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October 30, 2012 Updates

“Kill spot’’ is a Dunlap-ism that now pervades the vocabulary of the Charlotte Bobcats. By new coach Mike Dunlap’s description, a “kill spot’’ is a place – hopefully places – where each of his players is almost certain to make a shot. Obviously that varies from player-to-player: Bismack Biyombo’s “kill spot” is within reach of the rim, while Byron Mullens’ extends to all along the 3-point line. But there are team-wide guidelines for shot selection that Dunlap has reinforced from the day he arrived in June: Any drive to the rim is of high value because it both creates a high-percentage shot and comes with the bonus of potential free throws. A 3-pointer, particularly a corner 3, is a good idea because if you make it, you get a one-point bonus, and if you don’t there’s a decent chance for an offensive rebound. Charlotte Observer

October 5, 2012 Updates
October 3, 2012 Updates

Gerald Henderson and Matt Carroll have been named captains of the Charlotte Bobcats this season. They’re among the longest-tenured players on the roster (technically, reserve center Gana Diop has the longest tenure). Also Henderson and Carroll were among the most committed players to the off-season workout program new coach Mike Dunlap has emphasized. Henderson appreciated that Dunlap consulted with him about this, rather than just announce captains. “He asked me if I wanted to be captain. He wanted me to take it on,’’ said Henderson, last season’s leading scorer at 15.1 points per game. “I don’t like just being called a captain. I wanted to earn it.’’ Charlotte Observer

September 30, 2012 Updates

Though believing that former Kentucky standout Michael Kidd-Gilchrist needed to improve his perimeter shooting, first-year Charlotte Bobcats Coach Mike Dunlap waited for the right moment to broach the subject. That moment came as Dunlap watched Kidd-Gilchrist's frustration rise as he missed shots more often than the other players in an informal shootaround. "I went to him when no one was around and I said, 'Can we get this thing to where you want it?'" Kidd-Gilchrist eagerly accepted the offer. "God, coach, let's do it," he said. Lexington Herald-Leader

In a telephone interview last week, Dunlap noted Kidd-Gilchrist's willingness to change the shot. "If you don't get a willing participant in this thing, it feels jammed down his throat," the Bobcats' coach said. An overriding question might be this: Can a player of Kidd-Gilchrist's age (He turned 19 on Wednesday) still make a significant change in his shooting motion? Or do habits become ingrained and thus impossible to change by then? Dunlap said the amount of time NBA players can devote to shooting can translate into big improvement. Using power forwards and centers as an example, Dunlap said, "Some couldn't make a two with a pencil. You look at them four years later, and you go, 'Geez, he's got a good 18-footer.'" Lexington Herald-Leader

September 20, 2012 Updates

With less than two weeks until the Charlotte Bobcats open training camp at UNC Asheville, the team is firming up commitments for some extra players for camp. Look for Jeff Adrien (Connecticut), Paris Horne (St. John’s), Josh Owens (Stanford) and DaJuan Summers (Georgetown) to be added to the roster. The Bobcats plan to bring 17 or more players to new coach Mike Dunlap’s first training camp. Charlotte Observer

September 10, 2012 Updates

Gone within a year were Brown and his successor, Paul Silas, a pair of aging league stalwarts replaced by roll-of-the-dice hire Mike Dunlap, a 55-year-old rookie NBA coach. Higgins was promoted to Jordan's old position, president of basketball operations, working alongside his replacement, Rich Cho. "Every single one of those moves is evidence that Michael is serious about getting out of the way," a rival Eastern Conference GM says. "They are now going to succeed or fail with Rich. And I can guarantee you that Michael has made sure that Rich knows that." ESPN.com

That same executive describes the 47-year-old Cho as a "Moneyball kind of guy," respected around the league for his involvement in the construction of the rosters of both Portland and Oklahoma City. According to Cho, when he left his job as the Trail Blazers GM to come to Charlotte 15 months ago, his marching orders from Jordan were simple and specific -- build through the draft and get free agents to complement the youngsters and put them over the top. The old Jordan, by his own admission, believed that if he cleared enough cap space, he could personally lure the likes of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. But as he learned last year, even "MJ" appearing on their caller IDs wasn't enough to offset the lure of LA. ESPN.com

