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June 13, 2012 Updates

Gail Van Campen's hot dog stand in Bricktown is apparently becoming a favorite among billionaire NBA team owners. During the Thunder's series against the Dallas Mavericks, she was visited by Mark Cuban. On Tuesday, she greeted Micky Arison, owner of the Miami Heat. He quickly reported via Twitter that Van Campen's stand in Bricktown was his “favorite restaurant in OKC.” Oklahoman

June 2, 2012 Updates
February 26, 2012 Updates

NBA Commissioner David Stern, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver and four members of the relocation committee, emerged from behind closed doors at 4:46 local time. Stern and the four owners - Glen Taylor (Minnesota Timberwolves), Clay Bennett (Oklahoma City), Mickey Arison (Miami) and Greg Miller (Utah Jazz) - were off to a board of governors meeting at the Amway Center. Stern said he planned to attend tonight's All-Star Game and then return to the hotel and rejoin the meeting. He said the good news is "we're still talking." Sacramento Bee

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January 16, 2012 Updates

Carnival, a dual-listed American-British company that trades on both the New York and London stock exchanges, operates more than 100 ships with brands including P&O, Cunard and Princess Cruises. It accounts for almost half of the global cruise market. Carnival said the ship was insured for damage with a deductible of approximately $30 million, as well as insurance for third-party personal injury liability subject to an additional deductible of approximately $10 million for this incident. The company self-insures for loss of use of the vessel. A damage assessment review is underway, Carnival said, but the ship is expected to be out of service for the remainder of the company's current fiscal year -- if not longer. The company is 47 percent owned by Micky Arison, chief executive and son of the company's founder, and the broader Arison family. It has lost almost a third of its market value over the past year, amid investor worries about fuel prices and consumer weakness. New York Post

In a statement, Arison said he was "deeply saddened" by the shipwreck and the loss to life that resulted. The financial estimates related to the wreck were released amid reports that a sixth body was found early Monday in the cruise liner. Morgan Stanley Monday downgraded Carnival to equalweight from overweight and cut its price target on the UK-listed stock after the incident. Carnival's shares opened down 19 percent Monday. New York Post

January 6, 2012 Updates

Last month Miami Heat owner Micky Arison cast a protest vote against the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement because he felt it was a bad financial deal for his team. Even though Arison is one of the NBA’s wealthiest owners, he’s regularly maintained that his basketball business should still be run like a business. That isn’t likely to change, especially since Forbes magazine estimated this week that Arison lost more than 20 percent of his net worth in the last year. Citing the 28 percent drop in Carnival Cruise Lines stock, the financial publication said Arison lost $1.3 billion. He is still estimated to have $4.5 billion in assets. Arison is the majority owner of a variety of different cruise brands and recently launched his 100th cruise ship. His core business has been affected by the slump in leisure travel over the last several years. ESPN.com

December 22, 2011 Updates

"While I did everything I could behind the scenes and some not-so-behind-the-scenes to get playing by Christmas," Arison said, "when you come down to it, financially, it's important to understand that revenue sharing and the CBA together, it's a tough financial deal for us, particularly the revenue-sharing piece of it, the way it's structured. "For us to have to pay revenue sharing to larger-market teams was disturbing, and we will. And so that was a kind of protest vote on our part." That said, Arison stressed he was appreciative of the efforts that got the league back on the court. "I congratulate them," he said, "it was just tough on our particular franchise." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Two years from now, when the tax becomes more punitive and then you've got the recidivist tax . . . you've got to get out," Riley said last week. "So you have to plan as much as you can." Arison said the tax remains a concern and he would address that issue closer to when the increased tax comes into play. "While the original intent of the owners was to have a hard cap, which would have basically leveled the playing field between teams," he said, "instead, because of players' refusal to accept that, they just made it extremely expensive. "So now you have to financially deal with how expensive that is and whether you're prepared to do it." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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November 30, 2011 Updates
November 26, 2011 Updates
November 16, 2011 Updates

Miami's Mickey Arison and the Lakers Jerry Buss are pushing for a deal while Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert and the Suns Robert Sarver's are among the hard line owners unhappy with the offer the players recently rejected. "Mickey has a higher guru in Pat Riley to handle the business," says Shaq, who retired in June. "He makes unorthodox moves but his moves pay off. Sarver…his moves don't pay off. "We need to create a system where the owners are protected from themselves. They're trying to blame us for bad management. Both sides bring up great issues but it will be a shame if we lose a season." New York Daily News

November 5, 2011 Updates

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