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April 18, 2013 Updates

Should the Bobcats bring back first-year coach Mike Dunlap next season? I don’t know. There are people in the organization who consider him arrogant. He talks so much to his players during the game that it’s as if he gets paid by the word. Minutes are doled out as rewards. A player is in the lineup – Tyrus Thomas, Hakim Warrick – and then he goes to the end of the bench and is so far from the action he might as well be wearing a suit. Charlotte Observer

There also are people in the organization who consider Dunlap gracious and praise him for the manner in which he deals with employees who can’t possibly help his career. If so, that says something good about a man. But it’s victories we care about, and the Bobcats have won 21 games. They are the first team to win three times as many games as they did the previous season (because players were locked out they played only 66 games last season). Charlotte Observer

April 6, 2013 Updates

Could the Bobcats' inability to build off a 7-5 start no one saw coming, descending instead into a nosedive that has parked them for months in the bottom-two dungeon of ESPN.com's weekly NBA Power Rankings amid the predictable whispers about how resistant Charlotte's vets are to a rookie coach branded as a college guy, cost Dunlap his job after just one season? I really didn't think so, but more than one source consulted this week identified Dunlap as a coach in potential jeopardy, which undoubtedly stems from Michael Jordan's recent proclamation to a group of season-ticket holders that major offseason changes are coming in Charlotte. I'm just not quite sure how much more Dunlap -- who was hired, remember, for his rep in player development -- was supposed to get out of a group that still needs lots of developing. Lots. ESPN.com

March 29, 2013 Updates

Bobcats coach Mike Dunlap indicated Wednesday he’d like Josh McRoberts back next season after McRoberts becomes an unrestricted free agent. Acquiring McRoberts at the trade deadline from Orlando appeared to be a minor deal, but he’s become a starter. Dunlap believes McRoberts’ passing has improved the Bobcats’ ball-movement. The Bobcats have totaled 20 or more assists in four of their last six games and Dunlap gives McRoberts credit for that. Charlotte Observer

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February 14, 2013 Updates

As Dunlap led the Bobcats in a morning shootaround on Monday before a victory over the Celtics, Gordon refused Dunlap's request to stop bouncing a ball as the coach spoke, sources said. Before long, Gordon began baiting Dunlap, telling him that he needed to "humble himself," sources said. Gordan refused to give the ball to Dunlap, and eventually tossed it toward a ball rack, sources said. Bobcats general manager Rod Higgins was in the practice session and ultimately intervened, sources said. "Beyond disrespectful," was how one league source described the scene. Yahoo! Sports

February 2, 2013 Updates

Before his team got taken apart by the Spurs on Wednesday, Charlotte coach Mike Dunlap revealed that he uses tape of two players to help mold budding Bobcats point guard Kemba Walker. One of them is the Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul, a perennial candidate for NBA Most Valuable Player who is widely regarded as the top lead guard on the planet. The other is Tony Parker. “We really feel, mentally and physically, the way those two lead their teams is very special,” Dunlap said. “Different, but they get the same results.” Dunlap isn’t the only NBA coach to use the Spurs’ five-time All-Star as a blueprint for what it means to be a professional point guard. San Antonio Express-News

January 29, 2013 Updates

Bulls fans weren't the only ones surprised when executive vice president of basketball operations John Paxson and Gar Forman flew to Denver to interview Mike Dunlap on May 3, 2008, during the lengthy head coaching search that ultimately netted Vinny Del Negro. "I'm surprised to hear from my wife, let alone the Bulls," Dunlap deadpanned. "They were really kind to me. They asked me my name. They asked me my age. And then they said, 'You're outta here.'" Chicago Tribune

"It was a great experience," Dunlap said of the 2008 interview. "Pax and crew put me through the paces on the whiteboard for three hours, and it was a precursor for the interview in Charlotte. I knew what to expect by then. "The difference between a pro and college interview is pro is all basketball. It's technical and about management of players. In college, you're into things like recruiting, counseling and academics." Chicago Tribune

November 23, 2012 Updates
November 18, 2012 Updates

They were 1-3 in the first four and 3-1 in the next four. Clearly not a coincidence. What changed? Some of it was scheme. Some of it was attitude. The coach, an experimenter by nature, pulled back on his pressure defense and matchup zone. Those are weapons and he’ll keep using them. Just not over-using them. And the players realized that in a defense-first agenda, they were under-performing big time. “It’s about our energy,” said forward Byron Mullens, who was never seen as a defender before this season. “And it was coach really getting on us. “We can be really good on defense. It’s all the emphasis in practice.” Charlotte Observer

November 1, 2012 Updates

Jordan addressed the Bobcat players Monday to make sure they knew he endorsed new coach Mike Dunlap’s methods, including the three-hour-plus practices that Dunlap has been prone to holding (one even stretched to four hours). Jordan said he knew some players had been grumbling about the extra work – he didn’t name names – and wanted to set them straight. “This is what championship teams do,” Jordan said he told the squad, adding that those practices reminded him of his own time in the league. “If we did it in Chicago and we became a championship team, why wouldn’t we want to do that here? If you turn your nose up to it, then maybe you need to look in the mirror and see that you’re a part of the problem.” Charlotte Observer

Jordan said he was particularly happy with Dunlap’s emphasis on fundamentals, such as: “Boxing out. Making good passes. Utilizing each other’s talents. Understanding basic basketball….. One of the reasons I felt compelled to speak to the team was, ‘Look, I endorse what Coach is talking about.’ “Unfortunately we had some guys who were not receiving it that way…. They didn’t want to do it. And I felt the need to step in and say, ‘Look, this is how we’re going to do this. The culture of what’s happening in Charlotte is going to be this. Either you buy in or you’re not going to be here.’ Charlotte Observer

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