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It has been a miserable start for Bennett, who missed 32 of his first 37 shots and recently fell out of Mike Brown’s rotation. One halfway decent quarter when the game was already out of reach certainly won’t be enough to earn his way back, but it’s a start. “You’re rooting for a guy who’s in Anthony’s situation right now to be able to step up and make shots,” Brown said. “You know he’s capable of doing it. So for him to be able to see the basketball go in a few times is a good thing, especially him trying to show some aggression in getting to the rim and dunking the basketball is a good thing.” Akron Beacon Journal

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He also gives his feelings on the team's coaching carousel and his near-trade to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul in 2011. "The last two season have been challenging and difficult. The constant trade rumors, injuries and coaching changes -- from Phil Jackson to Mike Brown, from Mike to Bernie Bickerstaff and from Bernie to Mike D'Antoni -- have been a lot to take in." Los Angeles Times

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Both Brown and Irving said they’re learning by trial and error right now and still figuring out what the other wants. Brown wants the ball in Irving’s hands at the end of games, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he has to take all of the final shots. “Kyrie is our best player, and the ball will end up in his hands and we’ll ask him to go make a play at the top of the floor,” Brown said. “But then there are other times we feel like we have some very good basketball players and good shot makers and good screeners. You’ve got Dion [Waiters] who can take the last shot. You’ve got C.J. [Miles] who can take the last shot. You’ve got [Jarrett] Jack who could take it. Other guys are going to have other opportunities, too, but the first option will be Kyrie a lot of times.” Akron Beacon Journal

November 8, 2013 Updates

"I'm not a doctor, but guys have come back from injury before. I'm assuming in time maybe he will be. The one thing that he has going for him offensively in terms of helping his numbers is a couple of things: He's very intelligent and very skilled. He can do more than just post up and be that inside presence. If the floor is spaced, he can knock down a 17-foot jump shot. As crazy as it sounds, I've seen him shoot threes in practice where he's a very good shooter from that range. His skill set is very high." Philadelphia Inquirer

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Brown on the advice he gave to struggling rookie Anthony Bennett: ''Go out there, have fun, be the animal that you were in college. … Be yourself. Just attack. If you're open from 3, shoot with confidence. You'll be fine. Be the man that you were last year.'' Cleveland Plain Dealer

November 2, 2013 Updates

Dion Waiters, however, is not. Waiters was essentially benched for the second half last night, although he’s back in the starting lineup tonight. Mike Brown didn’t specify what exactly Waiters did he didn’t like, but Brown referenced a number of silly reach-in fouls and Waiters acknowledged he had a couple silly fouls. But he is struggling with his shot, too, and the Cavs received just 2 points out of their starting shooting guard and small forward. * When asked if Brown was more unhappy with his offense or defense, Waiters said, “I think it was more the defensive end, but I don’t know why because I feel I was playing hard in the post. Had a couple silly fouls, but other than that I can’t tell you. Only he can.” * I asked Waiters how he responds when he gets benched – anger, upset, reflection – but he said he wasn’t sure. “People handle things differently,” he said. “Was I happy I wasn’t out there? I was more upset than anything. But there’s nothing I can do at the end of the day.” Akron Beacon Journal

November 1, 2013 Updates

Andrew Bynum's status for the Cavaliers game tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena has yet to be determined, coach Mike Brown said before Friday morning's shootaround. He also said that the daily indecision could go on for a while. "This will be probably a daily thing for us and a lot of times we may not make the decision until an hour before," Brown said. "At any time, if he experiences any discomfort or we think he’s not moving as well as he should, I just won’t activate him. So for me to make the commitment prior to that time period will be tough. … We just want to make sure we’re extra cautious in terms of trying to help him get back to where he once was." Cleveland Plain Dealer

October 30, 2013 Updates

Cavaliers coach Mike Brown said 7-footer Andrew Bynum might play tonight against Brooklyn in the season-opener. Brown said Bynum wouldn't start, but might play a few minutes provided he doesn't have any setbacks in his pre-game warmups. Bynum has been lobbying to play, Brown said. He last played in an NBA game in May 2012. Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Nothing has changed from an injury standpoint,'' Brown said after the Cavs shootaround on Wednesday noon at Cleveland Clinic Courts. "As of right now, Bynum has not been cleared to play.'' Cleveland Plain Dealer

October 27, 2013 Updates

Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum took part in some of practice on Sunday afternoon at Cleveland Clinic Courts, including some five-on-five up-and-down the court, according to coach Mike Brown. But Brown said Bynum has not been cleared to take part in a full practice or play in a game. "There's parts of the practice they don't want him to do,'' Brown said, referring to the team's medical staff. "He hasn't participated in every aspect of practice all the time.'' Cleveland Plain Dealer

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