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Micky Arison: Congratulations to President Obama. Time to unite, time to compromise, time to work together to solve the nations problems. Twitter @MickyArison

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Pat Riley, on LeBron James' gold-medal quest, "I think both Micky and I had a great sigh of relief that he got through the Olympics without getting hurt or anything happening and also winning the gold medal. It just sort of completes a tremendous turnaround for him. He did it, and he did it by looking at himself in the eye, looking in the mirror, taking stock of what it was that he may not have done last year, on the court, off the court, and this year he had a perfect run. We're happy for him. We love him to death, obviously." Sulia

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A person briefed on details of the decision told The Associated Press that Arison got the word from Heat president Pat Riley, who made Allen the team's top free-agent priority -- especially in recent days. Allen, who will be 37 this month, arrived in Miami on Thursday for a visit, went to dinner with Riley, coach Erik Spoelstra, team executive Alonzo Mourning and others Thursday night, then left Friday to presumably decide his future. Hours later, the choice was made. Allen's agent, James Tanner, confirmed the decision to The Associated Press not long after Arison's tweet. ESPN.com

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Miami Heat owner Micky Arison is thrilled the team won the NBA title, but he says he’s hardly ringing up the cash register. Arison told CNBC that the final numbers aren’t in yet, but his guess is that the team lost money again. CNBC

“This is a hobby of passion, it’s not a business,” said Arison, the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines who took control of the team in 1995. “Every year in the building we’ve lost money aside from last year, under the old Collective Bargaining Agreement, because of LeBron.” CNBC

The Heat have been playing in American Airlines Arena for 12 seasons. They also haven’t ever paid rent thanks to loopholes in the agreement with Miami-Dade County including a clause that allows the team to pay itself back for its contributions to the arena’s cost before sharing the wealth. So how does Arison explain how the team might have lost money after selling out its second straight season and 13 home playoff games? “With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, it works against us because of the dollars we had under contract already and the revenue sharing,” Arison said. CNBC

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