August 27, 2012 Updates
August 23, 2012 Updates

Dan Leibovitz, an assistant coach with the University of Pennsylvania's men's basketball program, has resigned his position with the Quakers to take a job as a player development coach with the Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association (NBA). "It has been an honor to serve the Penn basketball program for the last two years as assistant coach," said Leibovitz, who has a long relationship with the Bobcats' new head coach, Mike Dunlap. "I want to thank the administration, coaching staff, student-athletes, alumni, fans and others for welcoming my family and me into the University community. I look forward to seeing the Penn Quakers continue to flourish on and off the court under the direction of Coach Allen. The next chapter in my life begins in Charlotte, but I will always be thankful for the opportunity to have coached such a special group of respectful and dedicated young men at Penn." Penn Athletics

July 16, 2012 Updates
July 14, 2012 Updates

What was it that separated Dunlap from the others? “When I sat down with Mike and I heard him explaining what he’s capable of doing, I said I can play for this guy,” Jordan says. “I said if that’s a guy I can play for, then that’s a guy everybody can play for. “He’s very fair. He’s very honest. He’s straightforward. There are no curveballs. He has a strong passion for the game and that’s hard to teach people. I’m a strong believer if you have a passion for something, you’re going to figure it out. That’s the thing I saw in him more than anything else – his passion for coaching.” Charlotte Observer

The Australia National Basketball League is half a world away from the NBA, literally and figuratively. For three years beginning in 1994, Dunlap was head coach of the Adelaide 36ers. The NBL plays a schedule about half as long as the NBA and in arenas about half as big as American basketball palaces. It’s a place where games tend to be played on weekends and team members – players and coaches – are required to make sponsor appearances during the week. They visit schools and hospitals and, after games, Dunlap would drop in to talk with sponsors of his Adelaide team. “You’re coaching for your dinner there,” Dunlap says. “I had three kids and they could fire you the next day if they wanted. But doing that for three years really helped me.” Charlotte Observer

July 3, 2012 Updates

A person familiar with the situation says the Charlotte Bobcats have interviewed former UNLV star and current Running Rebels assistant coach Stacey Augmon for a spot on Mike Dunlap's coaching staff. The person spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because no hiring decisions have been made. The person also says assistant coaches Rob Werdann and Ralph Lewis will not be retained. Oklahoman

July 2, 2012 Updates
June 26, 2012 Updates

New Charlotte coach Mike Dunlap says the idea of trading down from the No. 2 spot in the NBA draft to acquire extra picks "makes a lot of sense" for a young team like the Bobcats. After finishing 7-59 and with the worst winning percentage (.106) in NBA history, the Bobcats have a variety of holes to fill this offseason. Dunlap recognizes that. Cleveland Plain Dealer

That's one of the reasons he said the Bobcats are taking a "hybrid thinking" approach to Thursday night's draft, which means evaluating the talent available at No. 2 while simultaneously looking into the feasibility of moving down and picking up an additional first-round draft pick. He said the option of trading down "is on the board." "I think anybody in our situation would have that on the board," Dunlap said. "(Our) people are very smart up top. So options and thinking of your variables is a very smart thing to do." Cleveland Plain Dealer

June 23, 2012 Updates

What’s known for sure is Dunlap, who was coach Steve Lavin’s assistant at St. John’s, proved more appealing than Jerry Sloan, won everywhere he assisted, was very successful at the Division II level as Sideline Superior for Metro State, is a workaholic and never quit a team in midseason. If that’s not conclusive proof Dunlap has a top spin on the ball, George Karl’s effusive endorsement certifies it. According to the Nuggets’ chief intelligence officer, his former assistant is one of the most creative defensive minds that ever shared his workspace. New York Post

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