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Meanwhile, the Warriors evolved as a team, due in part to Jackson’s influence. He emphasized individual skill development, mandating that every player put in at least 15 minutes of extra work with an assistant coach. A pastor at a non-denominational church in Reseda, Ca, Jackson had an uncanny knack for fostering an us-against-them mentality. To this day, the Warriors still exit each huddle yelling “Just Us!”, a unifying chant that began in the Jackson era. Upon his hiring, Jackson had immediately – and foolishly – promised that the team would make the playoffs in his first season. The Warriors didn’t, and wouldn’t for two more years, but Jackson’s formidable public confidence and oratorical skill – which, says one team source, is what got him the job over then-Spurs-assistant Mike Budenholzer, because, “Of course Mark’s going to win the interview” – buoyed the players’ confidence. Sports Illustrated

February 23, 2015 Updates

As you can see, the Hawks have cut back on their pull-up attempts, reapportioning nearly all of those possessions into six extra drive attempts per game. Again, these numbers may appear marginal, but they’re actually drastic. Atlanta went from taking the fifth-most pull-ups in 2013–14 to tying for the least so far in 2014–15. No other team has come close to Atlanta’s dropoff of 3.9 pull-up attempts per game from season-to-season: Medium

Make no mistake, leading the league in catch-and-shoots while attempting the league’s fewest pull-ups does not happen coincidentally. It’s a calculated decision to infuse the gameplan with higher efficiency shots. Head coach Mike Budenholzer probably recognizes this, but won’t let on with the media: “I don’t know if it’s a strategy,” said Budenholzer. “We want to attack the rim and score there first. We want to have spacing around our rim and paint attack. So it probably lends itself a bit to more points at the basket. And if it’s taken away, we move the ball for catch-and-shoot opportunities. Our personnel is built that way, so I don’t know if it’s totally by design. I think a lot of things kind of just go that way.” Medium

February 11, 2015 Updates

"What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher and a coach," Budenholzer, the Atlanta Hawks' coach, said. "It seemed liked something I would really enjoy. There wasn't a lot of wavering and doubt about what I wanted to do." USA Today Sports

"He's not afraid to say he made a mistake. We really respect that," Carroll said. "He calls you often and sends you text messages after games. Most coaches don't do that. The game is over, and they don't have communication until the next time they see you. But more than that, he's a great person. He cares about his players. That's hard to find in the NBA. He's got all the aspects of a great coach." USA Today Sports

"I've watched them more than I've watched us, I think, because I've enjoyed it so much," he said. "He's doing a fantastic job, and it has very little to do with O's and X's. It's about putting a program together. All coaches know O's and X's. We all know that. There's no secret plays. He's not running anything secret that nobody's seen before or anything like that. It's about the program, it's about the process, it's about putting a group together that believes in each other, plays for each other, feels responsible for each other and gotten over themselves. It's all those things he's instilled. They've bought in, and they walk the walk." USA Today Sports

February 10, 2015 Updates

Chris Vivlamore: Coach Mike Budenholzer says roster flexibility and depth at bigs reason for Payne trade. Said nothing else is imminient. "This deal and this opportunity was done based on its own merits. There is nothing imminent." #ATLHawks Twitter @CVivlamoreAJC

February 5, 2015 Updates

“If it’s good, solid fundamental basketball and if it’s good, solid fundamental players and they’re making good decisions at both ends of the court, that’s what we want to do,” Budenholzer said. “I think the Spurs have done it at a really high level for a really long time. We all have a ton of respect, the whole league has a ton of respect for the Spurs. I’ve seen firsthand the kind of success, a lot of the things that were done there. But we’re trying to do a lot of things our own way and with our own players.” Washington Post

Teague added that Budenholzer won’t allow this team to get complacent. “You can never put a smile on his face,” Teague said. “I don’t care what you do. He just doesn’t smile. I think it just trickles down to the team.” What would put a smile on his face? “Probably win a championship,” Teague said. Washington Post

February 2, 2015 Updates

The Atlanta Hawks finished January 17-0, the best record over a month in NBA history, and have been rewarded for it. Head Coach Mike Budenholzer has been named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for a second straight month. He earned the honor in December when Atlanta went 14-2, but his January was even more impressive. Coach Bud's team has won 33 of 35 games since Thanksgiving and has 16 wins over teams with .500-or-better records - three more than any other team. In January the Hawks earned quality wins over the Blazers (twice), Clippers, Grizzlies, Wizards, Raptors, Bulls and Thunder. They also beat the Pistons twice when Detroit was playing its best basketball of the season. NBA.com

January 29, 2015 Updates

On an evening when he made a career-high 15-of-16 free throws, Millsap added 5-of-9 work from the field, including 3-of-5 3-pointers. He’s made 47-of-129 long balls this season (36.4 percent) after going 31-of-113 as a member of the Utah Jazz – in seven seasons! “I didn’t realize Paul could do this much,” coach Mike Budenholzer said not just of Wednesday but of Millsap’s past 15 or so months. “We thought he was going to be versatile, but I think he’s more versatile. We thought he could extend his range … he’s followed through and done that.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Training camp was tough -- "It was at the front of everyone's minds," Korver said. "But then life keeps coming, and the games start coming. We've got plenty of other things to put our attention on. Bud's done a great job of really locking us into the games and what we're trying to accomplish as a team, and we'll talk about it if we need to, if something comes up." NBA.com

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