,” Chalmers told the Miami Herald. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.” Miami Herald

After Wade’s injury in the second quarter, Chalmers backed up both Goran Dragic and rookie Tyler Johnson, who started the second half at shooting guard. Chalmers wasn’t complaining about his role on Thursday in that visiting locker room in Cleveland. He just couldn’t really explain it. “I don’t know,” Chalmers said. “It’s something I’ve never experienced before. This is something new to a lot of people on this team, but we’ve got to make it work.” Miami Herald

It’s all battlefield promotions and duct-taped ideas at this point, especially with Wade once again going down. Nothing makes sense anymore. “A lot of people are out of rhythm, and you really don’t know what’s going to happen — when you’re going to get the ball, when you’re going to shoot it, you just never know. You just got to be ready for everything, I guess,” Chalmers said. Miami Herald

April 3, 2015 Updates

Dragic has been feeling “slow” for a month now, though he was not visibly off until recently. This is not even about the numbers he has been putting up, which are not good, but how he looks and feels. “It’s like I cannot develop my speed and get going,” he said. That is not a good sign for the Heat. Since putting up a big game in Boston last week, Dragic has averaged nine points, 4.5 assists and three turnovers in 33.5 minutes over the last four games. He is shooting 35.6 percent, including 4 of 13 on 3-pointers. Palm Beach Post

Wade’s knee hit the court at Quicken Loans Arena in the second quarter, and he did not return. Afterward, he seemed mildly optimistic about playing Saturday at Detroit. “I’ll do treatment around the clock and see if it gets a little better,” he said. “We’ll see when Saturday comes. If I’m good enough to go, of course I will. If not, I’ll see Sunday.” Palm Beach Post

Jason Lieser: Wade seems mildly optimistic about playing Saturday: “I’ll do treatment around the clock and see if it gets a little better. We’ll see." Twitter @PBPjasonlieser

Dwyane Wade said his bruised left knee, which happened when he fell and banged his knee against the floor, “could have been worse. I knew I was in trouble on my way down.” Wade, who left for good when the injury occurred in the second quarter, wasn’t sure about his availability for Saturday’s game in Detroit. “We will see when Saturday comes. Hopefully it gets better.” He said on Instagram after the game: “God is good because it could have been a lot worst. I pray that I can join my team at some point on this road trip because we are still in this playoff hunt. Keep believing...” Miami Herald

April 2, 2015 Updates

It could be Bryant’s final season, and the franchise does not want to send him off with yet another rebuilding year, though that might be in the best long-term interest of the team. Assuming the Lakers stay in win-soon mode, it is a safe bet that they will go hard after the two top point guards on the market, with Bryant’s pal Rajon Rondo at the head of the list and Goran Dragic behind him. Sporting News

Do you think teams will target Whiteside’s hand injury? “That’s going to happen in pretty much any opponent you’re facing, whether it’s basketball or MMA or boxing. Or water polo. Or tennis. You try to go after that injury.” Have you played water polo before, Chris? “Marco Polo? Yeah, I’ve played Marco Polo.” No, water polo. “Marco Polo?” You said water polo. I’m asking if you have ever played water polo. “It sounds like you’re saying Marco Polo.” Palm Beach Post

April 1, 2015 Updates
March 31, 2015 Updates
March 30, 2015 Updates


Many players from the current squad in the list – including the two guys at the top.


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