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February 2, 2015 Updates

The Atlanta Hawks finished January 17-0, the best record over a month in NBA history, and have been rewarded for it. Head Coach Mike Budenholzer has been named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for a second straight month. He earned the honor in December when Atlanta went 14-2, but his January was even more impressive. Coach Bud's team has won 33 of 35 games since Thanksgiving and has 16 wins over teams with .500-or-better records - three more than any other team. In January the Hawks earned quality wins over the Blazers (twice), Clippers, Grizzlies, Wizards, Raptors, Bulls and Thunder. They also beat the Pistons twice when Detroit was playing its best basketball of the season. NBA.com

January 29, 2015 Updates

On an evening when he made a career-high 15-of-16 free throws, Millsap added 5-of-9 work from the field, including 3-of-5 3-pointers. He’s made 47-of-129 long balls this season (36.4 percent) after going 31-of-113 as a member of the Utah Jazz – in seven seasons! “I didn’t realize Paul could do this much,” coach Mike Budenholzer said not just of Wednesday but of Millsap’s past 15 or so months. “We thought he was going to be versatile, but I think he’s more versatile. We thought he could extend his range … he’s followed through and done that.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Training camp was tough -- "It was at the front of everyone's minds," Korver said. "But then life keeps coming, and the games start coming. We've got plenty of other things to put our attention on. Bud's done a great job of really locking us into the games and what we're trying to accomplish as a team, and we'll talk about it if we need to, if something comes up." NBA.com

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By signing just a two-year deal last year, Millsap is destined for free agency according to the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. He can still re-sign with the Hawks but there will definitely be competition. “We want to keep him,” coach Mike Budenholzer said. “He is someone who is really important to us. He fits us very well. We’ve communicated that with him on a regular basis.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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September 20, 2014 Updates

His circumstances are unusual, but Budenholzer joins the likes of the Los Angeles Clippers’ Doc Rivers, Minnesota’s Flip Saunders, Detroit’s Stan Van Gundy and of course San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich in holding added clout beyond their work on the court. Until Rivers beefed up his role last year when he moved from Boston to L.A., Popovich was more of an exception. Most teams in recent years preferred to separate the powers, believing that a coach focuses on tonight (win the game) while a front-office exec thinks about tomorrow, next season and several years after that. So is this the start of a new trend? A pendulum swing? “I don’t know, those pendulums seem like they’re always swinging,” Budenholzer said Thursday in Chicago, in town for the annual NBA coaches meetings. “There are a couple of people who have done that, and obviously Pop’s been doing that for a long time, with R.C. [Buford, Spurs GM to Popovich's president title] doing a ton. Those two together have been just an amazing combination. So I don’t know.” NBA.com

Just as Popovich has “nurtured” Buford to work in concert on personnel matter, Saunders, Rivers and Van Gundy also have titular GMs or other execs to tackle salary caps, administer scouting and handle other chores that would pull them away from player development and game preparation. “The best thing about it is,” Saunders said, “I believe in most organizations when you have a falling out, the tendency is there’s a relationship that is lost between the coach and the owner. Because maybe they don’t all have the same agenda from management to the coaching staff. Well, when somebody is your coach and your president or GM, he’s going to talk to the owner. So there’s never going to be a disconnect on what the message is.” NBA.com

“In my case, I’m not looking to do that. I love my owner [Mark Cuban] and I love my GM [Donnie Nelson] — my GM and I go back 30 years as friends,” Carlisle said. “I want to concentrate on my craft. But I applaud these other guys for taking on the other responsibility. “If you get a great coach like Gregg Popovich or Doc Rivers or Stan Van Gundy and you have the opportunity to meld those two positions into one guy who is high-quality in so many areas, if you’re an owner, you should go for that. More than anything, it’s pointing to the vortex of the connection between the coach and GM. The fact that some owners are looking at this and saying, ‘These two jobs should be one and the same’ highlights the importance of coaching.” NBA.com

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“Losing Al Horford early was obviously tough and then on top of that, with four or five players at a time missing big blocks of games during the second half of the season, our group certainly is frustrated,” Ferry said Saturday. “We are on a good path right now. We are very well-coached; when healthy we were a very good team that played with a substance and a clear system-based identity that I really like. “Being the eighth seed in a playoffs is not ever going to be our goal. We want more than that as a team. Our group will keep focusing on finding ways to get better every day. Again, (coach Mike Budenholzer), our players, (co-owner) Bruce (Levenson), we are all going to do good things going forward.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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