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October 6, 2014 Updates
October 5, 2014 Updates

According to sources the Miami Heat, among other teams, expressed interest in Tyus and were open to audition the 6-foot-9 big man in training camp. One official for the Heat was in Israel last season when Tyus bullied Serbian club Partizan Belgrade with 16 points on 8-for-8 shooting, and nine rebounds in 19 minutes. However, under contract with Maccabi, talks were terminated in a flash. Eurobasket.com

With Williams in, it essentially ended Michael Beasley's second tour with the Heat, with the team's No. 2 overall draft pick in 2008 signing with the Memphis Grizzlies. Riley said it was part of refreshing the roster in the wake of LeBron James' departure. "I love Mike, but we're moving on," Riley said. "When L.J. left, we just cleaned the table. It's time to move on. It really had nothing to do with anything but we're just moving in another direction, in another way, and it was nothing punitive, there was nothing bad. "I wish him nothing but the best. But we decided, in the long run, Josh McRoberts and Shawne, Chris [Bosh], Chris Andersen, Udonis [Haslem] and the guys we had there. I didn't want him to be put in the position of not playing, maybe." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"I've always liked Shannon because he's athletic, strong, defensive," Riley said at Saturday's exhibition in Louisville against the New Orleans Pelicans, before coach Erik Spoelstra gave his team Sunday off. "We're trying to create a certain mentality here. We went back and looked at his two years at Phoenix, when we averaged up the figures. And that's a little bit how Coach wants to play, run. And he's had I think a great training camp." Then there's Williams, a journeyman who had to reinvent himself to create equity with Riley and Spoelstra. "Shawne, to be very honest with you, is a guy that we felt, if he could change the way that he was physically, which he has, that we liked," Riley said. "The transformation of his body, physically, in the last eight weeks has been incredible. He was like 227 [pounds] and 15 percent body fat. And then we went to 241 and under 10 percent body fat. So he committed himself to really being a player." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Surya Fernandez: Spoelstra told me he won't be restricting Granger in any way. Says he was encouraged to see Granger sore only because of normal fatigue. Twitter @SuryaHeatNBA

October 4, 2014 Updates

A few injuries have plagued Granger recently, but he hasn’t let that hinder his progress. He has been working and training since the day after Labor Day Weekend and even before then Spoelstra saw him in L.A. and said he “was already in good physical shape.” All the hard work has seemed to pay off for Granger, who has been able to go through everything with no limitations in the first four days of training camp. “I just like the fact that he’s out here, he’s healthy, he’s feeling great about his body, he’s going through great fatigue of his legs which is a terrific sign,” Spoelstra said. “It’s not fatigue or pain with his knee. It’s fatigue from working every single day, twice a day, that he hasn’t been able to do in I don’t know how many years. That’s a great sign.” NBA.com

"I mean, I just go back to before we ever played together," Wade said. "And I go back to the conversations and the media reports of, 'How can you be friends with a guy and play against a guy? They didn't do that back in the day. Magic [Johnson] and [Larry] Bird never did that.' Me and LeBron, I'd go to Cleveland, we'd go to the movies. He'd come here, we'd hang out. And then we'd go on the court and we'd compete. And then after the game, that's my boy. Then we got here, we teamed up, became even closer. And now it's the same thing. "You know, we're still gonna be friends, and we're still gonna compete our asses off. Until the day we can't compete no more." Bleacher Report

"I don't think it's ever gonna be the right thing for the media," Wade said. "I think everyone wants to make a story out of it. We both simply said that we're genuinely friends. Whether we are playing together or not, we're friends. Me and Chris [Bosh], we all have our certain friends, no matter what the game of basketball brings or doesn't bring. Those are friends beyond. "People are gonna try to make it something. But we're not really worried about it. We know what we have, who we are. We've never let it get in between our friendship. Even when we played together, when they tried to come in between us, we didn't let it come in between us. And now that we're apart, it's not gonna happen either." Bleacher Report

Wade doesn't know where the feeling went in the NBA Finals. "Maybe it was the Spurs and the way they played," Wade said. "I mean, they f-----g ran circles around us. We weren't in the same groove that we were in the series before, I couldn't get in a groove. And then, how our team was built, once certain guys weren't in a groove, then it went to just straight one-on-one. And I can't play that way. Once I get out of my groove, and then I've got to sit and wait, I'm not getting back in mine. So, obviously, you're affected that way. And then, defensively (for us), they were moving...man! So it was unfortunate. But like I said, the series before that, I felt that I was hitting that stride that I want to be in." Bleacher Report

October 3, 2014 Updates
October 2, 2014 Updates
October 1, 2014 Updates

Jason Lieser: Chris Andersen (36) believes he has at least 3 seasons left. Chris Andersen: “I was told a long time ago that even though I’m called Birdman, I can’t jump forever." Twitter @PBPjasonlieser



Many players from the current squad in the list – including the two guys at the top.


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