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His shot is off. His pace has been rushed. And the combination of Mike Conley and Beno Udrih have run circles around him and the Blazers' defensive schemes. "Obviously,'' Lillard said, "I'm not helping the team. But I have to stick with it.'' Oregonian

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Conley said the injury feel like he’s constantly walking on a golf ball. There is inflammation and swelling above the plantar fasciitis, making it so Conley can’t put much pressure on his right foot or run and jump effectively. There also is a notion that Conley could miss the Grizzlies’ final three regular-season games – something Conley hoping isn’t the case. “I don’t want to shut down. I’d like to be playing and in a rhythm going into the playoffs as opposed to sitting,” Conley said. “But I’ve a had a bad little stretch with injuries. I don’t know what the smart thing to do is but I’m going to do the right thing for myself and the team.” Memphis Commercial Appeal

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Full disclosure: I was really against and went public with my feelings about the organization trading Rudy (Gay) and firing Lionel (Hollins). I didn't see where you all were going. It didn't make sense to me the direction the organization was taking. But at this point, I have to say you all have proven me wrong. I don't know where you stood on this, but how did -- and have -- you stay grounded in knowing that everything was going to be cool and that the bottom wasn't going to fall out? Conley Jr.: Well, to be honest, it was tough, first off. It was tough to see Lionel go. He was like a second father figure almost for me. But at the same time, when it was done, it was done. We couldn't take it back; (his firing) happened. (Dave) Joerger is our coach, and the only way for us to continue to get better is to jump over to Joerger's ship and say, "Hey, we're with you. We're behind you 100 percent" and try not to forget about Lionel, never forget about him, but use what he taught us and apply it to what Joerger is teaching us going forward and keep this thing moving. ESPN.com

It's also what's going to allow Memphis to offer Gasol a maximum contract this summer when he becomes a free agent, ensuring that he'll remain a Grizzly and be highly compensated. It's Conley's next deal that becomes tricky. Conley's current deal expires in 2016, which is when the salary cap is expected to explode. That summer, the Grizzlies are looking at several players on the roster to fall off the books, as pivotal role players like Courtney Lee, Beno Udrih and Green (should he opt in this summer) are all unrestricted free agents. Meanwhile, the notable players under contract are their oldest: Randolph (35), Allen (34) and Gasol (31). ESPN.com

However, Conley will be 28, eligible for a long-term deal with a max salary that might start in the mid-$20 million range, and will need to decide where to spend the next three to five years of his career. With numerous teams expected to have ample cap space, it would make sense for Conley to strongly consider all options available, particularly if Memphis hesitates in any way to pony up fair market value for a player who has been underpaid for the majority of his career. ESPN.com

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Conley, drafted fourth overall in 2007, arrived to a Grizzlies franchise in disarray. He faced stiff competition at his position and an injury that curtailed his rookie year. He developed so slowly that the organization even considered trading him. In those years, Memphis seemed to draft, trade, or sign a new point guard each season. There was always a fresh face to challenge Conley and possibly take his job. “Back then, I thought my position was up for grabs,” Conley said. “It was an uncertain situation and I thought I could be gone any day.” Grantland

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