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October 23, 2013 Updates
October 18, 2013 Updates

Kings coach Michael Malone believes Trent Lockett is a perfect fit for the new culture in Sacramento. And he'd like him to be around in some form. "(Lockett) has a chance to make the team," Malone said. "And if he doesn't make the team, obviously we would love for him to be in our D-League system so we could continue to monitor his progress as he continues to mature and get better." Sacramento Bee

October 17, 2013 Updates

The Kings have 14 guaranteed contracts for the upcoming season, one below the league maximum. But with Carl Landry out three to four months after surgery to repair a torn left hip flexor, the team has 13 players that figure to be ready for opening night on Oct. 30. "I'm not sure what (general manager) Pete D'Alessandro's plan for that last spot is right now, but I think 'H,' as we call him, has done a lot to showcase his abilities as to why he should be on this team," said Kings coach Michael Malone. Sacramento Bee

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And Ranadivé is doing things differently with the Kings, like hiring [Michael] Malone two weeks before he officially owned the team, and before hiring a GM, the opposite of the traditional route to staffing up. He says he knew he wanted Malone and other teams were courting him, so why wait? He invited Malone to TIBCO for lunch. Malone thought they were just going to talk basketball. He was the Warriors assistant coach and knew Ranadivé well. But, "the first thing, he goes, 'Well, Coach, let's get this over with. I want you to be my coach. Is that OK? Is it?'" Malone recalls with a laugh. "I was like, 'Uh, yeah, that's OK,' and we just went from there." And here's the kicker. But they kept the deal secret. "He could tell you everybody says in the NBA, there are no secrets," says Malone. "I said, 'Well, Vivek, let's prove everybody wrong.' And no one knew about it for two weeks." Sactown Royalty

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September 1, 2013 Updates

Since you were with the Warriors the past two seasons and lived only about 80 miles from Sacramento, is it safe to assume that you monitored the Kings' possible relocation to Seattle and Ranadive's subsequent purchase of the franchise? Sure. Sure. I remember someone saying they felt bad for the fans in Seattle because they lost their team, and that no one wanted to see the same thing happen here. I mean, when I first came to the NBA, this was the toughest place to play. So I followed it. Then when Vivek (Ranadive) got involved, because he was (a minority owner) with the Warriors, I followed it even more closely. It got so competitive. The money kept going up and up. I was thinking, "This is crazy!" But I was just rooting for Vivek. Sacramento Bee

OK, but you come from a New York family of coaches and cops. I heard you were conflicted. Didn't you originally want to be a secret agent? I always wanted to coach, but after I graduated (from Loyola in Maryland), I couldn't get a coaching job. I was a volunteer assistant, living at home, working at Foot Locker, cleaning office buildings at 1 o'clock in the morning. I was thinking, "What am I doing? This isn't part of the plan." I figured I'd become a state trooper with hopes of becoming a secret agent. But it's like Yogi Berra says, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." I was just days from going to the academy to become a state trooper in Michigan, pulling people over, maybe getting shot, and all of a sudden, I get a call from Providence coach Pete Gillen. The next thing you know, I'm coaching in the Big East. Sacramento Bee

Assuming there are no major changes before training camp, break down your current roster. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Obviously, we have three point guards. Greivis Vasquez, a guy who gives you 14 points and nine assists. The exciting thing about Greivis is, those nine assists per game … we need willing playmakers. I think that's contagious. The fact he's 6-foot-6. You can't teach that. Can he defend? I think so. He doesn't have tremendous foot speed, but he's smart, and he has heart. The fans are going to identify with him. Sacramento Bee

So, finally, there is the center position. It's no secret the organization regards DeMarcus Cousins as a franchise-level talent. How good is he? How much more can he improve? I've talked about DeMarcus a lot, but he's so talented. He's a big who can play away from the basket. But I'm going to ask him to play inside as well this year, be a guy we can run our offense through at times, because he can be such a good passer. The challenge for him is to cut down on those three turnovers a game. The luxury we had last year at Golden State, we had two bigs (David Lee and Andrew Bogut) who were not only good passers but willing passers. My hope is we get to that at some point. Sacramento Bee

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June 25, 2013 Updates

The Sacramento Kings today named Brendan Malone as an assistant coach, according to General Manager Pete D'Alessandro. Per team policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed. "I'm excited to add a coach with the breadth of basketball knowledge my father provides," said Kings Head Coach Michael Malone. "Aside from the benefits of having a trusted family member by my side, he's a talented coach who brings more than 25 years of invaluable NBA experience to Sacramento." NBA.com

June 20, 2013 Updates

However, his demeanor on Thursday was night and day compared to his appearance in Sacramento 11 days ago. Snell appeared more confident and relaxed in his session with the media this time around. Following yesterday’s workout, new Kings coach Michael Malone took some time to speak one-on-one with Snell. Malone said afterwards he made a point to assure Snell of the Kings’ interest. “I just told him when you have guys back here for a second time, we’re not bringing guys back in that we don’t like,” Malone said yesterday. ”So Tony had a very good career at New Mexico and he’s played very well for us in the two times he’s been here.” Cowbell Kingdom

June 18, 2013 Updates

"Every decision was my decision," Jackson said. "So I had an incredible staff that gave opinions and input, but there's not a decision, whether bad or good, that I didn't make . . . "Mike Malone is the head coach of the Sacramento Kings now, so he can give you the right answer on how I'll survive without him. "He's a great coach who's going to do a great job. When it turns around in Sacramento, if and when it does, he deserves the credit." San Jose Mercury-News

June 13, 2013 Updates

After today's pre-draft workout with Cody Zeller, I asked the Kings head coach, Michael Malone, if he thinks Vivek Ranadivé will soon make a decision on a new GM. "I speak with Vivek a couple times a day and he's been very thorough and he's gonna take his time with this decision. I think probably in the near future, he may have somebody. But one thing I've learned about Vivek, he's not gonna make any rash decisions. He's gonna take his time and when he feels it in his gut that he has his guy, he'll make that decision." Sulia

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