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Beasley gravitates to those who are the kinds of stars he was supposed to become. He walks to work at the arena. And, as he did at this time last year, he says all the right things about a gift-wrapped chance. Monday was “just another game.” “If you would’ve asked me that two games ago, I probably would have had some smart-aleck remark,” he said. “I’ve grown a lot since then and I understand the game now. I understand that the picture is way bigger than me.” Arizona Republic

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The Heat are making Beasley, who started his career with Miami, earn his stay with the team. He is on a non-guaranteed deal so the Heat lose little if they have to cut him. "He's making very good progress," Spoelstra said recently. "He just needs to continue to embrace the work (and) embrace the routine." But Miami also realizes it needs a committed Beasley. Winning three consecutive titles is extremely difficult, and the Heat know several teams in the East — the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets — improved and are prepared and capable of knocking them off in a seven-game series. Down the road, Spoelstra will start working him into the rotation more and more. "He has earned the opportunity to be ready for his next opportunity," Spoelstra said. USA Today Sports

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Beasley, on the other hand, has proved he can contribute — when his head is in the game and when he's not causing trouble for a franchise with off-the-court problems, such as the marijuana-possession arrest in August that spurred the Phoenix Suns to release him. So far, Beasley has said all the right things. "I've seen a lot. I've been through a lot. I've experienced a lot. I'm humbled. It definitely humbled me," Beasley says. "I'm definitely a different person — not as carefree. More aware of life, not just basketball, life period. "I'm coming here with an open mind. I'm coming here knowing this team doesn't need me. I'm coming here to work hard, stay out of the way and just have fun." USA Today Sports

As an organization, the Heat are loyal, and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra referred to Beasley as family. "I pretty much know what this organization is all about," Beasley says. "It's a world-class organization, not to say anything bad about any other organization. Me, at this point in my life and my career, I just didn't need to guess anymore. This is the perfect place for me. I just didn't have to deal with uncertainty. "It's a blessing. I'm humbled by it. I'm grateful that they still even care." USA Today Sports

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But Beasley, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and team officials said the wound above Beasley's right eye was the result of an inadvertent blow he took from Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko as he attempted to block a shot in the third quarter, not from a self-inflicted punch. "I watched the video, and it does look like I knocked the mess out of myself," Beasley said before Friday's preseason game against the Charlotte Bobcats at the Sprint Center. "I had everybody in the world calling me and asking, 'Why you so crazy?'" ESPN.com

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