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Hill, 26, has never been a favorite of Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni and struggled to find minutes in his system. It is doubtful that Hill would re-sign with the Lakers as a free agent this summer with D'Antoni still the coach, sources told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

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The outcome of the Los Angeles Lakers' 119-108 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday will not matter in the long run -- both teams were a lousy 16-32 coming into the game -- but it will become a night to remember another way. It was the moment many people in the basketball world first became aware of Rule No. 3, Section I, Part A of the NBA's rulebook. "Each team shall consist of five players. No team shall be reduced to less than five players. If a player in the game receives his sixth personal foul and all substitutes have already been disqualified, said player shall remain in the game and shall be charged with a personal and team foul. A technical foul also shall be assessed against his team. All subsequent personal fouls, including offensive fouls, shall be treated similarly. All players who have six or more personal fouls and remain in the game shall be treated similarly." ESPN.com

Did coach Mike D'Antoni know what was going to happen when Sacre picked up his sixth foul? "Yeah …," D'Antoni said with his voice trailing off and his eyes letting reporters know he wasn't being truthful. "Not really. But it’s a nice rule." "I never knew when you fouled out, you could go back in," 11-year veteran Chris Kaman said. "I never knew that was a rule. So, I had my shoes untied and I was like lying down on the bench because we had like a really long bench. There was like 30 feet of extra space." ESPN.com

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Magic Johnson torched his favorite team again, telling "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno on Monday night that the Lakers were in a bind largely because they had hired Coach Mike D'Antoni instead of Phil Jackson early last season. "He don't teach defense," Johnson said. "I can't stand to watch the Lakers play because the same play happens every single time on the Lakers — pick and roll and the guard goes all the way in for a layup. "What are we, 40-something games into the season? The teams run the same play on us. We haven't stopped it yet. Uh, duh." Los Angeles Times

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Welcome back, Mike D’Antoni. Did you hear that Carmelo Anthony scored 62 points? “Did he? I didn’t know that.” D’Antoni followed that implausible denial with his sarcastic giggle that makes you want to put your arm around him, buy him a beer and ask, in all seriousness, if it’s true that he doesn’t much care about defense. New York Times

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The never-ending injuries. The uncertainty leading into the Feb. 20 trade deadline. Whether the Lakers (14-21) will miss the postseason for only the sixth time in franchise history. But that didn’t stop Kupchak from uttering words about Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni perhaps foreign to what’s written on message boards and voiced on the airwaves. “Six weeks ago, I thought he would’ve been candidate for coach of the year,” Kupchak said, praising D’Antoni on how he managed a roster full of castoffs despite never-ending injuries. “A month and a half later, our record is what it is. I know I’ll get criticized and he’ll get criticized. But the coaches in this league can’t win without players. That’s my job. I thought we were deep enough in the backcourt. Maybe we weren’t. But you can’t win in this league without players.” Los Angeles Daily News

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Just five days ago, before the Los Angeles Lakers played the Philadelphia 76ers, coach Mike D'Antoni was asked why Kendall Marshall had appeared in only two out of the five games (in garbage time) the Lakers had since the former college standout joined the team. "I don't know him," D'Antoni said at the time. "I've seen him play maybe two minutes. I don't think we're at the point where, 'Oh, let's experiment.'" ESPN.com

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