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May 29, 2013 Updates
May 26, 2013 Updates

The Milwaukee Bucks did more than just check out prospective players at the recent pre-draft camp in Chicago. They also checked out a potential head coach: Michael Curry. Curry has been the associate head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers the last three seasons. Prior to that, he was the head coach of the Detroit Pistons for one season, compiling a 39-43 record. Racine Journal-Times

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May 20, 2013 Updates

And what of the head-coaching position? The hot names that are out there have been said over and over and over again - from Mike Malone to Fred Hoiberg to Kelvin Sampson to Nate McMillan to Larry Drew to Michael Curry and everyone in between. Said yet another league executive: "I hear the coaching search isn't at the top of their list right now. I hear they're concentrating on other areas and will address the coaching vacancy after a couple of weeks." Philadelphia Inquirer

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May 9, 2013 Updates

If the 76ers were to heed the advice of their all-star point guard, they would call off the search for the team's next coach and promote from within. As the 76ers ramp up the search for their eighth coach in the last 11 seasons, Jrue Holiday, who has voiced his opinion that the Sixers should consult him during the search, cast his vote for the promotion of associate coach Michael Curry. "I've known him for the last three years," Holiday said Wednesday in a telephone interview. "He's somebody I trust, and somebody I'd love as a head coach." Philadelphia Inquirer

Turner admitted that he and Collins clashed at times. In those moments, according to Turner, he often looked to Curry to smooth the waters. "He was great because he was calm in certain situations, and that helps," Turner said. "He never really panicked. That's something that players need." Philadelphia Inquirer

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April 21, 2013 Updates

Four other assistants that could get interviews are Miami's David Fizdale, Indiana's Brian Shaw, Golden State's Mike Malone and Philadelphia's Michael Curry. Curry, who was Detroit's head coach for one season, might be in line for the 76ers' job vacated by the recently departed Doug Collins. Shaw was a finalist for the Cavs' job in 2010. Grant isn't expected to talk to any college coaches for the opening. A source said the Cavs aren't expected to drag their feet on finding a new coach. News-Herald

April 20, 2013 Updates

"I think that he likes it in Philadelphia," said the source, who works in the front office for a Southeast Division team. "He's a great defensive mind. I wouldn't be surprised if Philadelphia wanted to keep him in-house. The young guys know him, and I think they respect his voice." Philadelphia Inquirer

April 18, 2013 Updates

With the resignation of Doug Collins as head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, associate Michael Curry will interview for the franchise’s vacancy while eyeing job openings around the NBA, Curry told RealGM on Thursday afternoon. Curry discussed the 76ers’ coaching position with general manager Tony DiLeo on Thursday and will continue his duties into the offseason as part of the staff. DiLeo has already begun compiling a list of candidates and Curry is poised to be among them to receive a formal interview. RealGM

April 15, 2013 Updates

There are no front-runners for the Sixers' coaching job, according to one source. Of the coaches on staff, there is a possibility that the Sixers might turn to associate head coach Michael Curry or former player Aaron McKie, also on the staff, a source said. Philadelphia Inquirer

March 3, 2013 Updates

The Cavs attempted to buy out Casspi's contract, but one theory is that the veteran forward didn't want to forfeit any of the money owed to him. If the Cavs aren't going to save any money, what would be their impetus to buy him out of his deal? Things are not expected to end nicely for 76ers coach Doug Collins. His team is falling out of the East playoff race, and it's taking its toll on the 61-year-old Collins. Some observers think his days are numbered as Sixers coach. If he resigns — he'd likely cite health reasons — assistant Michael Curry would likely be elevated to head coach, according to NBA insider Ric Bucher. News-Herald

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So when Orlando hired Jacque Vaughn, Collins felt bad for Curry but was elated he would be back on his staff. "There's no disappointment," said Curry, 44. "I was a late entry and I made it to the final two. Through the entire time, I think they had someone targeted. For me, it was more going through the process. It was all positive, and when you get in the process, you have to look at it that way. I enjoyed that part of it. I always concentrate on this year, like when I was playing. When I was a young head coach [with Detroit], I didn't appreciate the process of all this as much. But I wasn't disappointed at all. I have a great situation here." Philadelphia Inquirer

"We're going over everything, so when we get into a game, there's nothing we haven't gone over in depth. Some days, he doesn't want to do some of those things, and some days we have to get that done and I have to tell him we have to get it done. I think it's very unique in what my role is when it comes to working for coach but also being able to work with him. There's certain things I have to make sure that we do. It's fun. I'm always learning from him, and that's what he's about." The two formed their relationship when Curry played for Collins in Detroit. Collins loved Curry's leadership style, but was even more impressed with him as a person. That holds true today. "He's like my son," Collins said. Philadelphia Inquirer

August 26, 2012 Updates

Pistons fans don't have fond memories of the one season Curry coached the team -- the 2008-09 campaign that ended in a first-round sweep at the hands of the Cavs. But Collins thinks Curry has learned from his trials with the Pistons by working as the de facto defensive coordinator of the 76ers the past two seasons. "Michael Curry is a brilliant basketball coach," Collins said recently. "I think the one thing Michael realizes is when he took over that job in Detroit, he wasn't quite seasoned. Maybe he wasn't ready to do that and he was put in a very difficult situation." Detroit Free Press

"Michael Curry has established himself, to me, as the best defensive-minded coach in the NBA," Collins said. "Last year we were third in the league in defense. ... We didn't have a rebounder. We didn't have a shot-blocker. "He is a brilliant basketball coach and hard working. He's taken so much off my plate. I probably do 50% less than what I used to do since Michael Curry is on my staff, and I trust him so much." Detroit Free Press

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