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Cavs' Felix will spend some time in Canton Carrick Felix sat in the Canton Charge’s locker room on Tuesday when the Cavaliers made their annual pilgrimage to the home of their D-League brethren. The Cavs shooting guard ought to familiarize himself with the surroundings. There’s a very good chance he’s going to spend some time in the National Basketball Development League this season. Before the Cavs’ dreadful 92-74 preseason loss to the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday, Coach Mike Brown sized up Felix’s chances of going to the D-League. “Canton might see him a few times,” Brown said. That’s not necessarily a knock on the 6-foot-6, 201-pounder’s ability. It’s more a testament to how the Cavs have upgraded the shooting guard/small forward spots. Sulia

October 16, 2013 Updates

Brown yanked Waiters out of the game at least three times to correct mistakes. “He can be a high-level defender,” Brown said. However, he wasn’t doing things at a high level in the first half when Bobcats shooting guard Gerald Henderson was scoring on him at will. Brown called time out and brought the second-year shooting guard to the sideline. “You’re better than this,” he told Waiters. “To his credit, he tried harder. He has a lot of room to grow.” Morning Journal

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Of all the ways to describe his new free agent guard, the best Cavs coach Mike Brown could come up with in describing Jarrett Jack is “crusty.” He meant it, of course, in that grizzled, tough veteran sort of way — not the smelly, stale form that is only cured with a bar of soap and some hot water. “He’s kind of crusty. There’s not a lot glamorous when you look at him,” Brown said. “He’s not trying to look good or look beautiful out there. He just wants to win and get the job done.” Akron Beacon Journal

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Cavaliers coach Mike Brown has taken to calling globe-trotting All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving "The Pied Piper'' of Cleveland basketball. Which might mean more if Irving had any idea who The Pied Piper was. "Can you guys tell me what that means?'' Irving asked reporters at the 28th annual Cavaliers Youth Fund Golf Classic at Firestone Country Club. "I know it's a fairy tale, but I've never read it.'' Cleveland Plain Dealer

Irving smiled as reporters told him about the piper who rid Hamelin of rats and then, after the townspeople refused to pay him for that service, children. Acknowledging that it might not be the best analogy, Irving laughed and said of Brown, ''He made it, so I guess I'm The Pied Piper of the team.'' Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Will this season be a disappointment if you don’t make the playoffs? Mike Brown: I’m a short-term guy. I believe in the next play, the next quarter, the next shoot-around, the next game. I’m a process-oriented guy and you’ll hear me preach that a lot this year. I’m coaching for us to be a little better every day so at the end of the season, we’re able and ready to compete for an NBA championship. So yeah, I expect us to make the playoffs and if we don’t, yes I’m going to be disappointed, because I’m not coaching this team for any other reason but to win a championship. Akron Beacon Journal

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