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There are 12 other NBA owners on the list, including Kroenke (Nuggets), Micky Arison (Heat, $5.9 billion), Dan Gilbert (Cavaliers, $3.9 billion), Charles Dolan (Knicks, $3.3 billion), Tom Gores (Pistons, $2.7 billion), Mark Cuban (Mavericks $2.5 billion), Josh Harris (Sixers, $2.5 billion), Robert Pera (Grizzlies, $1.95 billion), Herb Simon (Pacers, $1.95 billion), Donald Sterling (Clippers, $1.9 billion), Glen Taylor (Timberwolves, $1.7 billion) and Benson (Pelicans). ESPN.com

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Ethan J. Skolnick: Pat Riley, in media call, says he still has no plans for amnesty. But will meet with Arison on day before deadline. #heat Twitter @EthanJSkolnick

Ethan J. Skolnick: Riley says that he and Micky Arison are still trying to improve the team. Says he dangled mini-midlevel to several players. No one bit. Twitter @EthanJSkolnick

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Passengers remain hesitant to book cruises, despite deep discounts. But that didn't stop Carnival Corp. from eking out a $41 million second-quarter profit thanks to lower fuel costs and the timing of some administrative expenses. The Miami-based company also announced Tuesday that Micky Arison, who has been CEO since 1979 and is the son of Carnival co-founder Ted Arison, is being replaced by Arnold W. Donald, who has served on the company's board for the past 12 years. Arison will continue to serve as chairman of the board. The profit was nearly triple the $14 million the world's largest cruise company earned during same period last year, a quarter which it suffered from steep losses on fuel prices bets known as derivatives. Miami Herald

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"The only thing I care about is that we win a championship this year," Heat owner Micky Arison told the Sun Sentinel during a relaxed moment amid the Eastern Conference finals. "Next year, the only thing I'll care about is we'll win a championship next year. And then, after that, I'll worry about what you're talking about. July next year, that's when I'll start thinking about it." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Unlike LeBron amid his sports- and social-media blackout, Arison said he is not ignoring ESPN and other outlets during the postseason. He's just ignoring anything having to do with anything beyond these types of playoff moments, the moments that are the entire reason for having LeBron, Bosh and Wade. "I don't pay attention when they talk about this issue," he said, "because they don't know what they're talking about." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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A source close to the Sacramento group said Friday that it was buoyed by Twitter comments made this week by Miami Heat owner Micky Arison, a member of the relocation committee, to a Seattle fan who had questioned why the league turned down the relocation the NBA was treating Seattle fairly. In those comments, Arison said the issue before the committee and league was not what Seattle was doing to make itself a viable NBA market again, but what Sacramento had done to prove it was still one. Arison, according to the transcript provided by a Seattle radio station, said that Sacramento had passed that test. NBA.com

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