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April 23, 2013 Updates

“There’s an app you can get that goes right to somebody’s voice mail so you don’t have to let it ring,’’ Dunleavy said. “I called him up a few times pretending I was Coach K and wanted him to do all sorts of stupid stuff… I told him stuff like that shoe endorser, the Chinese company, is not cutting it. I told him to needs to do stuff on the court, like he’s shooting too many 3-pointers or stop taking charges, just to mess with him.’’ Sulia

April 18, 2013 Updates

The front office turned sour on Del Negro earlier this season when he chatted with Celtics' boss Danny Ainge about a deal to acquire Kevin Garnett. They felt it wasn't his place to do so. Hard feelings remain. Del Negro also isn't as sold on keeping DeAndre Jordan as the front office is, and so there are grounds for continued conflict. If I knew the name of the team's wallflower general manager, I would tell you. Andy Roeser remains Donald Sterling's top aide, but he's lost much of his influence now that Sterling's son-in-law, Eric Miller, has joined the team in training as possibly Sterling's heir apparent. Too early to say if we're talking upgrade. Mike Dunleavy used to work around the front office, bypassing Elgin Baylor to get things done. But he was more the politician, while Del Negro isn't one for sweet talk. Los Angeles Times

April 10, 2013 Updates
April 9, 2013 Updates

If the teams meet in the playoffs, the Bucks might be hoping for a really cold spell in Milwaukee. After all, Bucks forward Mike Dunleavy cited weather as one reason why his team has had some success against the Heat. “It’s probably climate related,’’ Dunleavy said. “They come up there in January, February. It’s cold, gray and you probably don’t get up for the games as much. And we come down here, it’s nice weather and the sun and the silicone and all that. We probably get up for it a little bit more. But I think spring, playoffs; that’s probably a wash. We don’t have that advantage anymore (of very cold weather in Milwaukee). So we’ll see how it goes.’’ FOXSports Florida

March 12, 2013 Updates

DeMarcus Cousins describes confrontation with Mike Dunleavy Jr. during #SacKings loss to the Bucks on Sunday: "Actually, I was cool about it because I really didn't know if he did it on purpose," Cousins said, describing the incident after practice today. "And that's what I asked him, I was like 'Was that on purpose?' and his response was 'What if it was? What you gon' do about it?'. And that's what, you know, kind of got me." Was the elbow he threw at Dunleavy on the ensuing Bucks' possession intentional? "It really wasn't," said Cousins. "I mean, if you see the replay, it's really not that hard as he acted out. But, it really wasn't." Sulia

March 11, 2013 Updates

Cousins was the story in this one, scoring 24 points on 10-for-12 shooting and grabbing 10 rebounds before getting booted. His fourth ejection of the season came after he felt he was wronged after Mike Dunleavy undercut him on a play late in the third quarter. With just over three minutes remaining in the period and following a timeout and double technical, Cousins sent an elbow to Dunleavy’s head as the two tangled in the post on the ensuing Bucks’ possession. Cousins was unstoppable until he let his emotions get the best of him. Cowbell Kingdom

Mike Dunleavy lit DeMarcus Cousins up from the Bucks locker room... MD: "I'm not even going to begin to reason with somebody like that. I wouldn't even know where to begin." MD: "I don't even know what happened the first time around. I thought I was just trying to box him out. A bunch of bodies fell and collapsed, there was a timeout and next thing you know, he starts barking at me. And we try to run a play and he elbows me in the head." "It's too bad, he probably hurt their team." Sulia

#SacKings - Mike Dunleavy on the confrontation with DeMarcus Cousins, says DMC is "always running his mouth": "I'm not even going to begin to reason with somebody like that. I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know what happened the first time around. I thought I was just trying to box him out. A bunch of bodies fell and collapsed and there was a timeout. Next thing you know, he starts barking at me. And we try to run a play and he elbows me in the head. So I don't know." More from Dunleavy... "Yeah he came up and confronted me about whatever and was like - (he's) just always talking. He's always running his mouth. He just, you know, should leave people alone." Sulia

March 10, 2013 Updates

Carl Landry posted up Mike Dunleavy twice Saturday night and couldn't back him down. Dunleavy told me his secret afterward: "I played with Cliff Robinson, one of the best post defenders ever, my first couple of years in the league. Skinny as I was, I was getting posted up all the time by pretty much everyone. One day after practice he showed me a few techniques and ever since, it's been a little better." He added, somewhat jokingly, "You get over 30 years you get some old-man strength, too." Both Landry and Dunleavy are listed as 6'9", but Landry is 248 pounds while Dunleavy is 220. Watching Dunleavy work, Robinson taught him about leverage -- keeping his upper body straight up, but utilizing his legs at an angle, like tipping a chair against a door. Sulia

January 13, 2013 Updates

Mike Dunleavy and Houston assistant Kelvin Sampson are expected to get a call from the Bucks to fill their coaching vacancy. We’ll give the early edge to Dunleavy, based on the fact that he once coached the team and is still a huge fan favorite from his playing days. He also wants to be considered for the Brooklyn job in his home borough. New York Daily News

December 29, 2012 Updates

At that point, the list of candidates would be significantly longer and could include assistant coaches currently under contract with other teams. But as Prokhorov arrived in New York Friday to address the coaching situation personally, the list of significant candidates that Nets GM Billy King was expected to put on the table consisted essentially of Jackson, former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy, former Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan and former Clippers, Blazers, Bucks and Lakers coach Mike Dunleavy, a person familiar with the Nets' plan said. CBSSports.com

December 28, 2012 Updates

Dunleavy also likes the Nets roster. In talking about its versatility, he told Termine, they can play big and they have great guard play. And what's the first thing the new coach will have to do, "The first thing you have to do as a coach is get (Deron) shots in his comfort zone." NetsDaily

One more name that has surfaced and might just be the next in line should Jackson not succumb to Mikhail's charms: Mike Dunleavy. He was in the mix for the Lakers' job, he's a Brooklyn native and a quick glance at his resume (one trip to the Finals, two to the conference finals, 38 -33 playoff record) would indicate he's the next most accomplished coach available after Jackson. (I'm not including Larry Brown, because Deron knows LeBron and Carmelo far too well and there's no chance they'd endorse him after their experience playing for him on the national team.) Sulia

November 22, 2012 Updates

It all started when Miami forward Shane Battier claimed two weeks ago he can beat any other player in the NBA in "Jeopardy!" When Battier’s former Duke teammate and good friend Mike Dunleavy heard this, he scoffed. “I don’t know if he could beat Duke players,’’ said Dunleavy, a Milwaukee forward who had 16 points and four rebounds to Battier’s no points and seven boards in a 113-106 overtime loss to the Heat. “He probably could beat everybody else. I don’t think he could beat me. … I think what he meant to say is (Battier) can beat any player in the NBA besides any who went to Duke. I think Grant (Hill, also a Duke alum) could give him a run for his money.’’ FOXSports Florida

November 21, 2012 Updates

Mike Dunleavy scoffs at Shane Battier saying can beat all of NBA in Jeopardy! Dunleavy says Battier can't beat him. “I don’t know if he could beat Duke players, he probably could beat everybody else,’’ Dunleavy, a Bucks forward, told FOX Sports Florida about the Heat forward saying two weeks ago he could beat any player in the NBA in Jeopardy! Sulia

November 11, 2012 Updates

Mike Bresnahan: Lakers meeting w/ Dunleavy today. He coached them for 2 yrs in 90s + Clips for 7 yrs 'til 2010. Dunleavy, McMillan, D'Antoni = back-up plans Twitter @Mike_Bresnahan

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