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January 27, 2014 Updates

Two opposing general managers this season have told me they think Irving is pouting. Over what is anyone’s guess. Jarrett Jack hasn’t been the locker room enforcer he was supposed to be. Luol Deng should help, but he just arrived and may not be here past April. That has left Mike Brown trying to keep everyone in his “circle” despite what has been a disappointing season. Akron Beacon Journal

In all, by the time the Suns' scoring spree was slowed midway through the fourth quarter, they had outscored the Cavaliers 38-9 in a span of 15:22. "It was hard to watch," Cavaliers coach Mike Brown said. "Very disappointing. Our guys should be embarrassed of the way we played in the second half." Cleveland Plain Dealer

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January 14, 2014 Updates

Brown coached the Lakers in the 2011-12 season when Gasol faced a reduced role as a facilitator to accommodate Andrew Bynum’s growth. Gasol, among plenty of other teammates, often tired of Brown’s long practices, film sessions and morning shootarounds. The Lakers also felt information overload when they tried learning Brown’s Princeton-run offense last season that contributed to a 1-4 start before his ultimate firing. “I like Mike as a guy and his discipline and dedication to the game and his job,” Gasol said. “That didn’t quite fit here.” Los Angeles Daily News

January 12, 2014 Updates

Sacramento coach Mike Malone says he wouldn't be where he is today without the five years he spent as Mike Brown's assistant in Cleveland during the LeBron James era. "The most impressive thing for me about Mike Brown is that he was a first-time head coach, but he had no ego, he had no insecurities, he had no paranoias, which is very rare in this business,'' Malone said before the Kings and Cavaliers faced off on Sunday in Sleep Train Arena. "He allowed me to coach. He gave me a voice. That really aided my development. We were such a competitive team, and we were on TV so much. So all the freedom he gave me to coach allowed for me to make a name for myself. Other people saw that. So when I assembled my staff -- and every coach is going to do it their own way, you have to do what you believe in -- but I tried to do the same thing with my guys -- allow them to coach, give them a voice. The only way you're going to grow in this business is by doing. I benefited from that and I want the guys on my staff to benefit the same way.'' Cleveland Plain Dealer

December 31, 2013 Updates
December 29, 2013 Updates

That brings us to Saturday’s suspension of Bynum. Something happened during practice Friday, which one source referred to as the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” but wouldn’t divulge what exactly happened because it was simply a continuation of a behavioral pattern that had been ongoing for weeks. Had it been an isolated incident, no one would’ve said or done anything. Brown, ironically, had been Bynum’s loudest supporter. Bynum admitted in early November he was still considering retirement, he still had sharp pains in his knees when he ran and he was discouraged by the deterioration in his game. He had lost his joy for basketball, he said, and wasn’t sure if he would get it back. Akron Beacon Journal

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December 18, 2013 Updates

Sam Amico: Mike Brown, btw, admittedly can't pronounce name of #Rockets C Omer Asik. "If I can't pronounce his name," #Cavs aren't trading for him. Twitter @SamAmicoFSO

December 8, 2013 Updates

The practices and film sessions have been long and demanding. The accent on defense is not much fun. Furthermore, Brown has been juggling his lineup, looking for a combination that works. Regardless of what they say in public, some of the players have not been thrilled with the approach -- especially when they started losing so early in the season. Cleveland Plain Dealer

December 7, 2013 Updates

“We feel like we’re better than what we’re sitting record-wise,” Cavs head coach Mike Brown said. “We also understand that it’s a process for us. Every time we step out on the floor, we feel like we’re making strides. … While we’re going through all of this, we’re learning how to win,” Brown said. “We’re trying to figure ourselves out, and while we’re doing that we’re trying to figure out what does it mean to win. How do you win in the NBA against other players and other teams that have won? It’s tough. It’s not easy but our guys have been great. Whether we lose or we win, they come in the next day and sit through the 45-minute or one-hour film session and then they get to work. You can’t ask for anything more than that right now.” HoopsWorld

December 6, 2013 Updates

Chris Vivlamore: Me: Would you take satisfaction in stopping Korver streak? Mike Brown: No. We are not going to stop Kyle Korver from making a 3 or 3s. Twitter @ajchawks

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November 27, 2013 Updates

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